Monday, 14 January 2008

chua soi lek got 4 cameras but aunty here...

Ya..see how I put that magic name in then got the humsap ppl lookit my blog (cache it) when they try to google/yahoo for downloads of the CSL affair?

I also wonder how ppl so clever can know where to put in mini cameras all I am still trying to figure out how to download images onto my blog!

BUT Aunty here not as unsavvy as you think.

Aunty here got the secret "no cameras needed" device to track youse all logging in to my site. Clever gal!

How I know that if you searched for the magic CSL name got ppl checking out leh?

If I have to spell that out you all need IQ of > than 2 - & Aunty here the IQ = 5 so I know you know.

Yesterday I spammed many of my friends (no shame lah) to tell them to come visit my invaluable blog.

Then got people (my family to top it off) tell your Aunty here - streamyx down, dial up no good, can not read yr blog.

I give you all the chance to read my blog so you will gain many valuable advice for eg. on
- Pests Control,
- Dog training,
- Spouse breaking in and training,
- Sourcing for good sons- and daughters-in-laws,
- How to throw MILs and FILs out of a train and make it look like they jumped out of own free will
- my secret microwave cake recipes

So you get the drift of what you will miss if you are not logging in.

Mainly this blog will help me practise my sitdown comic skills - which is very very different and difficult than the stand up type.

Involve many things to do together at ONE time, (that word is multi-tasking I think - skill not suited to men) like can watch tv, drink coffee, smoke cigarettes, order dogs and still TYPE very very big words down.

You should all try this.

I will support you & tell you secret of how to monitor visitors to your blogs without 1 (let alone 4) cameras.

Meanwhile - you all enjoy all my free advice while you still can because come the time when Aunty become worldwide famous in KL, Aunty will charge you with subscription rates


mekyam said...

auntie gb,

your sitdown priceless. some more the chinese vs of manglish so spot on one kind. i laugh until sakit perut.

i notice yr visitors exotic semacam - madagascar, finland, uae. you won't happen to be one of those mrs msian ambassadors ah? :D

GobloKing said...

I wish I was Mrs Ambassadress - my Ma will die of happiness.

She long long long time ago TRIED to prepare me for a life of luxury.

BUT alas! Not only is my life only semi-luxury (@ best, myself still cooking the dinner type, can also run all machines possible & last time I painted my fingernails was 10 yrs ago!

SO NO to yr question.

BUT in case I do become Mrs Ambass, I awreddy got the MacDonald crown, can wear on head as tiara for big big functions.

As u can see, I spare NO expense in making Malaysia proud of me.

I also dunno why got the pples from exotic lands looking my words of wisdoms here.

Maybe they looking for chua soi lek sex videos? Or maybe they think I am the yellow Oprah Winfrey?