Monday, 15 December 2008

What to do when your horse dies

For the 1st time in my life, I actually watched Oprah's Show to the end.

The focus was on a woman whose husband committed suicide leaving her in financial ruins. He used to spend money like water. Before he died, he cancelled his life insurance & left her with a huge house filled with lots of stuff - all on the hock.

The financial expert from Oprah analysed the lady's financial affairs. Then she called in all the friends & family of this woman who feels they can help. She asked the woman what did she need. And the reply was she needed money.

The expert said these wise words
"Never borrow from yr family & friends. You will eventually feel resentful they did not give you enough, & they will feel resentful you are not repaying them enough or doing enough to make your loans obligations. However they are welcome to give you money they will never expect to see back. They can also donate time & food for your family while you get a job"

As to a job. The woman said she will work towards getting a job. That was not enough. She was told she must get a job, any job, within max 1 month because no friends or family can help her out indefinitely.

And if you are interested who was able & willing to help, from almost 20 people sitting there, only 3 volunteered help including her sister, mother & 1 friend.

Was that tough advice? I think that's solid advice.

Were her friends & family tough? Yes. Everyone needed to conserve their own resources too. I also think it's because they have seen how she & her husband used to live it up & they didn't think that was a prudent move but nobody said anything then, & they ain't saying it now.

I think all of us know friends &/or family like this woman.

I know I know. I shouldn't just sit here & moralise because I too have been young & imprudent with my money. But I'd like to think I wouldn't need to stretch out to others to pay for my sins.

The problem with the good old times is that those who were able to JUST about meet their financial commitments from 1 paycheck to the other - are now stretched to the max.

In fact, they are broke. And may well be laid off soon or may already be unemployed. In USA, bankruptcy for most people is 1 paycheck away. I dunno what it is here in Malaysia.

So what do you do when you have friends & family in need?

Just like the financial expert on Oprah would say

"Get rid of stuff you don't need now. Downsize, downgrade & simplify your life style & needs BEFORE you ask for help. Cause nobody will help someone who's still buying Starbucks coffees while the ones helping them are drinking coffee at home"

And if you really must ask for money, tell yr friends & family that most likely they will not see their money back.

Or if you have committed to a repayment, ALWAYS PRE-ALERT if you are late with the payment or can't pay.

Silence does not mean you have made the call OR that "they" will understand. Nobody is that understanding. Not even yr parents.

Silence only communicates that you have no intentions or means to pay back & distrust will grow into ill - will.

And please - don't buy any more stuff.

There is also no justification ever that you need 2 cars to move around.

Remember the days we used to take the bus to work?
Get up early. Grin & bear it. Take an umbrella. Look like an Uncle or Aunty. It's cheaper to pay RM5 per day to take public transportation than the RM10 to maintain a car.

I know of many people who paid for their house & put their kids through university by saving money using public transportation come rain or shine - for 20 years. And took their own packed lunches.

OFCOURSE it is nice to step into a car & just drive. And is it really the epitome of showing poverty by eating meals packed from home?

In these desperate times such moves are called "Prudence". Not desperation. Don't confuse the two.

Enuff said. Let's take the advice of our Elders. When the horse dies, get off it & start walking.

Sunday, 14 December 2008

The (No) need for Vernacular Schools

I have been surprised for a long LONG time that 1 generation after me have been sending their kids to vernacular schools.

When I ask parents why they do so, they say "These schools are better"

Better? What's wrong with a Sekolah Kebangsaan? Didn't we all "survive" that? Or are those SKs from my days different from those of today?

Parents today, yesterday or tomorrow are no different. They just want the best for their kids. They want teachers who can teach. They want discipline. They want their kids to LEARN great stuff & greater manners.

But our schools & education system has failed us for too long.

The deal isn't that studying Mandarin or studying in Mandarin is superior. It's the overall system

Because sure as hell, we don't speak mandarin at home
& we ain't gonna "balik Cina"

I think Chinese schools sucks! Kids are so stressed with a never ending round of Classes, homework & tuition 7daysxweek.

How can constant classes & studying be better than having a Childhood ? Better then tadpoles in the longkang? Playing Badminton, & riding bikes with in the neighbourhood? Sharing 1 ice kacang with 3 spoons?

Our educational system sucks so big time that even Ministers & high ranking civil servants send their own kids away. They didn't use to. I am pretty sure almost every leader we have today has had their schooling in Malaysia.

So until Malaysia reforms our education system PROPERLY & give parents the type of schools that they themselves would like to attend, there is little choice but to keep vernacular schools.

And really peeps. I really do NOT like V.Schools..but what's the choice to ensuring your kids have a good foundation in their education?

And don't be surprised when our next generation of leaders speak like Bush, Tony Brown or Rupert Murdoch. They surely didn't go to school here.

Friday, 5 December 2008

Surreal conversation with Uncle

I think hah..we've been married too long.

Our conversations go like this:
(he mumbles which is why his sentences are all strung together like spaghetti)

On what to watch on tv
"can see or not? I am in the middle of Dancing with the Stars"

silence for 3hours more until I wannagotobed

On Our Economy
"you should watchpricesof food. Householdexpenses climbinghigh.Imaybeoutta jobsoonso musteconomize"

"Eh? Why you ask me ah? Here's the phone. You talk to our PeeM ask him how come he say we are unlikely to be in recession & things expensive & you aregonna lose yr job"

"And next time you go marketing AND You can cook the meals, mop the floor & iron the clothes"

On Adultery (or not)
"Eh. some peeps dunno yr wife awreddy so old. Got young men visiting my site wanna kiss the dog. Impressive or not?"

