Tuesday, 19 February 2008

How come the poorer one is, the more one gets ...

No need to complete the heading, you get the drift.

In the country I am residing now, a vicious cyclone has just passed, (and ofcourse) hitting the poorest worst part of the country with all the ferocity of a million women scorned.

Last night I experienced only the tail end of it, and GOLLY GEE!!! I was whipped with fear for the elements. My normally brave dogs decided that it was time to pack in the brave act and head for Mummy's roof.

I couldn't decide to shiver under the blankets or run for the mountains. Come to think of it, Uncle slept without any problems. But then he's right. There is nothing one can do when the shits flying.

Today I woke up to the cold, and the rains, and the worst I fear did come to pass.

The really poor got f**ked royally. They may only have 4 teeshirts, 2 pots, & 4 spoons and that's all they own but for now, they have nothing left, and everyone is trying to huddle under a tree to keep from the rains and scrouge for food.

What am I doing? If I told you I tried many times to get hold of charities who will be able to make it to these places, you would say "surely it can't be so difficult to make donations?" Think again.

The worst the disaster, the less prepared people are. Don't ask me why. The cyclone season happens every year and someone is always affected and usually the same area, the same people. But nobody is ever prepared.

So if you will excuse me now, I will try to head out to the Catholic Relief Centre - even if I am no Catholic and not much of any religion - to see if they will take my money or donations.

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