Sunday, 13 January 2008

3rd party peoples plse to read this

Solly all. Got research to write No-bell peace article on "3rd party".

This topic more complex than SSs.

#1 wives - you all boring need do research. I just put mirror to my face; viola! can write on wife #1 stuff already.

Let me start to tell you I got 1st hand experience meeting 3rd parties; some are friends and other NOT friends

I told friends who are 3rd parties. This piece Aunty write from female perspective, aunty being aunty and all that.

So Aunty start, you follow ok?

I say, "Where got so smart gal like you, got looks, got success, got blingblingblings, got life - go to be with married men?

The #1 thing you got to know abt 3rd parties are: They HATE you when you tell them exactly what they know is wrong with them.

#2 thing is: 3rd parties are smart people! THEY KNOW EVERYTHING awreddy !!

OK here Aunty got to praise 3rd party gals and boys. Aunty have never come across a stupid 3rd party. Even the chinadoll/taiwan gals, they the smartest cookies ever!

But why you continue leh in this no-hope relationship?

All tell me: companionship, he luplup LUP me but can't leave marriage because got kids, got wife wanna hang herself after killing kids, etc.

Actually more like the dead man head afraid his little bru gets chopped off in his sleep.

I have yet to hear of >than 5 stories IN THE WORLD amongst all the philandering SSs (straying spouses lah!) where got spouse jump off bridge.

Also you know his/her spouse really the boring, nagging, suicidal killer type meh? You got go ask this person face-to-face ah?

I tell you the truth why #1 spouse don't leave partners. When and if they find out - they don't divorce, JUST TO SPITE YOU!

MANY MANY SSs will not divorce their spouse of their own accord.

This means SS not sure s/he will leave his home for the unknown.

So what does this mean for 3rd parties? Yes..this probably means:
- you are fling

- you are good for his ego (you only listen to his stories 2times, wife already heard same story 1000times lah!)

- You give "free" sex (don't be stupid hor? Make sure you get that Cartier ring/Bulgari watch while you still can. If you more cleverer get that condo too!!!)

- You make nice double boil soup

- You no trouble for lover, (meet odd hours/days, eat out at dark dark places also can, holiday in Trengannu no problem - unless you are Muslim)

- You are (sincerely) a good catch even for single people

- The romance still strong strong (you should see how he lets rip farts in front of legal spouse but he nice nice got go toilet while with you) and

- Wawawoom!!! the GREAT SEX!
Lucky this not PG rated site but where you think s/he learn all those tricks ah? From books ah? FANTASY only meh? Sure got practise many many times with spouse what!

Now got to tell you Aunty here got success before to get rid of 3rd parties.

This one because like Tiger Balm family, Aunty here got 3 generations of tradition handed down from Hakka grandma (who once know of 3rd party go with all daughters, daughters-in-law to sapu with the broom the hideout of 3rd party)

HONEST LAH! My eyes got see myself. This is why my husband very respect my tradition.

But since I got the many education, Aunty here only got do the "cool" thing. Aunty go sniff out lover's home, office, then Aunty got go to talk to the #3 person nice nice.

Like this:

You are screwing xxxx, (husband/wife) of my xxx. DO NOT DENY THIS! OK. very simple.

I know you live where, work where, go gym where. You no terminate the relationship, I go make lots of noise yr office, yr home, yr gym.

Got embarass you. You can call police but police only attract more attention.

Some more police will not arrest me because I no got slap yr face and injure you. (Aunty here got check the law first)

I also got make sure your life no walk in Taman Duta.

I will follow you to public places, then say LOUD LOUD, "this one no shame lah..sleeping with married man/woman"

That one PROVEN tactic. Sure great success provided your face got as garang as mine, that sorta "don't cross me cause you will have free plastic surgery if you do" type.

1 day Aunty post her photo - you will agree.

That is all for my well researched piece. Now you all got any trouble, you make sure you post to Aunty here to solve yr problems.

Last one. I got know 1 "great success" 3rd party story.

This one Aunty's friend.

Beautiful gal (x1000), only work on married men.

30yrs in "business" (she also got glam glam job), now got nig-time properties Hong Kong & KL, got mink coats, got Cartier/ Bulgari/ Chopard diamonds, got BMW ..but no got husband.


You know, I know, unforutnately also many other people know she the good time gal what.

She told me once when we were spring chickens
"why you stupid? You luv, luv, sleep free? I no luv luv, sleep got people give me birdsnest gargle mouth lah"

Today, she more Aunty than me..Don't know to be sad or happy for her

What you all think ah?

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