"Hah? afterwards talk can or not?lemmefinishwatchinggolf"

On Aging
"HEY! Stop fartin'(snoring/breathing) in my face"
(he lies on his side to sleep, with his back to me, I get downwind breakers; with face towards me, I get 50cents music in my face)

On Sexiness
"dontchagotnicernighties? alwaysToyotateeshirtonly!"
"you want newer wife model? you better make sure she gonna love you for worst & poorer"

On dying
"I don't think so. You mean yr future 22yr old girlfriend also wanna die with you?"

Is that true love or what?
I just love our meaningful conversations
I just love Uncle. He may not have much hair left on the top but his heart's still in the right place after all these years

That & he loves me enuff to let me have the last words in - Almost always, especially when he's snoring.

Thursday, 4 December 2008

well..well.. Well!'s the "I just LOVE my delete button" look.
Can you fee....eeel the love Baby?

And can you fee...eel me seeing from where all those foul mouths are comin' from?!

Dearest Racsists / "Me Tuan, U Hamba" supporters & Anyone else who can read somethin' fr nothin'
SIGH! There just ain't no pleasin' you.

You're right. I ain't here for your popular votes. So I shall continue my arrogant, merry, unrepentant, recalcitrant (thanks for popularising that word Dr M!) ways as I see fit.

Oh yeah. YOU have a choice. Click that mouse away or continue to comment garbage and I shall continue to "delete".

Can you see why I'm here & you're NOT?
And believe me. Photos of dogs, cats, snakes, & all manners of bitches on heat shall continue to appear here with impunity..

Because as surely as I will need to answer to my Maker, so will you to your's!

Also - For ye who feels that the "marginalized should just stay dumb so that you may take your time to pity them enough to let them eat the scraps from your table?

Remember Rosa Parks

And Ditto for you who says that err....Dogs are not for Muslims; can you please tell that to the Police Dogs Handling Unit?

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

What's that over my eyes?

This was in NST today. What 3 BN reps said about Ketuanan Melayu
Green hi-lites below is what is reported
Blue italic hi-lites are my own thoughts

"During a debate on the state 2009 Budget, which was tabled more than a week ago, Ayub Jamil (BN-Rengit) led the call to quash any racial provocation by political leaders who tend to confuse the people with a malicious interpretation of the ketuanan Melayu concept.

He said Malay supremacy was not a "slave and master" relationship.

Instead, Ayub said it was a concept that was long held in the highest regard by people in the country, which was the authority of the Malay Rulers.

"There is no such thing of Malays being the 'master race' while others merely serve as slaves.

"We have a sultan. Our master is the sultan, who rules the states and country. I am disappointed with the current state of racial unity in the country."

Even the 'ketuanan Melayu' concept is being questioned."

Is your only master really the sultan?

And if BN is acknowledging that the Sultan RULES the states & country, why are there elections? There will be no more need for PMs. Ruling means to take charge - or is there another meaning (yet again) to the word "Ruling"

I am pleased there is now greater importance & relevance placed on our Monarcy & Royalties.

Some of our Royalties are such firm favorites of mine, that in my dreams, I wish that they could rule because better an enlightened monarchy than an Idiotic Despot.

Or is it a matter of "now that we need them, let's wheel them out on parade"?

BTW are the Sultans insisting on this concept, or Some Commoners?

Next clarification came from:
Tahir Taat (BN-Bukit Serampang) questioned the sincerity of leaders who claimed to raise such issues for a more united Malaysia.

He said the country's forefathers who fought tooth and nail for independence had clearly understood the concept of ketuanan Melayu."

Excuse me? This concept or term was in use when? Since the time of independence? Please do point to those citizens whose forefathers "fought tooth & nail" where in the Constitution this term is found?

What I do know is - from the time of my 1st memories, my father (1 of those who fought) believed in his Sultan of Selangor. He voluntarily hung a photo of the Sultan in his office - without being told to.

He said the Malay rulers did not see themselves as kings only for the Malays. Tahir said for example, Sultan Iskandar of Johor had never addressed the Malays as his only subjects."Whenever his majesty called upon the rakyat, he would address us as rakyat (people) of Johor. "He did not address them according to races. "He is the sultan for all," said Tahir.

Let me reiterate this question "are the Sultans insisting on this concept, or Some Commoners for their own political agendas? "

Last view about Ketuanan came from
Datuk Abdul Halim Suleiman (BN-Puteri Wangsa), who said "such disruptive political views could only hinder the democratic process in the country. Should such sentiments persist, then the country would be in disarray following irreparable racial rifts."

I agree. But please ask yourself "Who are using this concept to divide the Nation & All Malaysians?"

I love my BTWs :)

So! BTW -
I am NOT a PKN, DAP, MCA, or Gerakan supporter.
I support NOBODY
I only support whoever advocates a Fair & Just Country for ALL who lives in it.

And common sense dictates that in a Fair & Civil Society, concepts meant to Subvert 1 race/tribe to the advantage of another should be Annuled, Deleted & Seen no More lest the History of a Country be Shamed!

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Are we on the same planet?

This posting is on the Economy. Sometimes it feels like I am living on a parallel universe as the rest of the world. Sometimes it feels almost like this is Heaven. And yet - ofcourse not Dufus!
Ofcourse you are right.
I have absolutely NO experitse to blog on a matter I know precious little about. To my only defence, I have been following the economic news AVIDLY on a daily basis since Oct 6 this year when the world started downhill skiing without a ski.

