Monday, 7 January 2008

BOMBARDED by SSs & 3rd parties


See how stupid I am. I thought this is secret blog..very few people know only mah? And then!!

KABOOM!! Where got like dat suddenly get more than 5 emails (not postings ok?) to me leh? Shows you ppl smarter than me to email ppl lor!

Dunno who but 1 asked me not to be Miss knowitall when I knownothingatall...and who am I to stick my nose into...HIS private affairs!!

HELLOOOO...You are WHO ah?? Aunty dunno mean you like dat also meh?

2 are 3rd parties. Got ask me what to do lah...true love can not leave that "dead man's head"

Other 2 also got ask me "my husband got like dat..wat to do?"

Myself not qualified psychologist lah! Not even got read "psychology today", & barely made it past Psy 101

But being AUNTY to the power of 100, I sure got the opinion for EVERYONE. Simple.

To all of you: "Leave yr partners"
1. Miss 3rd party: he is a fink and scoundrel.Where got love you if he cannot do the right thing by you? AND really lah. Someone who will cheat on his family, you sure he will not cheat on you? Life is a pattern.

Got 1 of you so funny ask me what to do with sexy underwears you wear for him. You think sexy underwears more important than your self respect? Duhhh..!!!

2. SSs - you answer my blog questions then i got speak to you

3. Mrs Suffering - YOU decide. You know he is fooling around and you have decided NOT to issue ultimatum ("it's her or me" and "NEVER again!"). Why you say it is money? What you got handicap meh? Can not find work? Just harder more difficult but you will not starve if you put yr mind to it.

If you cannot do that, continue in your misery because ONLY you got know what to do, not an unqualified psychologist without a goldfish bowl like me.

Now you all wait to read my installation on the 3rd party ok?

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mekyam said...


best and most unsparing agony responses ever.

u better than that phony oprah beeatch lor.

love ya! i've never laughed so hard.