Friday, 18 April 2008

Aunty teaches New Skills to Tengku Adnan

Aiyah..ok lah..I am only HOPING that Tengku Adnan will read my blog...which may be a mucho mucho tall order..seeing as some just do not know what blogs are or what insults/truths/criticisms mean in the new age

Please people - no brickbats. I am NO supporter of ANY party. Just supporter of the Truth or at least some semblance of Sanity

(Meanwhile I am still waiting for that Perfect One, That Perfect Time...and YES! I can be bought - but for more than a piece of kain and RM200. Add some 000000s and I am YOURS!)

And Now.
Tengku A, Tengku A - you naughty naughty NAUGHTY Boy!

Were you really rude and disrespectful to the People elected by the People?

This is what I understand.
a. You attended a pre-arranged meeting 4 hours after it's started (minus 1 hr for lunch)
b. Your tax-payer paid driver (I am assuming here) parked your tax-payer paid car in front of this hotel for free (while the "opposition" parked & paid for their car parking).
c. You walked out of meeting because some opposition burgers started to pick on little issues such as the 2 above, which are most definitely NOT on the agenda.

OK. From just these 3 points Aunty here can see you are a victim of your circumstances (due to your Royal upbringing & VVVIP status) and you obviously are not equipped with certain skillsets which you may well need in the future.

A. Skillset #I : Attending meetings
Go on time and be prepared to work hard, leave late.
This is ONLY if your salary's paid for by the Rakyat.
However if you are your own Towkay, you ain't taking nobody's money, just f**k 'em all and come and go as & when you like

Now Pretend.
Pretend that the People's interests are yours.
Pretend you care.
Pretend nobody's out here to personally insult, assault, or criticize you. In fact it is nothing personal.

B. Skillset #II : Parking Cars without Chauffeur in Public Carparks
1. Drive battered old car; preferably the 7yr old Proton Wira or Kanchil
2. enter carpark
3. press for ticket, Look like hell for parking..maybe have to park under the sun/rain,
4. Lock car and make sure no suspicious ppl are lurking near you
5. Reverse the order & include paying for yr ticket

C. Skillset #III : Flouncing off from a Meeting
Alamak! Forgot ! You know that skillset don't you? So I ain't gonna teach you how to suck eggs here.


zorro said...

aunty, dont waste resources. Have you heard this expression familiar amongst us trainers: some people are untrainable....they cant even break an egg much less suck eggs. We used to wait for the chicken to announce that she has done her job and we would speedily retrieve the newly laid eggs...puncture the egg with the index finger and suck fast before grandma comes to retrieve the egg. Adnan cannot figure that out. Raw eggs...yes!

GobloKing said...

I only blog to show my displeasure ma!

Commoners also can show "displeasure" wat!

for me the click of the keyboard is more satisfying than waving a keris..summore how to isa an ahsoh leh?

20 Cent said...

Heh, he...just to comment on your title, "Aunty teaches New Skills to Tengku Adnan".

Sounds dodgy to me ;)

Sorry, commoners like me have dirty minds, especially those commoners who don't talk much.