And this issue affects everyone on this planet right now - except us

Oh yeah. The ENTIRE global economy is in Recession / Depression mode. Feel free to argue this ain't happening.

But somehow "miraculously" Malaysia (are we developing or emerging?) seems to be escaping the same fate affecting 90% of the world with our forecast of 5% growth in forecasted GDP.

World Bank & IMF has predicted that the ONLY positive growth may well come from Africa's economies - where the base is almost there's really no place to go but up.

The West is panicking. Japan is panicking. China is panicking. India is panicking. But we? We are coo...oooler than a cucumber.

If there is only ONE thing on which I agree with Mahathir, is that Malaysia must be an economic miracle that we will escape this global calamity

Ofcourse information (or its lack) such as unemployment rates, default rates, NPLs & all those stats that turns Economists on - is exactly what is calming us now. Ain't it?
What you don't know don't hurt you.
Crime rates going up due to desperate acts?
People unable to afford their homes?

Any of you NOT worried or being affected? Call me COLLECT if you ain't

Or are you wondering what our Government is doing to keep us in a Job, keep businesses going, get more foreign investments, ie. how do we stimulate the economy?


Ya I know. What planet are we really living on?

And btw - I thought I will just warn any racsists posting intimidating messages to me.
1. I can not be intimidated
2. Better than that, I will be using the power of my Ownership of this blog to delete your racists go Suck on a Duck's Egg if you don't like my censorship.
Or hey! Start yr own blog!

Sunday, 30 November 2008

Another story

The Yim Pek Ha case brought another case to mind. In 1998 I know this woman "Susie Wong" - also a Malaysian - who was jailed for hitting her maid in Singapore.

Did you hear me? I KNOW this woman. Yeah. Susie was also Chinese but this does not mean that all Chinese people are sadists. Just so happens I know THIS chinese. So NO racial bashing please.

If you have any cow sense, you would know that Good & Bad comes in all shapes & colors.

To continue. I know "Susie" from helping Jenny, my neighbour rent out her apartment & Susie was the tenant I picked out on her behalf, seeing as Jenny was not around & Susie was the 1st "decent-looking" person to answer the ad.

You may wonder if Susie looked "normal"
No she did not look "normal".

Susie was exceptionally well groomed, well spoken & looked like she won't skip the rent - which was more Jenny's concern as a landlady. Susie looked too great to be "normal". So Susie moved in with 2 young adult kids, 2 dogs & a maid. She paid her bills promptly.

However after 1 yr, Jenny asked Susie to leave her apartment as she was posted home & needed her apartment back.

Now the maid story. 1 year after Susie moved out, Jenny my neighbour called me at work & told me the police was looking for me. ME? About Susie. So I turned up at the police station & they asked me

Did I hear anything like screams from Susie's apartment when she was living there. No

Did I see the maid? Not really

How do you know there's a maid?
I saw a woman, dressed like a maid (in fact, she was dressed like any of us - shapeless tees, ugly shorts) who is definitely not Susie - hanging out clothes. washing Susie's car, walking the dogs

So she was allowed to leave the apartment? Yes. If not how can she clean the car which is downstairs in the open public car park & walk the dogs?

Did you ever see her alone in the public? Yes. In the open public car park & walking towards the Botanic Gardens which is next door to us

Did you see the maid talking to anyone else? Sort of. She talked to the guards at the gate, other maids minding kids. Yes

Do you think Susie behaved, & acted normal?
Yes. She didn't do anything crazy like dance naked in the car park. She came in & out - normally. Oh yes. Except for her bizarre clothing - or the lack of clothes & the overexposure of her body.
(The police officers glared at me but I was only speaking the truth)

Then they told me. Turns out Susie was arrested for hitting the maid with a red hot scoop. I freaked out. FREAKED OUT. When? This month. I sorta went "whew" because Susie had already left our place 1 yr ago.

Because had I known, were I aware - that Susie was beating the maid, what would I have done? Call the Police? Bashed the door & Susie down?

I still do not understand to this day, why when the maid was being beaten, she did not go to someone for help. Or to a nearby police station.

If you know Singapore well, you would know a police station is never far away. Plus. We are all living almost 1 on top of another - so how is it possible nobody heard or saw anything?

Susie was eventually acquited of hitting the maid with a hot metal scoop but was jailed 2 weeks for slapping the maid twice on the face. Is that too little punishment? Again if you know Singapore, you would know they are more strict than lenient, and out to make an example for everyone to see.

But things happen for a reason. This incident has made everyone I know super vigilant of the 2-way street in life.

One hears of gila maids as well as gila employers. Everyone deserves Respect & Courtesy.

Because if there were choices in life, nobody would choose to be a maid.

Because if we can trust a stranger to run our homes, care for our loved ones, & sleep with us under the same roof, we MUST trust, respect & treat them with courtesy.

Works the same way for the maids too. Except they are the lonely ones. They are the ones without family & friends' support.

God Help us All to Be Kinder & More Patient

Friday, 28 November 2008

No win for the Thais?

My good friend Wanna is so distressed abt what's happening in Thailand, she no longer tunes into ANY news about Thailand.

Instead she is cooking up a storm to take her mind off what's happening. ( my shorts, I AM the beneficiary of all that delicious food...burp!).
In return I help throw darts at the photo above

You see, Wanna is the quintessential mix of what Bangkok & the rest of Thailand is about. A little bit rural, a little bit urban. Kopi/Teh champur.

