Saturday, 19 January 2008

Aunty Politics

All 2 ( your heart out - TWO!) of Aunty's readers asked Aunty.

"Aunty ah? How come you like got split personality like that? I see yr blog comments here, there, everywhere. Politics - got blog, cooking - got blog, people's personal website - also you got blog. So many things to say meh?"

So to defend my gender - as a FEMALE; I strongly believe we are entitled to be - as deemed ok by Wise Universal Being (s) - FICKLE.

That one genetic code put inside is what makes us BEAUTIFUL so I can just blog what I like and be fickle all the brody time.

Yes. SO I admit it now.

Your Aunty got blog mainly just to KPC peeples busyness. But I assure you everytime you read my comments, they are 100% very valuable take on life, politics, recipes. So TAKE NOTE hoh?

Now. My absolutely, by far the absoluteness favourite subject is:
corrupt politicians.

This subject is guaranteed to make Aunty soo..SO ANGRY that ... can suddenly (like miracle like that) make your Auntyness here write in proper grammar and not mal-ish, or chinglish or aunty-lish.

(Last 2 languages mentioned are exclusively reserved for when Aunty is feeling generous, good, airy, fairy, arty & farty).

And don't ask me why we have so many corrupt politicians this is just like this in Malaysia.

Maybe - just like our soil so rich, throw down papaya seed, got papaya in 3 months, throw down watermelon seed, got watermelon in 4 months

This is the same with corrupt politicians in Malaysia. Throw down 1 today, got 10 tomorrow. OK serious SERIOUS now!

I think politicians can do better if they only do this simple exercise before going to work in the morning everyday.

They should look in the mirror & ask themselves these questions:
"Do I want my backside to be burgered the way I intend to burger someone today?"
"Would I allow a fella like myself date my sister or daughter today?"
"Can I go to mosque or church or temple with a clear conscience?"

"If I were a judge and have to try someone at court, what would I do to a fella who does the stuff I do?"

The answers should be "No", "No" "Yes" and "Die Scumbag!"

Aiyoh! You guess like dat ah? Must be kwai-lo or wat? A true Malaysian will never answer the way you do, especially not the corrupt politicians.

This is why and how we can teach other countries "The Art of Open Burgering of Your Country". Maybe this is why our great leader was invited to speak at Davos to top leaders and movers of the world?.

From the looks of things now in Malaysia, Malaysia semus BOLEH except talk criticize the govt, protest, blog or even think bad thoughts about the bs justice system.

So I ask you "is Malaysia boleh or what?"

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Joe said...

You are a riot. Keep it up. I visit your blog every now and then when I need entertainment.
Lots of LUV.