Friday, 3 August 2007

homes and HOMES

Just saw BBC program on homes of the SUPER rich.

Man. Super Rich ppl have different sets of worries (more) than us mere mortals. Only diff is they can be rich and miserable.

Somemore x all that worry of normal home owners by 4 . (the SRs have a beach, ski, & country home plust a pied-a-terre / penthouse in the city.

I hate to say my mum's right when she told me to marry rich all those years ago but not having been blessed with looks, boobs nor "womanliness" (chinese expression for gentleness, sweetness, buxomness etc), I had to resort to lots of makeup and a sense of humor to con any men into dating me, let along marry me!

Hence my laments of not having the "worries" of the SRs.

They only have to worry about which house to use for the events they attend; Cannes for the film festival, Aspen for skiing, London for working, & Henley for the regatta (ofcourse dahlink!) & why it is SO hard to find suitable househelps?

I sure have lesser worries! I only worry about the leaky toilet & roof - on a daily basis!

So God if you are reading this blog; curse me for 1 miserable week to move between my 4 homes? In my private jet - while I am at it - IF you please? THAT or find me a reliable handy man to fix my damn roof and toilet!! Amen!