From the South but schooled & worked in Bangkok, Wanna has grown to HATE the guts of Thaksin for his manipulation of politics for his own greed & power.
He's even "divorced" his wife in the hope he still has a political career to salvage & seems like they've transferred hundreds of millions of $$ to their cook for safe keeping.
You wanna be his cook too? Stand in line after Aunty here please!
Now. Wanna is particularly upset that Thaksin has even dragged her VERY MUCH BELOVED King into the fray. (And please out of respect for Wanna, do not do any rude jokes on the King of Thailand here. I figured he must have done good stuff to have so many people love him)

But ofcourse, Wanna also knows that, for democracy to have a chance in Thailand, she will have no choice but to accept that Thaksin's party has to lead since the majority voted them in.

Doesn't this story sound familiar? I sorta see this as a test case.
What I don't think I will ever see will be the Solidarity of thousands & thousands risking their lives & limbs to march against the government
So far these Thai protestors seem to be getting away with it.

I know. I KNOW.
In some other countries, the law enforcers will be busy arresting people to:
- block the roads & "clear" traffic jams
- Ensure businesses do not complain of no biz
- Plus put demonstrators, protesters, candle lighters under detention for their "own safety"
WAH! So clever one ah? Did I hear you say "Peru"?

Is Yim Pek Ha's sentence too harsh?

Bonat Now
Bonat then
I don't know Yim but you can see the horrific photos of Nirmala Bonat's badly scarred back & her very battered face. These photos are haunting & unless Bonat is double jointed, there's no way she coulda inflicted such injuries so high up on her own back. So I do believe Yim did abuse her maid

I believe Yim is guilty because I would think if you were the employer, you would be alarmed to see yr maid's face so bashed & battered. I am sure you would have asked her immediately what has happened.

I sure would want to know what has happened to cause those bruises. I sure would have taken my maid immediately to a doctor for treatment.

And if you suspect yr maid to be mad - ie she bashed herself up, would you still keep her around with your young kids? Handling your food? Sleeping under the same roof?

Yes. I've had such 1 bad experience with my nephew's new maid. She was quite mad that we IMMEDIATELY sent her back to the agency - where after us, she went onto 5 other families; all of whom sent her back.

Gawd knows what someone mad will do.

But 18 yrs sentence? That's harsh. ABSOLUTELY.

Yes. Yim is guilty. 10 yrs is harsh. But 18?

If I were the judge, I would make Yim pay a huge compensation to Nirmala. Heck! I would bankrupt Yim to compensate Nirmala & then give her 3 yrs in jail. Why?

Because Nirmala is not the only victim.

Yim's 4 young kids are also the victims. These kids will grow up with everyone knowing who their mother is & what she was accused of. And not to have a mum for 18 years?

I am not minimising Nirmala's pains & injuries. I am quite sure she was forced to leave her family & country to work in order to support her family.

Ofcourse employers have a moral obligation to their maids - because for sure - if you were the maid, wouldn't you be homesick like hell? Working like mad in a strange country with people you don't know? Who may be abusing you, sometimes not only physically but also morally?

But 18 yrs? Come on Judge. Spare a thought too for the many victims in this sorry story. How many more lives must be destroyed now?

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Gurchan Singh - The Real Lion of Malaya

Sometimes memories of our childhood form the foundation of who we are. I suddenly received a flashback today & the name "Gurchan Singh" came to my head.

I googled him & found Gurchan Singh had already died in 1965.

But I remembered him & a book I never read because it's an "adult" book & I was too young when I first saw this book. It wasn't even a thick book. Quite small & slim. I remembered the cover. That's all.

The book is "Singa - The Lion of Malaya".

My father had that book & I am afraid that after we moved to a new house, we must have somehow thrown that book out. And it's not as if my father had a lot of books. Maybe 3?

But I remembered this book & Gurchan Singh because somehow I must have remembered my father telling me about this man, & about what happened during World War II.

To be honest. I only remembered this bit.

During WW2, Gurchan Singh went underground to publish anti Japanese newspapers, but he was found out & he escaped into the jungle without his family. He left his family because his wife made him do it. Even if he was the only one to survive, they will take the chances.

The Jap invaders came to his house & tied his wife & son to a tree for many days & nights, to force Gurchan Singh to surrender.

Gurchan didn't surrender because his wife & son kept shouting from the trees "Do not come out". My father said that nobody was allowed to go near the trees to give them water or food, or they would be shot. I think the son was barely 10 then.

Maybe, after a week of ants & starvation, water from the rains, his family was released because the soldiers knew that Gurchan will not give up the fight. And that his family will not let him give up the fight.

Like I say. My father must have told me this story many times or I would never have remembered. Who really pays attention to their parents anyway?

Pa was a friend of Gurchan. They were good friends. Both of them resisted; one overtly & my father covertly - by supplying Gurchan & other resistance fighters with food & supplies.

What an unlikely friendship. What lost heroes. Gurchan. Mrs Singh. Young Master Singh. My Pa

How did this friendship happened?
1 Sikh, well educated.
1 China man, somewhat literate, mainly self taught.

So how did both of them become fast friends?

Were either of them "dogs" of the British, who were before the war, colonial masters of Malaya?

Not that I know. Neither worked for, or with the British. Their rice-bowls were not dependant on the British.

Both knew Right from Wrong
Both were Brothers
Both knew their Country was Their Country

And today, both forgotten in this day of Google & Yahoo & Search Engines.

