Monday, 18 February 2008

sad story of a great love story..

Wah! This story gotta be told to be believed.

Aunty hear with own "Pu Leow Ching" (you mean you have never watched Lin Dai in "never ending love"? Your life very pathetic lah!).

Everything very sad, VERY romantic except here the heroine no got to die.

I shall call my friend "Pearly".

Now Pearly is 1 of these superwoman type; much like Aunty; except got better hair, face, body, skin, homes in 3 major capitals, personality, career, husband, family, speaks 5 languages etc.

DANG! Even her dogs got stylo mylo names - very french until can not pronounce.

Perfecto no?

In a moment of depression, she came over to see me, and over a coffee, just spilled the beans like that.

My mouth open OPEN OPEN big BIG. Don't ask Aunty why she told me..maybe my face got hang dog look?

But the story goes macam ini..

Pearly is not happily married. Nobody can tell looking at her fairytale existence. In fact Pearly admits, she has had a lover for as long as her 20 yrs.

(At this point, Aunty already buggy buggy eyed)

I know her husband. Jeremy is the lovey dovey, warm, friendly, RICH, handsome, devoted type. He is the only husband we know who stands up when a lady leaves or returns to the table and draws the chair in/out for the lady. AWWW......

And then Pearly describe Tony the lover.

Older than Jeremy, successful but less so than Jeremy, not as handsome as Jeremy, married, etc.. To cut to the chase, Aunty saw the photo of Tony & HIS family (his gift to Pearly - can you imagine his gall?) & nearly pengsan-ded (fainted lah!).

To compare the lover with her husband is like comparing my street dogs with with her superb pedigree show dogs. To compare his wife with Pearly is like comparing me to Pearly.

So why why WHY? Ofcourse she dunno. For such a smart, highly successful person she sure is dumb.

And here I say something which no man on hearing, should use as excuse with which to control their wives' purse.

BUT for all these years, Pearly have been using her (she also worked so means her money not just Jeremy's) unlimited open cheque book to fly to meet her lover for trysts.

Sometimes she would even pay for the luxury hotels.

Is Tony cheap or WHAT?

I thought so immediately but she never thought so for all these years. She only thought she was being "independent".

Listen to this.

Tony would only meet Pearly on his biz trips to the East so the company paid for his air travel, hotels, meals, expenses.

But that is not the "Pu Leow Ching" part.

Pearly met Tony in a "love at first glance" situation. She laid eyes on a SHAPE resting on a tree at a beach in Kuantan, and she KNEW this was the love of her life.

(Please don't ask me what type of magic mushroom she had been eating because whatever they were, they should be made extinct!).

Pearly hooked up with Tony and they stayed hooked up for the rest of that trip and more. Or so Pearly thought.

Loooo...oong after that, Miss P learnt the truth. It seemed 3 months after Tony & Pearly met, Tony's longtime girlfriend got pregnant, and 10 months later they married.

Now although Pearly knew he had a girlfriend when they met but she thought since they were madly in love, she would be the obvious choice. kidding.

Pearly would even be the Pope's obvious choice.

Being "honorable" on finding this out, P did break off with Tony (and THAT should have been the first clue as to the man he was, because Tony only had the guts to tell her this news a few months after his marriage!)

Life moved on, Pearly met Jeremy and married him. Not the love of her life but then what did it matter anymore who she married. (stupid hor? Jeremy is worth being the love of anyone's life in my books!)

They even moved to Paris and USA, and even then...the dastardly Tony caught up with Pearly. HOWZAT? It happened because you couldn't lose track of Pearly as she was a newsmaker in the corporate world. (Didn't I mention "Smart Women, Stupid Choices?")

Fast forward 2 years ago Pearly's assignation with Tony made her see the light. This time they were both so brave they met in his city...ok hidden in another romantic hotel.

Now Tony updates Pearly & told her that for 3 years, he & his wife had no longer shared a bed, they no longer loved each other, and their daughter's all grown up.
Yes Pearly was a little taken aback since they have always communicated and she had no idea this was happening.

So P put T to the test. "I will leave Jeremy for you". Ok...lovey lovey ok.

4 months later email from Tony to say his wife has an incurable lingering disease, so he obviously being honorable can not leave her. (I think I have heard that line before, in the same vein as "My wife will slit her wrist if I leave her", "the kids are young & I must be responsible" etc.)

But being an honorary blonde, Pearly believed him.

It was not until a few months ago, that on another of their rendezvous, that Pearly asked Tony about how his wife is getting on. Blank look. Hah?

It was her moment of truth. She just can't believe she had been taken in for literally her entire life waiting and hankering for a piece of Turd like this.

Thank the Good Lord, Jeremy was never the wiser because Pearly never let on her great love for someone else.

Sad or not? Pearly was crying bucketfuls when she told me her story for 4 hours. MARATHON crying.

Sigh. For this I thank whatever Gods there be in the Universe who have deemed it wise NOT to have blessed me with looks, great loves nor great wealth and bod.

For this, I also have no great trouble figuring which man I shall love in my life.

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