Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Dog House

For over a year my 2 doggy-ness have been living in cardboard carton boxes; 1 for each.

Being 5kgs, they fit fine into these cartons - so long as their blanket wrapped pillow are inside. (yes..we are "avid collectors" of airline blankets - so bite me!)

I started them with real baskets - which they tore apart in no time . Anyhow to them, the word "basket" still means "home" so doesn't matter what we give them, so long as I say "basket" they will go to where their pillows are.

Yesterday in a fit of DIYness & huge guilt generated by days of strong winds, I had someone buy the planks according to my drawing. Said planks were then nailed together and painted over - for a more permanent shelter for their doggieness.

I must say I got them their new house more to assuage my guilt than to make them happy. The dang strong winds had me scared *****.

I did not sleep well and during the night kept checking on the little pesks outside. Ofcourse the suckers were safe & dry. They are housed in their boxes inside the sheltered car porch but mummy will be mummy.

"MY DOGS WILL NOT BE IN THE HOUSE" is my motto - but let's see how long that resolve will stay.

What started as a simple project has sorta gone OTT (over the top) - as usual - with all my projects. Now the finished product is painted inside and outside and it looks so a human that is.

And the point is? The Suckers have rejected my loving gesture and will not enter this new "basket". They remind me of some kids who will rather go naked than wear what Mum buys.

Well. I have a solution for my ungrateful kids.

Anyone for a dog stew?

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