So in my little way, I hope that if anyone were to google "The Singa of Malaya", they would know that this was the title of Gurchan Singh's book.

I honor both these Lions & the Lioness & her Cub by letting the world of Netizens know - that Acts of Courage for One's Home can never be Forgotten.

Like I say. Maybe the foundation of Justice & Fighting for My Country grew from my childhood.

So continue telling stories to your kids even if they do not seem to be paying attention.

Maybe their subconscience will remember your stories & they may grow to be what you hope they will be one day. Who knows?

Sunday, 23 November 2008

It's not up to Me

A Great Fatwa week or what??

Fatwa! Yoga (those dang positions! those dang chantings! those dang "oneness with God")

Fatwa! Lesbians & Tomboys (yet another imported disease - read NST)

Fatwa! Irresponsible Blogging! Irresponsible Journalism! (Finally! 2 words which ain't a oxymoron)

Fatwa! Speaking out against ISA next?

Man. OFCOURSE there are worst things out there in the world to worry about.

Global recession, jobs & homes lost, dreams gone
Dead, dying, starving victims

Incompetent, corrupt, power hungry, greedy, don't-care-a-rats'-arse-bout-anyone-else-but-me politicians

People dying of Aids, Cancer, TB etc

Terrorists, wars, etc etc etc

When are we gonna be hearing about a Fatwa on corruption & lies?

Or MAS stewardess in tight fitting kebayas? Serving Liquor? Or Muslims marrying non-Muslims?

Anyways. SORRY !!!!

Since I ain't personally touched by ANY of the above, I will just shut up.

After all f**hed if we do, f**hed if we don't.
*yeah...I am now PC. switched to f(ish)ed instead of ****

And why should Malaysians be allowed to speak up?

We are too stupid, too dumb, too uneducated, too easily mislead, too ill-informed to know Right from Wrong. Wrong religion. Wrong Beliefs. Wrong Names. Wrong Color.

Yeah. I agree. We ARE lucky to be allowed to stay here.We are lucky to be allowed to serve our Masters

On a lighter note
I didn't know they have also forbidden yoga in Egypt.

But what I dun understand is why do they still allow ladies to do the belly dance in Egypt; albeit covered in layers of silk scarves?

Is it really the motion of the ocean that counts & not the size of the boat?

P/S I found this interesting site on the beautiful stars of the Arab world while looking for an image of a belly dancer. I have forgotten how err....beautifully clad (?) some Middle Eastern stars are.

Friday, 21 November 2008

Remember May 13?

Kamal, Kamal, Kamal!
You posted the comment "Remember May 13" to me?

THANK YOU Kamal for reminding me of May 13th.

It's been a long, LONG time. I did forget all the goodness that came out of May 13.

In remembering that day (thanks again Kamal), I now remember my old neighbours.

At that time, we were living in an area - right in the heart of KL, where many Malay & Indians lived in 4 rows of lovely linked government houses.
This side road lead off from the Main Road & another side lane from it lead to 3 rows of prewar houses occupied mainly by Chinese.

Contrary to what many may think. In my days, the educated ones were the government workers. Most of those Chinese in the prewar houses were illiterate traders. I think only 6 of those families had the head of their household who were educated .

I remember the warm smiles & the free rambutans, my 1st taste of a great curry puff, my Xmas fruit cake & my 1st Rendang.
I remember the friendship of the ladies, giving each other tips from cooking to pregnancy. Even small loans to tie each other over. I remember more than 10 of us kids sharing comics & drinking from 1 bottle of warm F&N.

How did I ever forget?

When May 13th happened, all the Malay, Indian & Chinese Pak Ciks & uncles I knew (& MANY I didn't know) - came together to ensure safety, & food for everyone.
They formed a sentry - made up of Malay & Chinese guarding 24/7. IF any malay trouble makers came, our Pak Ciks would come out to tell them "Melayu tinggal sini sa'ja" & vise versa for the Chinese.

Oh. Yes. And you ask me. What did our Indian neighbours do? The 3 Indian families helped by going out to buy food - since they were the "neutral" race.

Big & small, young & old, male & female, our Indian neighbours dragged back heavy baskets of food to bring to all of us. Shopping for nearly 50 families is no joke.

Before May 13th, it was not as Muhibah as I have made it sound - because for our menfolks who were out of the house a lot, were only on nodding acquitance with each other. Funny how women & kids can make friends more easily than men.

When May 13th came, the men finally got to know each other.

Now looking back, I also see May 13th as achieving something that nearly 10 years of living together did not & that is -

It showed the implicit trust that fellow men have in each other because didn't these men trust their neighbours to safeguard their, & their family's lives?
The very same races out there killing each other

More importantly, that event reminds me that
The men in the street had MUCH more Courage than cowards armed with parangs

It reminds me that decent citizens were willing to die defending the other "dangerous" race.

So for me, that greatest shameful event of our nation that I have ever witnessed- showed me - that instead of breaking us up, it actually brought all of us together

And men - the common men in the streets are Decent.

They do not hide under cloaks of greed, fear & distrust in others

They do right by others

They do not kill people because someone is from a different race & belief

So Kamal. Thank you very much for reminding me of May 13. I shall not forget again.

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Who is living in an underdeveloped country?

This is a very localised posting. Not exciting if you have water supply.

Quite interesting if you have a water supply problem.

This also hi-lites the diff between a developing & underdeveloped country.

Today I was surprised to see the photo of someone I know, A.S. Foo complaining about the lack of water supply in a mature estate in PJ where he lives.

