Friday, 22 February 2008

I want an Emperor for Malaysia!

Heck who is reading this except me & possibly some who loves me does it matter?

I will say what I want so ISA me lor!

I would put it on record that I think Abdullah Badawi is only just another "accidental" leader of the world; annointed & appointed by 1 ie Mahathir and as things have panned out, the good doctor has been played out by the 1 dummy he thought he could manipulate

Do I hear "Puppet on a String" coming on? NOT!

The only people using RACE and May 13 to polarize the races and everyone is taataahhh....UMNO/BN! Think about it. Who else have used such "veiled" threats?

The implication & insinuation is there and it is a strong Mother.

"IF something happens, you only have yourself to blame for voting the wrong party in"

That threat alone would make me vote elsewhere..even for the stray cat plaguing my house.

Other than corruption and nepotism galore, why should we not vote BN?

You see, I am a weird person. I rather admire those who can cheat intelligently because at least it shows they have some respect for the intelligence of their victims.

In Malaysia the corruption and cheating is so open, rampant and absolutely in your face. It's just hard to ignore especially when it seems like "YES I am f**king you where the sun don't shine, and I'm not even hiding what you gonna do?"

And then just to rub salt in the wound, they have Nepotism to ensure the empire and dynasty RULES for endless buggering of the people and nation.

Which is why I think we should just declare someone "Emperor" (can't be "King" since we already have 1 and there are like 9 others waiting to occupy that place every few years).

If the fate of the elections (foregone conclusion so let's not be surprised when the time comes) are already known, and there are only:

The Badawi Clan
The Mahathir Clan
The Tun Razak Clan
The Jaafar Onn Clan

Why don't we just let these 4 clans go to poll and we pick 1 from them to be Emperor?

No more angst
No more jostling and showing off the size of their manhood and lentil sized brains
Fait Accompli.Viola ! EMPEROR.

Maybe that way at least we won't get so much bullshit in our faces.

The way the country's being run (to the grounds), with all those little Napoleons, kingmakers and kingf**kers, Mafia Bosses (official and unofficial), inept & incompetent judges and a joke for a judicial system
- how worst off can we be if we became a Kingdom?

At least that way they may justify spending our money more judiciously ie in building a palace, commissioning crown jewellery etc.

LONG LIVE EMPEROR (fill in the blank yourself) !!

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