Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Msia's Olympics torch passing moment

Whaddaya guys think?
1. Are the Olympics apolitical and a test of true sportsmanship; the top of the top and the pride of nations?

Or a case of showmanship for hosting nations to show off their wealth and progress?

2. Are Tibetan Buddhist monks to blame since they are using Olympics in China to highlight their plight? Also seems like from some reports they are resorting to violence too.

My take is:
I have been watching CNN, BBC and Aljazeera keenly on this matter, and so far none of the footage shows Buddhist monks holding guns or sticks to whop the Chinese soldiers' butts

But then you know lah...the same was said when the Bersih march, the Hindraf march happened that the protest turned "violent" so they had to use the chemical laced water cannons

"eh Makcik stop poking me with your umbrella already!".

So WHO KNOWS what happened in Tibet?

3. Tibet did belong to China but China left it alone to fend for itself yonks and yonks ago. In fact it seemed like a forgotten land ...until the Chinese "took it back"

Now, The line of China is the "West" has distorted the truth & history but to put it simply to simple Aunties like me would be "Singapore was part of Malaysia before 1966, can we take it back today?"

I think one should ask the Tibetans what they think instead of us passing statements like they don't matter in this (or the next) life.

4. Should "Rights Activists" participate in the torch passing ceremony?


I guess one can be active and believe in 1 Right, but not another

However, isn't the whole idea of being known as a "Rights Activist" synonymous with being on the side of the downtrodden, unjust and inhumane treatment of all lifeforms?

I was really wondering why some prominent Rights Activists in Malaysia participated err....prominently (?) in this ceremony

Ofcourse Malaysia is proud it was chosen as 1 of the places the torch should pass.

I should be proud of this; and you know what?

This pride I feel is in the same filing cabinet as the pride I felt when our Space Tourist went up to space on taxpayers money.

Saturday, 19 April 2008

Attention plse opposition MPs !!

From where I am, I admit to reading NST & Star online.

Where else can I get "balanced" news. So... Zorro, Rocky, Aina - don't get upset. At least I didn't pay RM1.20.

Reading these 2 govt gazettes is probably the only way I can gauge what Barisan Nasional has to say, or what they want us to think they said and how well the opposition is really doing.

My guidelines to reading NST & The Star are
1. The more they slam the opposition, the better the opposition must be doing

2. The angrier and more "maligned" BN is reportedly getting, the closer the opposition must be at hitting to the truth

So today, I thought I'll give my blog a "balance" (in case you think I am not being objective and will only hantam 1 and not the other)

Today I recommend how the Opposition MPs should behave in future so as to minimize "aggression" and "disruptive" behaviour with our Ruling Lords.

1. Let your Constituency know the reasons for your Madness
Issue a public communique for list of questions you want to ask the Govt & why you are asking them.

Paste this at your community service centre & in as many kopi-tiams, mak cik stores in your local pasars as you can find

2. Asking sensitive questions? Ask it in a friendly manner
"Datuk Seri, thank you for hosting this fine event in this lovely five-star hotel. We understand why the FT would host it here. The facilities are much better here than at City Hall. And surely there is little reason to save RM3000 per day when we are much more comfortable here"

3. Be Culturally sensitive
In any culture esp that of Money, you can't just touch on subjects implying, or insinuating at, how money changed hands and how much of it changed hands

That is totally culturally unsensitive of you.

What do you think guilty people will tell you? As it is aren't you permanently experiencing the "yes I fcuk u and I will continue doing it whatchagonnadoboutit-is"

4. Asking about "rights of citizenships" ie Are All man created equal?
Tough one. OK. Tell you what. Just ask these questions in Parliament

Do all citizens have the same rights?
If not, does this mean others have less rights?
If so, what are these lesser rights?

If there are no equal-rights citizens at least I think we have the "lesser rights of at least hearing this from the horse's mouth.

From there, maybe in future, after hearing this, there need be no further "opposition" from the "wrong opposition" ?

Friday, 18 April 2008

Aunty teaches New Skills to Tengku Adnan

Aiyah..ok lah..I am only HOPING that Tengku Adnan will read my blog...which may be a mucho mucho tall order..seeing as some just do not know what blogs are or what insults/truths/criticisms mean in the new age

Please people - no brickbats. I am NO supporter of ANY party. Just supporter of the Truth or at least some semblance of Sanity

(Meanwhile I am still waiting for that Perfect One, That Perfect Time...and YES! I can be bought - but for more than a piece of kain and RM200. Add some 000000s and I am YOURS!)

And Now.
Tengku A, Tengku A - you naughty naughty NAUGHTY Boy!

Were you really rude and disrespectful to the People elected by the People?

This is what I understand.
a. You attended a pre-arranged meeting 4 hours after it's started (minus 1 hr for lunch)
b. Your tax-payer paid driver (I am assuming here) parked your tax-payer paid car in front of this hotel for free (while the "opposition" parked & paid for their car parking).
c. You walked out of meeting because some opposition burgers started to pick on little issues such as the 2 above, which are most definitely NOT on the agenda.

OK. From just these 3 points Aunty here can see you are a victim of your circumstances (due to your Royal upbringing & VVVIP status) and you obviously are not equipped with certain skillsets which you may well need in the future.

