Saturday, 15 December 2007

"Dear Police - need i apply permit for dinner party?"

I have been raving and ranting so much on as many blogs as I can find these days that I have forgotten the end of the year is soon upon us & my family's do (to end the year) is in a few weeks

Yeah...really REALLY disturbing ain't it?

NO not my new hair cut!

ALL those EVENTS happening in Msia lah!

From the Yellow Walk to the ISA arrest of the 5 Hindraf protesters - which btw -

u can take it that I most certainly do NOT approve ie neither the platform on which the Hindraf walk (notice I write WALK not demonstrate!) took place NOR (especially) the use of ISA to detain and arrest the 5 persons for 2 years!

This does not mean I do NOT support my Indian, Malay & Chinese brothers and sisters.

HECK! I support all ethical people
I support the pure and good of heart
and I support the downtrodden & marginalized..


oh yeah..yeah.. drivel drivel but HAHH! GOT THAT OFFA MY CHEST

So where was I ?

oh yes...I totally forgot I am attending our family dinner party (attending??)

Shoot! it's at our house so I AM the hostess! HELPPPPP!!! lagi teruk !!

So with everything happening these days, my questions regarding our dinner party (other than who is cooking what) are:

1. Must /Should we apply for a police permit since my family alone will be 20 adults not including any others who may, and surely will drop by?

My Muhibah moment will be to invite my Indian, Malay and Chinese neighbours to come join us for some fruit punch & ayam percik.

2. Can we wear Yellow or should we burn all our yellow teeshirts?

ok caught me.

I am my family's shit stirrer.

I am being devious & duplicitous to my own family. In actual fact I am trying to con(vince) my family into helping ME support & honor those brave Malaysians who had walked and stood in the firing line for us this fateful November and December

You can call me & my family the "silent" minority (as versus the silent majority UMNO said approved of the ISA & disapproved of the "demonstrations" which totally - & I mean TOTALLY - disrupted our shopping on 2 weekends - not to say our economy hokay?)

So what now eh? Permit or not? Yellow is the theme or not?

I think I think...YELLOW is a can-do, as ye olde man already has rubberstamped my now-not-so-covert political stance.

Aiyo..ok lah...I am lucky gal. Got to marry Prince Charming who indulges my stance in everything - even when he does not hold to the same views hisself!

But permit permit? Dat one I go ask my friendly Pak Cik Neighbour; that one got a GENUINE latukship one!!

And don't ask me why I need go consult Pak Cik Datuk.

I guess it's because his Datukship was earned and not bought - that I always ALWAYS think he da man, he so simple and easy going, he FOR SURE smart smart and will tell me the truth one.

Actually I am sure PakCik will say "no need lah..apa pasal besar tu?"

To which I will tell him about my yellow theme thingy, and

THEN for sure he will invite me in for kopi (as vesus standing at the gate) and

THEN for sure we will smoke some ciggies (yeah..I smoke so go shoot me if I don't die from cancer) and for SURE I will get to eat Mak Cik's kueh ... and

THEN we bicara
THAT my friends, is what I call MALAYSIA TRULY ASIA at work!

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Helen said...

**joining you and lights up ciggie**

Hmm, welcome to ciggie club. Not many around I tell you. :-)

How did your dinner go?

My ex-boss got a latukship too. He din exactly buy either but then he gave free medical treatment to a big shot and in return the big shot helped get him a title. lol

That's not the end of it. The problem is not the latukship.. it's the days after the latukship. Every Tom Dick and polis comes to my boss for sponsorship and donation.

Padan muka. lol