This has been happening to poor Foo & family for 6 months. Despite many calls to Syabas, he’s had no action & so his family lives on what water they have stored up painfully whenever there’s water.

Aisay! I thought these things don't happen in a developing country where we boast of 1 of the highest buildings in the world & our very own Astronaut (sic) ?

Hahaha Foo! Miss Schadenfreude here!

At least where I am, I wake up everyday KNOWING there is water supply despite ancient pipes built into hilly, difficult-to-access terrain. So sorry Foo, I have no problems with water supply or water pressure.

& Yes. Foo. There is yet another difference between living in an under-developed country & a developing country.

Where I am, this poor underdeveloped country has prepared a Giant Comprehensive & Comprehensible Master Plan outlining the entire development needs & focus for the next 10 years.

With timelines & infrastructure goals. For eg. It has x # of kids so it needs x # of schools, teachers to be built by 200x.

This document was communicated, & broken down into details down the line & issued to every village.

I was suitably impressed when I stopped in a village in the middle of bumf**k
nowhere (4hours to drive 40kms – my butt was grass by the time I arrived)

The village head who's had basically 4 yrs of education told me proudly – pointing to his copy of the plan what they are doing, their milestones (hello MBA!) & how they are going to achieve it.

And Lordy, Lordee, LORD! They seem to be getting there!

But back to the developing country, Malaysia.

Does anyone know what Malaysia’s plans are?
Do we know where we are going & how we are getting there?

What's more important? Face or Water?
But we know ONE thing for sure & that is - Who’s paying for the Face. wink wink

So who's living in an under-developed country now?

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

When is a PhD not a PhD? When is a Datin not a Datin?

I had to stop somethin' leakin' south of my bellybutton when I read the following (found on Malaysiakini & reproduced for viewing on MT)

It would seem that some of our (il)luminatis may have suspect higher degrees include "Deputy Speaker of Malaysia Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar with his PhD from American from the Southern California University for Professional Studies in 2005."

You guys just have to read it yourself. Does this shock me? No...oooooo.

I dunno what air we have in Asia but face & titles are more important than some stupid values like humility & honesty. Buying a PhD doesn't give you brains, or get you more respect. You just THINK it does because you are deaf & can't hear the howls of laughter behind your back. I would include all those Honorary Doctorates in this category.

Unless you are Nelson Mandela & you earned the Honorary Doctorate the hard way!

Back to some other bizarre stories I know

You Msians should know this one well.

This muka story are all those instant Datins you see. On a good hair day when I enter a shop sometimes, I become an instant Datin.

Or you meet some big shot Datuk & he has this floosie with him & you are forced to greet him. He is Datuk & she is ???

Just call her Datin lah. Because if she didn't want to be recognized as Datin, she surely won't be with the toad in the first place. Get the Drift?

Then there is this one:
A certain hairdresser "changed" her face, caught her rich cat, married him, & became Datin. But when her family showed up, ppl started wondering "aiyoh! she looks so different fr her parents"

So Datin had her parents go under the knife, do the chemical peel, the laser, wrapping the body & hands in avocado so that they will resemble her more closely.

Now she & her entire family has literally lost all of their old friends because you can't have the world saying "HAIYAH! I knew them before they had a new face!"

Which shows you how wrong she was. The whole world is saying that anyways.

Then there was someone I met at an event where all of us had to wear our name on a label. But this lady stood out by far because she had to use TWO labels. Her name was "Dr. Mrs Mohammed Al-Fatish Leila Mansouri Kazam" Or something long like that

Dr MRS ? Does that mean she is the Mrs of the Doctor or she is a Mrs who is a Doctor? Turns out she was the former. So if you are the wife of a Doctor who is a Datuk, do you become Datin Dr ???

And if you are a Doctor, and your husband is also a Doctor like Siti Hasmah, should her full title then be "Puan Seri Dr Mrs Dr Siti Hasmah"?
Aweso....oommme Baby! I LOVE MY COUNTRY !!!!

Goblok's 1-wo(e)man version of "The View"

I love the View. It's a group of savvy women (journalists, comedians, activists) exchanging frank, revealing, funny, controversial views on news worthy events & issues.

IF I could do The View - Malaysian-style my dream team would be
- Marina Mahathir (yeah..I do LIKE her. And that's nothing to do with the fact her father is TDM..she's her own person),

- Crankshaft (what's there to say about this savvy 20-somethin'?),

- Nuraina Samad (articulate, very much a lady & knows her mind),

- Helen (Ang I think? I see her posting on Haris' blog),

- Rafidah Aziz (controversial? But she does speak up!!),

- Susan Loone (has a great blog),

- Teresa Kok (my mother wants her)

- Hannah Yeoh (my brother wants her)

- Any of the lady Actors from Actors Studio

- Many of the Alumni of (the now non-existent) BBGS - my alma mater

- Also my sis-in-law to mediate. She who can hold the fabric of my family together gets my vote!

Who's the comedian on my list? It's not the actors studio bunch for sure!

But the list really just goes on & on!! I am spoilt for choice. Which is why I wonder: why are the wrong people in power hah?

However - back to reality, here I am the potential producer with no money or support to do The View. So, here's my 1-man show for today.

1st View subject: Chua Soi Lek who doesn't just want to be a "Yes" man.
Today there's an online poll on NST asking if he should be back in the Cabinet. 67% voted NO.