A. Skillset #I : Attending meetings
Go on time and be prepared to work hard, leave late.
This is ONLY if your salary's paid for by the Rakyat.
However if you are your own Towkay, you ain't taking nobody's money, just f**k 'em all and come and go as & when you like

Now Pretend.
Pretend that the People's interests are yours.
Pretend you care.
Pretend nobody's out here to personally insult, assault, or criticize you. In fact it is nothing personal.

B. Skillset #II : Parking Cars without Chauffeur in Public Carparks
1. Drive battered old car; preferably the 7yr old Proton Wira or Kanchil
2. enter carpark
3. press for ticket, Look like hell for parking..maybe have to park under the sun/rain,
4. Lock car and make sure no suspicious ppl are lurking near you
5. Reverse the order & include paying for yr ticket

C. Skillset #III : Flouncing off from a Meeting
Alamak! Forgot ! You know that skillset don't you? So I ain't gonna teach you how to suck eggs here.

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Aunty & the Crown Prince of Kelantan

"Kelantan Crown Prince Tengku Faris Petra said today that Malays had given into granting non-Malays citizenship and the latter should therefore not seek equality or special treatment."

extracted from Maverick's blogsite


Ah sorry ah! That one - phlegm got stuck in throat.

Now just so I get it right.

The Malays had "given in" (obviously to the orang puteh) and granted my forefathers citizenship

So because of an "act of kindness" when my forefathers were granted citizenship, and by a twist of fate (that I am born a Malaysian) I should not expect nor should I be given equality nor special treatment?

Yeah. Bummer.
I am born of the wrong color, & definitely of the "wrong" faith.

But I promise you in my next life I will make a special request to the God(s) that be and asks to be born of the right color, to the right parents and with the right faith.

I will also make EXTRA special request that SOME other people be born into the wrong everything. (so watch out you are not on that request list of mine!)

Actually feeling magnanimous today (BIG word for me lah) I also get the part about "special treatment" because due to an extra SPECIAL treatment I and many non-Malays I know, I think this is how I (and they) became who we are today.

As far as I can remember, for all these years, like every good Chinese, Indian or Eurasian, I have stuck my head in the sand, and kept my nose clean and just carried on plodding.

But everytime I kept my head down, I am reminded of photos and filmclips of Holocaust victims.

I am reminded of Germans living near concentration camps who denied seeing or knowing anything and so they did nothing,

Even now, my family asks me why I am so kaypoh, "eat until so full and nothing to do ah?". Bloggers are trouble they say.

I blog because somewhere along the line I felt I have to do what I can..because if I can not be true to myself..who can I be true to?

That's why I blog. That's why I wish people who opens their mouths check with their brains first. Maybe I don't most of the time, but then I ain't no Tengku!

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Types of Bloggers..and I sure ain't that one!

Just came back from KayL and was honored that zorro unmasked was kind enough to take pity on me & intro me to many of the movin' and shakin' bloggers ie those who actually helped bring about a new political climate to Msia. I EVEN went to Blog House...clap clap clap!

I don't want to drop names (but if you know me well, then you would know I am only too happy to drop names - except for all those redundant datuks, datins, tan and puan sris ) but I met...

Zorro Unmasked - He really is the real McCoy; even if the only real McCoy I know of was a famous oby/gynae in KL!

Rocky - he really rocks & as I announced to all and sundry (including Rocky)..MAN..he sure can climb into my teepee anytime he wants! :),

Nuraina Samad - is that lady a LADY or what? Class act too!

KL confidential & 2 sens - so SO happy to see such a young literate pair and if anyone can look ditsy but ain't ditsy; and a guy who looks blur but ain't blur..ya..those are the 2!

I felt like such a sham with all these guys since I am more a commentator than a blogger..and use many different nicknames so I can bitch in every bitchy way I know how..and so when Zorro intro me as "Gobloking"..I was like MALU man!

Who the f**k reads me except....MY Family??

Then someone says "from yr blog I thought you were a fat aunty type" meaning I turned out NOT to be what they thought I should look like.

I ain't gonna lie to you here.

I have been told I am the spitting image of GungLi except for legs from here to my armpits, a body to make George Clooney weep and yeah...brains like Einstein too. And yeah.. that person who told me that?

He was blinded..not by my beauty but by all that undiluted Absinthe he was taking. I still adore that skunk.

BUT what struck me about meeting so many MANY bloggers were...

we (see how cleverly I have insinuated myself into being 1?) really do come in all shapes and sizes, all ages and races, all beliefs and disbeliefs..whattamotley bunch man!

I mean the government should be afraid. They should be REALLY afraid!

I couldn't pick out a blogger from a line up because all you need to do is go to the pasar malam and it could be anyone. I MEAN ANYONE out there.

But let's face it. In Malaysia when you say you blog, then people generally assume you are a political blogger.

People (including my family) just don't realize that

There is freedom of speech in this world

There are all types of bloggers

And one can blog about anything they like on any subject they like (or not).

So can you imagine the many crestfallen faces when I say "I blog about my boring life, cooking, and occasionally when I am feeling particularly brill, also on how I don't understand why our Federal Government continues to appoint people with the least relevant experience, the worst set of skills for the job and little or no intellect to do any thinking for important posts.

OOPPSSS...did that just make me a political blogger? WOWZA!