Thursday, 7 April 2011

Dearest Lynas "Rare Earth is Safe for You"

photo: very safe for you..see me holding chunks of earth with bare hands? See Australians not holding them?
Dearest Lynas & Lynas Shareholders

Please forgive this uninformed layperson's views but I beg for your kind indulgence

Firstly I must tell you that I have seen & experienced Australia 1st-hand & is impressed by its care for the country's sustainable development & the wonderful welfare system accessible to citizens.

Which is why Australia is a dream country for many migrants.

I am further inspired by the fact that Australia seems to be a country who respects public opinions, and although not Australian, I hope my opinion will be treated with similar respect.

To learn more about why Lynas Australia is so willing to invest heftily in Kuantan, Malaysia for a rare earth processing plant, I went to your website.

Reading through your website write-up, 1 of the 1st question to strike me was why would Lynas not invest this huge sum in Australia itself, to not only boost the economy but since Australia is the origin from whence rare earth is being mined, would that not make better sense?

Would the Australia government not welcome Lynas huge investment in its native country instead of having Lynas invest abroad? Particularly in light of how Australia spends millions to attract foreign investors?

Ofcourse it should also worry Environmentalists that rare earth is being transported across the oceans, where anything can happen during transportation.

What if anything leaked into the waters as it passes through Indonesia on its way to Kuantan?

Ofcourse Lynas also mentions that Malaysia have industrial land, gas, water & electricity, re-agents from local suppliers and a port that can manage container, chemcial & buld shipments.

The last time I visited Australia I would have to conclude that Australia seems to have the same (if not much superior) infrastructure - albeit - at a higher cost, than that found in Kuantan, or anywhere in Malaysia.

Ofcourse we also thank you for your kind support of Malaysians because you stated that we have the skills set & that our country have accountable regulators, clear legal framework & FDI incentives making it attractive for Lynas to be here.

But we know that Australia too have such wonderful skills since nearly 300,000 Malaysian students are in Australia trying to acquire skills of many disciplines there.

And about our legal framework. I know how Australia's framework protects its people & I am just wondering if Lynas is aware that Malaysia is equally protective of its people and that we are also quite capable of class actions to sue for future public health liabilities?

The conclusion I can draw is that Lynas is in Malaysia - not due to any influence secured through corruption - since we are all aware of how much Australia government frowns upon such criminal offences, but because the Australian Government is too dumb to accept Lynas' kind & generous contributions to its own native country

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Westies, Sarawak Politics & Whoopin' it up on a luxury yacht

Pardon me all for writing yet again another un-informed blog.

You've got to view the photos of Taib Mahmud's daughter's wedding aboard a yacht in Singapore because I had (once-upon-a-lifetime-ago) spent a few charming decadent nights on the "old" version of this yacht.

Yes. I can vouch for it. Being really rich is much better than being merely poor. But enough remininiscing about the time when I had more hair on my head than in the drain.

The crime ofcourse in all this super-luxury is that while TM & company were whooping it up (or as TM says "anyone can get rich if only they worked hard enough"), some Sarawakians are still living hand-to-mouth, & wondering what living in a home with running water is like. So: Do you think "Westies" have any right to get into "Easties" politics? And pray Aunty dearest, what has that to do with a luxury yacht? Picture this. My super rich (I wish!) parents had made you the trustee of their assets (including this lovely yacht) with me as sole "ward". Meanwhile I am living in rather basic conditions while my dear trustees are supervising my yacht by living on it. So my friends (being friends) are trying to help me get my assets back so that I may live in a better condition. Which is what I think is happening in Sarawak. Just like this analogy, Sarawakians should (try to?) consider their well-meaning friends as Westies & likewise, Westies should (try to?) consider themselves friends of Sarawakians. How do we do this? Ladies & Gentlemen: Kindly tuck yr Ego away! Can Westies just get involved to the extent we dont become meddlesome friends? Can Sarawakians understand that Westies need to get involved because the very wealth of Sarawak has been the bankroll for those in power - even in the West? Can Westies learn: - To be open, kind, understanding & considerate & know that not all Sarawakians had asked for our "help"? And that consultations are merely meant to be advice Sarawakians can take or leave, & that your "job" as friends is to persuade others to see your ideas may work? Ofcourse Westies don't own the wealth of Sarawak. But Westies can help Sarawak achieve its goal of being self-governing rather than still being governed by some who can't live without a luxury yacht. As for me. Anytime you want to invite me to live on your boat, Uncle & I will welcome it very much. Call me - collect - also can

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Opposition should Jolly Well Lose the next GE!

Photo: Baby Monkey & Old Monkey eating bananas

I will make this simple reading as I understand political leaders will be too busy to read my bs (too busy eating bananas to come down from their perch?)

(I hope) Leaders of PKR, Kita & whathaveyous will pretend to care by reading on:

1. You gave us Monkeys running the show; & more monkeys wanting to take over the show.

Aww...Please STOP saying: "BN is stopping us from making changes" or "we need more time" & "BN took up 53 yrs to mess up"

When we respect you, we can more readily forgive you for a LOT. We can even give you time. But now?

Baby. You got no time for us, we got no time for you.

2. We want Change for the Better & not (merely) Change for the sake of Change.

3. Please uphold the Law first before you change it.

Even if it's a shitty law..but if you dont want to uphold the law & then work to changing it (later), then Society falls apart,

Actually Aunty here feels that some Opposition leaders aren't even upholding a Good why would they uphold a bad one?

Conclusion: Looks like not many laws are being upheld?

4. Why did you give us all those baby monkeys who are no different from the old monkeys who's as good as you at eating bananas?

Don't you have any Good Candidates who will Work for the People? (blush. I'm so naive to still believe in that one!)

Yes. We all know we are ungrateful ingrates. Working for the People is a badly compensated & Thankless job.

But if someone volunteers to stand as Candidate, they must know by now, they are supposed to work for the LOVE of the Country.Yeah. One can still Dream, can't one?

5. Believe this or not..but BN seems to have eaten a little bit of humble pie & is trying HARD now to (re-)earn the People's Love.

I cant even believe I am saying this but never in a million years did I think I will say this. If Barisan continues to work hard like this, I may swing back to voting for 'em old monkeys instead of 'em baby ones!

After all what choices do voters have?