Saturday, 19 April 2008

Attention plse opposition MPs !!

From where I am, I admit to reading NST & Star online.

Where else can I get "balanced" news. So... Zorro, Rocky, Aina - don't get upset. At least I didn't pay RM1.20.

Reading these 2 govt gazettes is probably the only way I can gauge what Barisan Nasional has to say, or what they want us to think they said and how well the opposition is really doing.

My guidelines to reading NST & The Star are
1. The more they slam the opposition, the better the opposition must be doing

2. The angrier and more "maligned" BN is reportedly getting, the closer the opposition must be at hitting to the truth

So today, I thought I'll give my blog a "balance" (in case you think I am not being objective and will only hantam 1 and not the other)

Today I recommend how the Opposition MPs should behave in future so as to minimize "aggression" and "disruptive" behaviour with our Ruling Lords.

1. Let your Constituency know the reasons for your Madness
Issue a public communique for list of questions you want to ask the Govt & why you are asking them.

Paste this at your community service centre & in as many kopi-tiams, mak cik stores in your local pasars as you can find

2. Asking sensitive questions? Ask it in a friendly manner
"Datuk Seri, thank you for hosting this fine event in this lovely five-star hotel. We understand why the FT would host it here. The facilities are much better here than at City Hall. And surely there is little reason to save RM3000 per day when we are much more comfortable here"

3. Be Culturally sensitive
In any culture esp that of Money, you can't just touch on subjects implying, or insinuating at, how money changed hands and how much of it changed hands

That is totally culturally unsensitive of you.

What do you think guilty people will tell you? As it is aren't you permanently experiencing the "yes I fcuk u and I will continue doing it whatchagonnadoboutit-is"

4. Asking about "rights of citizenships" ie Are All man created equal?
Tough one. OK. Tell you what. Just ask these questions in Parliament

Do all citizens have the same rights?
If not, does this mean others have less rights?
If so, what are these lesser rights?

If there are no equal-rights citizens at least I think we have the "lesser rights of at least hearing this from the horse's mouth.

From there, maybe in future, after hearing this, there need be no further "opposition" from the "wrong opposition" ?


zorro said...

where got upset aunty.this is free country.Bloggers never say that they have the best news. We make the news when the news is overdone and dressing very cosmetic. Cheers to the facility boss of Madagascar, ok?

GobloKing said...

boss and myself off for a few days of r&r - HOORAY!!!

asked him for permission to donate to ye old makan coming up..he agreed (post-decision approval; wink wink)

next step to slowly2 catchee bossee (the usual temple seduction act "dance of 7 veils", cook beautiful2) for leave approval in june..or NOT?

If not - you guys proceed as life goes on.

hugs to the beautiful one aka karen