So..err..DATUK've heard the popular voice. Seems like whatever it is you've done with yr wife's silent consent, however you've said it's nobody's biz, no matter how well you did in yr public service - has not convinced us you are fit material for leading the people.

But I understand the confusion. There are lots more crooked & adulterouse men out there leading the nation, so how come you are singled out as being exceptionally bad? My explanation? Suai. Bad Luck. Karma. You've said "Yes" 12 years too many?

Maybe the poll only serves to show that there are more people out there who knows right from wrong (or seems to know right from wrong)...or is it that women still rules ?!!!

Then there's the news of a huge lack of Oncologists: Instead of 200 needed, but we only have 39. Given that 40,000 new cases are reported every month, and there should be at least 8 oncologists for every million persons.

Why is there a shortage? Ask Mahathir.
Or ask all our VVIPs who whisk away their families to US or UK or even Singapore for treatment. Only mere mortals like us would have to make do with that 39 oncologists or just go suck salted ducks' eggs.

Fav subject! Are you living next to a plot of empty state land? Do you wish to expropriate that as your own?

Ask Zakaria Deros' family who is now appealing to the council against the decision that they must dismantle the concrete (not just barbed wire) perimeter wall they've built on an empty state land next to their 16-room mansion in a poor village in Klang.

Should a dead man's gain (which is suspected to be dubiously acquired?) be left alone? Should his family be responsible for the Sins of the Father?

Ask our leaders & their families & the answer will be (almost) the direct opposite to the answer of the Rakyat.

Ongoing subject of Arrests, ISA, Court Cases:
Why RPK? Why Hindraf? Why 63 languishing in Kamunting? Why Razak Baginda? Why Paula Khoo? Why Ronnie Liu? Why civilians carrying candles?

Ask who ah? PM & DPM outta country for 2 days? Who's running the country? Or are we so used to running on remote...or issit empty?

Now..If you want the real View - SHOW ME THE MONEY!!

Monday, 17 November 2008

Paula's footprints in the Sands

I would like to intro you to A REAL Lady of courage & conviction, Paula of

To those of you who are not aware, Paula from Penang was arrested last week (bail was posted - so she was arrested) for initiating a vigil without a permit.

And don't go down the road that she knew of the dangers & put herself there for some insane self glorification purpose.

Like all of us, Paula have many well meaning friends who loves her & told her NOT to do anything & just be the silent majority.

Hey! Paula's Friends - Don't Judge her & Don't Moralise. Be Her Rock. Be Her Strength. I am sure you are absolutely gobsmacked by her Convictions, Quiet Strength & Resilience - as are we

& Hello Silent Majority!
Please don't think the only safe way is to stay silent, turn the other cheek & let some other donkeys do the dirty work but you reap the rewards.

Is nearly 30 years of Racism not enough for you?

Be a Decent Fellow Being & do not continue to ignore the Sufferings & Unfairness of your Fellow Men, on the Disenfranchaised - wrought on them by the Corrupt Few

Look to History & I remind you of this poem "First they Came" attributed to Martin Niemoller

When the Nazis came for the communists,I remained silent;I was not a communist.

When they locked up the social democrats,I remained silent;I was not a social democrat.

When they came for the trade unionists,I did not speak out;I was not a trade unionist.

When they came for the Jews,I remained silent;I wasn't a Jew.

When they came for me,there was no one left to speak out.

I do not know (of) Paula before this but I know this.

Paula is - in every way - who I (should & would like) to emulate but will find her a Tough Act to follow.

She truly seems like Grace & Courage under Fire. She has a little boy & I am positive, she has left her footprints in the sands of life & time - unlike many of us. Yes. Me included.

I am angry at my own cowardice, complacency & Impotency & for not being where it's counted most.

And don't think ANYONE would do this type of activisim for the "glory" of themselves. NOBODY does this for publicity or cheap glory. Yeah..some do. Most don't. Paula didn't.

Paula Dear. You have given your son the most valuable lesson in Life that any parent can hope to impart.
And that is
Son. If you can stand up for what you believe in, then you will be able to stand up as a Man in Life.

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Israel, Zimbabwe, Congo - Lesson for us?

Do you get angry when you watch the news? I do. That's why I can't ever watch the news when I am eating my dinner. Never.

Suffering & meaningless deaths.
Ego, power, greed.
Enough to make me throw up

Even though I am now in a country where 70% of the ppl are living below the poverty line, but at least they are not living in fear for their lives.

Imagine what the ppl of Gaza, Zimbabwe & Congo have to go through everyday.

Food running out (or none), no water, homeless, sick, either extreme heat & masses of mosquitoes or biting cold with no energy.

The hard stance of Israel has continued to pissed me off. I am not the only one who sympathizes with the Palestinians. The harder the Isrealites' stance, the more they turn ordinary people off.

I dunno if it is intentional but the Israelites always comes across as if they are the only ones who are right, everyone else is wrong, they don't care what you say, they deserve everything they have, they have suffered & they won't back off...even if 1 or 1000 or 10000 Palestinian civilians die or suffer.

And all over a tiny strip of land called Gaza. Power Rocks or what?!

Zimbabwe - Think Mugabe. Who does he remind you of in Msia? You are thinking exactly what I am thinking!

Why do old men think they can live forever? Doesn't it matter 1 iota who suffers while they are grasping & hanging on for power?

What can you do with all that money & power when you are dead? Hey! Don't tell me whatever. Tell that to your Maker when you meet Him(Her).

Democratic Rep of Congo - Those with guns win. All others get fucked.

