Friday, 4 January 2008

new year resolutions...sorta,kinda,,wtf!!

So I am back from my KL sojourn just last nite...and I gotta say, the stopover in Mauritius?

OVER RATED because it was so darn darn expensive being high season.

Somemore in this 4-star hotel...found bed bugs (or is it lice? ) on the mattress and sheets - so had to change rooms!! This can ONLY happen to ME!

I gotta say when we were back in KL , I was TOTALLY not connected to the world (read as internet in our home is dial up as we ain't there to justify for the streamyx costs - which btw wouldn't work anyway!)

So is right.

Sometimes not being connected means one has more meaningful time to fart around doing ABSOLUTELY f**k all!

Xmas party report!
I (sorta) hosted our Xmas dinner...ok ok...I CATERED!! There you have it!

The worst food ever but didn't I say I was not that organized?? You can imagine a caterer who will take your orders at the 11.99th hour can't be that good NO??

Somemore the bugger delivered our meal at 4pm (3 hours before the event) and to my worries of food poisoning, the reply was "where got? our boss is a famous designer so no problem!"

NOW had I known that we had picked a FAMOUS CLOTHES designer who is also catering..I woulda be moved to cook myself!! (I cannot mention the name of the designer but he is well known in Msia and to a lesser extent in the big apple)

Thank god for Melinda (a family member) who ordered a turkey. We were fed.

I did dirty my own dainty hands though...I bought a lotta canned fruits and nata, frozen cherries and blueberries, than emptied all the suckers into a big bowl and stirred!!

Fruit cocktail..somemore the frozen cherries and blueberries were like edible icecubes..soooo...delicious!

You lazy lot (like moi) should try that one!

So I spend our hard-earned 2 weeks hols mainly buying pressies, wrapping pressies and eating my way through at least 20 ABCs.

I LOVE ice kacang!! I don't care if I dropped dead...but boyoboy!! At my age, ABCs are as good (if not BETTER) than...whatever yr dirty mind thinks, that's it!

hokay...NEW YEAR resolutions...

I no longer TELL anyone what they are, I just sorta list them out in my mind.

Almost as good as making and keeping them!

Except I do it secretly - so nobody will know when I flunk them!!

For 2008...
I have listed my "resolutions" in order of from "most difficult to achieve" to "easiest to achieve"

I resolve to have my face SHOW like I am kindness itself!
(ok I am shoot me! Somehow even when I am being really REALLY kind but just cause I have a dog face - whatever acts of kindness I do does not seem to count at all! Bugger ain't it?)

I resolve to have more meaningless fun (meaning I will walk in the rain without wondering what sorta shit I am picking up with my wet slippers..etc...u know, the Mary Tyler Moore kinda fun? I find the older I get, the harder it is to achieve meaningless fun, know what I mean or not?)

I resolve to be MORE tolerant, MUCH MORE Gracious (note the capital G) and not mouth off the many ungracious thots that's permanently bobbing around my head..that last one is gonna be TOUGH!

I resolve to be more proactive for 2008 xmas dinner and plan better..che..h..this one sure the easiest lah!

Now my family sure got see in this blog I didn't include the BAD things to quit like... NOT smoking, eat fewer cookies, stop buying snacks, not be so anal retentive about cleanliness etc... BUT I am I AM!

CASE IN POINT about showing kindness??

The NEW cream color sofa? I covered that one with a bedsheet so anyone can use it when I am not there.

I mean anyone who has recently showered and washed their hair (the same day pl) or anyone who has washed their hands, and feet & wiped their necks BEFORE they touched my beautiful cream sofa.

KINDNESS itself, n'cest pas?

Now..if you will all excuse me..I am practising the kind face thingy and the meaningless fun thingy..translate that as I am gonna watch TV lor!!


mekyam said...


you're a hoot!

really? zang toi catered your xmas dinner? :D

GobloKing said... clever or not?

NOW - can you plse also give me 4 digits; ANY 4?

I prommise if I strike, I use another caterer & you can choose!!

mekyam said...

1 4 2 8

sad thing is i don't know any caterer in malaysia as i don't live there.

only one i know of is that annoying chef wan, and i'd only wish the git on my enemies. :D