Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Maznah & I

I have read alot, & have experienced alot more about the issue of race segregation in Malaysia and that is when I started thinking about Maznah.

Maznah & I, for a few years in our lives, were the best of friends. She was the coolest, nicest looking gal in my class, the most creative and yet the most sassy. She never lost any femininity in being strongly independent, and she was independent!

Now some would equate female independence with the lack of keeping with their religious faith, but I assure you, Maznah is a good Muslim without being judgemental.

It would seem that in my days, religion was far, far less of an issue, and we accepted and welcomed the diversity in every Malaysian.

On eating together. I can't remember a time she or her parents kicked up any fuss about the hallal-ness of anything, even when we ate at my house. You trusted friends, and friends will always do right by you.

After school, we went away from each other's orbs because we could not stay in the same educational system anymore (THANK YOU Malaysia for making this happen)

YEARS later, I bumped into Maznah at a school reunion (of sorts) and we exchanged numbers to meet up again.

I couldn't wait. The same week I went to visit Maznah at the place she worked.

Outwardly my Maznah was still the same; chatty, friendly & nice looking. She still didn't look a day over 20& it was hard to tell she had teenage kids.

The 1st thing Maznah did was to tell me she is "married" as someone's #2 bini. Call me stupid, call me naive but I haven't been around too much in Malaysia & I just didn't get it. The look in her eyes tells me she was somehow expecting me to judge or condemn her.

How Maznah looked at me tells me what the insidious segregation of races by our Government has done to us.

She, who knew me so well could think that I would disapprove of her life choices. Maznah. We may be older but we don't change who we are..unless aliens have really taken over our bodies.

I do know, and I still think, Maznah deserves far better. However society, religion & unfortunately, the man she loves - & this is MY opinion - has let her down. I DO think that. shoot me.

I can't CAN"T picture myself sharing my spouse. Just picturing my spouse lying with another woman is bad enough.

Put it this way. Can any man out there tell me he can picture his spouse lying with another and find THAT ok?

I don't get this.

While HE can love many, SHE on the other hand is allowed 1? How can any religion be so sexist? Can anyone plse tell me?

These are some of the things I just DON'T understand about Islamism.
1. Women are inferior (by implication, they must then obey their men as they have weak heads & weak minds to make sane decisions on their own)

2. If a woman is raped, this is because she allowed herself to be in the company of other men not of her family, and/or she tempted him to rape her.

3. Infidels: You will burn in hell & since that is the case, let me send you to hell (since yr life's worth diddly shit). At least in helping you get to hell, I get to Heaven.

4. The words of Infidels and Women are on the same level as dung in the fields. You can't believe them but you can trust everything the Faithful says.
(the word "faithful" here is tricky. So long as you are "perceived" to have faith, you are trusted to be doing the right thing, no matter how wrong it actually is)

Maznah. If you are reading this, just know you really REALLY are not the chattel of anyone. You should be the only gem in anyone's life. Don't let anyone tell you differently!

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mekyam said...

Therein lies the rub, Aunty GB.

Apparently, in Malaysia, the muslim women themselves are the enablers of the injustice dished out to them.

As in the case of Maznah, probably all in the name of being abiding muslims, many Malay women tolerate and participate in that gross practice of polygamy.