Those strutting brainless turds with Arms in Uniforms. Enuff Said

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Why is my Government forcing me to buy Shares ah??

Why is MY EPF money being loaned to Valuecap?
So that the capital can be injected into buying shares in the local bourse?

EH! My (& everyone's) EPF is damn HARD EARNED. As it is, with the way EPF is mysteriously being managed, I awreddy damn scared I won't see a cent one day. Don't lie to me. You same same as me right?

Now the Govt's forcing me indirectly to buy shares?

I don't "play" the market for many good reasons. You can say Religious, you can say Prudence. I don't care nor do I condemn those who "invest" in the bourse. (Aiyah. Let's face it. How many are long term investors in the bourse leh?)

You play, you win, you lose at your own great fortune or your own risk.

But using MY pension funds to berjudi macam ni?

Also - how would I know that Valuecap will use the EPF injection to buy real, worthwhile, bluechip stocks? Who is gonna bet with me they won't save the stocks of those with the right political links?

Also. Valuecap already got Khazanah, & Permodalan as shareholders right? So why don't K&P inject more into Valuecap if it's such a smart, viable option ?

My take on life is simple

Idiots who got themselves rich, can get themselves poor again. Just don't take my money. I have No say in the process to get you into any situation

Idiots who mismanaged companies in the first place should be arrested & have all illgotten gains returned to the company so that qualified professionals with a good record can run the company & hopefully make it work

I don't understand why we must continue to bail out incompetent managers, incompetent idiots, & cronies.

Tell me people. What would you rather do with your EPF money?
Bail out Banks?
Bail out Companies (ie buy shares) or
Get your money back & you manage it yourself?

I can't wait until the day I can take my EPF money out!

Politically Incorrect Questions

U all know awreddy. Aunty not smart. Also Big Mouth. Also Blur. Also dunno many things. I ask some Politically Inkorek Questions. All Answers welcomed

Plse do not ISA me. Only Questions, k?

1. Malaysia politics is Race - based - or so says the Great M.
Then how come UMNO got so many members who are not 100% Melayu ah?

Then how come not even ONE PM is 100% Melayu hah? Thai blood, got. Pakistani blood, got. Indonesian blood, got. Chinese blood, got. All Got!

I know I know. You say so long as walk, talk, breathe & live as one right? Then like dat, technically speaking, MANY MANY MANY of us - so long as we convert - also Melayu right? Or???

Also how come you know what race The Maker, the Great Universal Being is ah? If He (or She?) is of the wrong race, then how? No gostan, u-turn you know?

2. Rockybru is President of Allblogs, right? I hate to ask this question because I think he damn cool dude BUT!!!How come he did not post anything on his blog re: Bloody Sunday's Bersih gathering?

Many bloggers there wat. So is Rocky representing Allblogs or only Someblogs?

3. This Ketuanan thing. Who is Tuan, who is servant ah?
4. How come got some people with higher class blood than me ah? Like I say before, ain't all shit smell the same? Your blood not red meh? And are we all not holding the same type of IC ?

5. How come got people say I am Pendatang when both sets of my grandma & grandpa arrived here before 1920? Just how LONG does one have to live here before not considered Pendatang ah?

6. If you dun want Pendatangs, then why not send all Pendatangs balik kampung ah? What is stopping you??

Thank you. Terima Kasih.
This is all the unPC Qs Aunty ask today.

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Gong Li becomes Singaporean

I bring this subject up - not only to name drop (you can tell I you wait ah while I tell the story) but because at the end, there is a point to this tale
The story is: A few yrs back, I was priviledged to have sat down for dinner next to Gong Li.

Don't let anyone tell you she is "normal" looking hoh. She is not.

She's had NO plastic or dental surgery.
She is 100% natural.
With Lovely Tits. Glossy long lush hair. With great Grace & Beauty.
But still down-to-earth. Humble. Funny. Unassuming. Kept pushing food at me - the poor starstruck mortal

(which was why I started puking up even more whenever I come across those KLCC pretentious Datin-types)

ANYHOOS. I brought up this story to prove a point.

The point being her citizenship in Singapore.
Now Gong Li has been married to a Singaporean since 1996. But she has never lived in Singapore.

But today in 2008 as the foreign spouse of a Singaporean, she is offered citizenship.

You are saying 'Eh Aunty. SHE is Gong Li wat!"

WRONG!!! In Singapore, all the non-GongLis are offered PR quite immediately & the PR is usually 5 yrs & dependant on one's employment in a Singapore company.

Heck. They even offered my foreigner husband a citizenship - & he was 49yrs old at that time!

In fact many young professional Malaysians (Malays, Indians, Chinese - ALL!) are offered citizenship in Singapore after either 2 or 5 years of PR.

Over here on our fair palm fringed shores, it's another story.

You can be a professional.
You can be young & talented.
You can be hard working & be married to a Malaysian
You can have all your kids born & educated here
You can have lived, worked & paid taxes here for the past 10,20 or 30 years...

But you are unlikely to see a PR. Citizenship? Are u gila or wat? NO!

Unless you are of the right race, & the right religion and you will vote for the right party, OR your FIL is a Datuk/Tan Sri. Then it doesn't matter if you have no skills, no education, no profession - you get Blue IC.

Meanwhile I know of MANY foreigners who are professionals married to Malaysians, not granted PRs but I also know of Indonesians (including construction workers) who are Malaysians today.

How to progress like dat ah?
p/s And yes. SIGH. Gong Li looks exactly like this pic in real life too!