Friday, 11 January 2008

Exterminating vermins

yeah..where I am, read in papers they are discovering cases of bubonic plague about 45kms from us.

This freaks me out. I am the type every flea, mite, sand fly, mosquito wants a taste of. I have not been to 1 country (& I have been to many places) where my souvenir of the place includes a bite or 10.

My hubby loves me. His own anti-bite antidote on hand. Aiyoh. I am not pa-pai (fussy), I can show you more scars from bites than any soldier from the foreigh legion. I get the Victoria Cross for bites.

This is why, I have on my person at ANY 1 time, a bottle of lemon grass oils, anti-mossie spray, tiger balm and cortisone creams (depending on the severity as I get infected easily) and 2 bracelets soaked in whatever fr Ozland to ward off even more bites.

People only need 1 bracelet to ward off mossies? I need 4. Yeah. count 'em. FOUR! 2 on the wrist, 2 on the ankles. What a life I have!

PLUS I am borderline obsessive about cleanliness & TOTALLY paranoid about diseases (but not necessarily about my smoking - what a contradiction in life I am!) - so, today saw my campaign on destroying vermins.

Once I have alerted the house staff on this matter (ya hor. Like hotel like morning staff meeting :D ) we got cracking.

Fenced out the back yard from my 2 curious dogs, bought rat poison, blocked up openings to the many drains, clean area, sprinkle poison..sit back & wait.

Waxed all the wooden floors with anti-flea wax, lit up lemon grass oils - so now place SQUEAKY clean..ALMOST vermin free..yeah..right!

No NO. Didn't do it myself lah...just supervising lor! This is a perk for living in "hardship postings" ie the affordability (& neccesity) of having help for everything.

SIGH! I only wish it was as simple as that in as far as cleaning up politics in Malaysia, Africa, USA, China, get the drift?

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