Saturday, 5 January 2008

The whole problem with "no longer working" is...

Ya... so many people I know are in that age group, or nearing that age group where...

NO longer working means:

- No more fixed schedules, meetings and business trips

- No more power, and minions to mentor, disburse advice to & just plain order around

- No more income except for whatever "f"s you have in yr pension

- No more "holidays" because now that word has become meaningless

- No more bitching about yr work, the company, the boss, the industry etc.. more "meaningful" existence..more like waiting to die like that.

MANY I know (myself being the main culprit) have taken "no longer working" to translating all our still energetic energy to "managing" our home & family.

This means, we now:

- Boss the family around (instead of staff)

- Dispense much un-needed advice to junior members of the family

- Getting glued to the internet or TV (instead of issuing important emails)

The point is :

How do we continue to get non-job / performance related satisfaction now that our identity is no longer validated by our business card?

yeah...right. As if I knew the answer to that one.

By no means was I the first to be "not working" in my family.

However being a female, I have distinct advantage over males who no longer work.

In fact where I used to have 2 jobs; ie at a regular job from 9 to 8pm workdays, and then 9pm to 11pm weekdays, and another 6hours on weekends at my own home, I now ONLY have 1 job.

This means, MY home is MY my husband can bugger off to go find his domain to "manage" when his time comes to not work.

Secretly I hope he takes over everything outside of the house
- pick up after himself
- take up courses in gardening, roof repairs, painting, plumbing, cleaning and cooking

So sad huh? Other women fantasize about having Brad Pitt in their bed, I fantasize about my husband being a handy man!! my realll...lly limited experience of being unemployed, I would "advise" (didn't I say unsolicited advice is a corner stone of those no longer working?) TRY TRY TRY to:

1. FIX a schedule for yourself - just like when you used to get up and drive to work and then come home.

The schedule involves getting OUT of your house to do something.

How about..???
1. Volunteer work (reading to old people, blind people, underpriviledged kids)?

2. Starting a new career like guiding, teaching, financial management (boy! do I NEED that one!), real estate,

3. IMPROVING yourself as much as you can...this time you do it to improve your quality of life as versus improving for chances of making a living lah!

Taking up classes like taichi, dancing, repair courses (my personal fav!!),

4. Continue to earn some money so you can prolong diminishing the savings

FRANKLY that is my BIGGEST worry when I stopped working. i.e. From seeing my bank book grow to seeing it diminish to zip!


I truly truly TRULY intend to earn some money; so long as it does not have to entail standing up all day or entertaining kids.

Yeap. Rules out working in a department store, or the kindergarten or day care!

WHAT IS THERE LEFT for me to do?

See? That is my problem with NOT working to start with. It is not having too much time on my is with STILL wanting to EARN money. Isn't that shallow?

I don't want to earn money to validate my usefulness as a human being, I want to earn money to delay dipping into our retirement funds.

What are my talents? Hmmm...mmm....


I really have to think hard about that one, but training sales people HOW to sell may be a real job for me (in the 2nd wind of my career).

This is because I find the quality of sales service in Malaysia - like TOTALLY BAD.

(sorry ah..I have to type that out in caps because the service level is soooo.....bad, it deserves capital letters to underscore and emphasize how I feel)

I just simply can NOT understand how if you can be good at doing something, you would want to be bad at it. Do you see what I mean?

So..err....yes. Sales Training.

Also training maids.

Also training husbands.

But first I will start with my own & let you'all know how that is going.

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