Thursday, 13 March 2008

So much for holding back all the expletives!

Grrrr....Joe you are right. Too early for me to jump for joy!!!

The ONLY reason I am not mouthing off all the expletives I can muster in every language I know is the fear of exposing my dear god daughter (who's 13) to things her eyes should never read.

Chanting chanting peace and loving in the world......yeah..RIGHT

Just to fill you in
DAP boycotting the swearing in of the new Perak chief minister (parti islam who won the least seats in Perak) but selected by the Sultan (aiyoh Perak constitution says must be muslim and malay mah) over the DAP chinese & the Anwar PKR Malay.

Umno announcing it will withdraw all aids to Penang, not attending the appointment of the Selangor MB (CM) etc...

So I shout this to all the political parties ..

DAP - get off that high horse and stop propagating only chinese rhetorics. Even the chinese says you are WRONG this time

PKR/ANWAR - Don't get too smug.
We voted for you not because of the great Anwar leadership..some of us scared of PAS, Hates UMNO, so no choice ok?

PAS - Please remember and understand - Good and Honest people comes in all shapes, sizes, colors and religions.

Just because we are of different faiths does not make me a bad person...just less chances of me getting into any Pearly Gates, and since we all answer for our own immortal souls, just let us believe in whatever makes us tick happily

UMNO - You are worst than what we thought...I don't think you will be happy until blood is shed.

There !! Got some of that bad GUNG off my chest but still grrr....FUCKING MORONS!!!

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Maverick SM said...

I didn't know you had a blog until I saw your comment linked.

I tend to agree with you last second para.