Saturday, 16 February 2008

VOTING FEVER; here there & everywhere!

Either it's the air.

Or the fengshui lo all telling politicians must hurry up & get elections over & out by this year.

USA, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, Malaysia, Russia (that 1 sorta "election" for PM - but only got 1 candidate so far!), Lebanon...whatever the farce & foregone conclusions - I am willing to lay down my life that the following candidates will win

1. Pakistan - Musharraf
2. Zimbabwe - Mugabe
3. Russia - Putin
4. Malaysia - Bad-Awi

USA? For sure Democrat; and right now looks like "charismatic" Obama over stodgy Hillary.

Mind you. I support Hillary because she seems like a more sane choice. SOMEHOW.

I couldn't care less if it's the first woman, first black etc. so long as it is the BEST candidate who can perform. Is that so tough?

But somehow in American society, I have noticed this "trend" whether amongst talk show hosts, stars, politicians or religious leaders, that if saliva was wealth, many are already Bill Gates or Buffett. I am being politically incorrect ain't I? OK shoot me lor!

I do understand candidates must convince electors so they must talk talk talk but OVER talking & promising the moon?

That one charismatic meh?

In that case some men I had dated once or twice (from my salad days) should all have turned out to be Leaders of some great nation - but sadly for them, they are now used Proton salesman with no hair and a beer belly.

So is it me or is it Americans? Doesn't anyone but me think that Obama is talking TOO..OOOO much? I watch him for 10minutes and my ears are all wringed out.

So can you blame me if I feel that when people are talking that much - it's mainly to cover their lack of actual experience.

(I bet Oprah ain't gonna invite me to her show anytime soon)

So why then am I NOT supporting Badawi of Malaysia, he of the famous "elegant silence" approach.

How about..
1. His priority does not seem to be running the country but relegating that to his son-in-law while he is seen snoozing at Parliamentary meetings or his own party's meetings

2. The arbitary arresting of all and sundry (marchers, protesters, bloggers) who goes against his "fine" leadership abilities

3. His total lack of economic and fiscal understanding; time & again, he has proven he can't even add

4. His set of "what's good for me ain't allowed for you" and "what if my people are all highly corrupted? Who am I to stop the system? And Babe please understand if Mahathir can make money from his over 20 + yrs and I have maybe 12 good ones, just let me make as much "

MAN! Where is Sanity in this world?

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