Saturday, 15 December 2007

please forgive my poor blogging skills..

Firstly I should take some time here to thank the powers- that-be in Malaysia for pushing me out of my complacency & in doing my own blog.

TERIMA KASIH to ALL our "Dear Great Leaders*"!!

And btw - if u are seeing all sorts of crazy formatting and changing of fonts is because I am still expermenting !

AND somehow or whatever happened..but I just changed my blogsite command language fr French to English so I can finally understand what the heck the dashboard is all about!

I really can't for the life of me, figure out WHY my blog commands were in french; french NOT being a language I know too well (other than ordering a meal and even then, I mangle the language to death!).

ALSO - puhleessee people! I am really NOT Marina Mahathir in another guise some ppl think & I dunno why they think so! Because if I am MM, then I know French, kan?

So please forgive your aunty here for all sort of wierdness - other than I am realy wierd in the first place - but you know what I mean.

I am still figuring out the how-to's of managing a blog while juggling a household & managing the extent of my kaypohism AND venting my immense "silent" fury on many blogs - at what is happening in Malaysia to our human and democractic rights (NOT!)

Maafkan ya? Be patient.

In any event, I truly did not start this blog with the idea of propagating anything.

I am still appalled people would come visit my blog!

Tit for tat I guess. This is due to the volume & frequency of my recent aforementioned blogging on other people's site that makes OTHER ppl wonder "wtf is this gobloking bugger eh?"

But now that I am finally warming up in writing - I dare say I surprise myself by "seeming" to appear more sensible & logical than SOME ppl in our government who are given press space to talk rot!

Yeah.. that's what's really pissing me off..

That Malaysia seem to have much more than our fair share of rottalkers in the government than many other 3rd world banana republics out there.

At least we don't seem to hear so much about other people's banana republics because AT LEAST they hold their mouths SHUT!

I just hope and pray that any sane person reading about the words of our officially appointed rottalkers, will not think ALL Malaysians have mush for brains and mush coming out of our muluts!

Yeah.. THAT's a really scarifying thought ain't it?

* many ppl didn't get this. They thot I was really angkating kakis man...but sorry hah? I am NOT that clever nor original. That term originated from, and was coined by the Original Dear GREAT Leader of North Korea, Kim whatever..the daddy of that pouffy haired moron


Helen said...

Your font is a little big, but I tell you your blog is the easiest to read.. for ppl my age lar.. lol No need to strain my eyes.

I understand about not having enough time to do adequate household chores, kaypoh and still blog. I spent many hours in front of the PC that is why once in a while getting a way from it all is a nice change. BLogging is just part of life, therefore, should not let it overrun us like another burden on our shoulders, right? :-)

Psst, another thing, I gotta give you credit for able to order in French.. I dare not. I just point point point on the menu. hahahaha

mekyam said...

hi GB!

i just came back from a month in europe and found out that you've added to your virgin post. yay!

i admit to being able to parlay a tad more than mangling french menus but am not MarinaM either. :D