Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Msia's Olympics torch passing moment

Whaddaya guys think?
1. Are the Olympics apolitical and a test of true sportsmanship; the top of the top and the pride of nations?

Or a case of showmanship for hosting nations to show off their wealth and progress?

2. Are Tibetan Buddhist monks to blame since they are using Olympics in China to highlight their plight? Also seems like from some reports they are resorting to violence too.

My take is:
I have been watching CNN, BBC and Aljazeera keenly on this matter, and so far none of the footage shows Buddhist monks holding guns or sticks to whop the Chinese soldiers' butts

But then you know lah...the same was said when the Bersih march, the Hindraf march happened that the protest turned "violent" so they had to use the chemical laced water cannons

"eh Makcik stop poking me with your umbrella already!".

So WHO KNOWS what happened in Tibet?

3. Tibet did belong to China but China left it alone to fend for itself yonks and yonks ago. In fact it seemed like a forgotten land ...until the Chinese "took it back"

Now, The line of China is the "West" has distorted the truth & history but to put it simply to simple Aunties like me would be "Singapore was part of Malaysia before 1966, can we take it back today?"

I think one should ask the Tibetans what they think instead of us passing statements like they don't matter in this (or the next) life.

4. Should "Rights Activists" participate in the torch passing ceremony?


I guess one can be active and believe in 1 Right, but not another

However, isn't the whole idea of being known as a "Rights Activist" synonymous with being on the side of the downtrodden, unjust and inhumane treatment of all lifeforms?

I was really wondering why some prominent Rights Activists in Malaysia participated err....prominently (?) in this ceremony

Ofcourse Malaysia is proud it was chosen as 1 of the places the torch should pass.

I should be proud of this; and you know what?

This pride I feel is in the same filing cabinet as the pride I felt when our Space Tourist went up to space on taxpayers money.

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20 Cent said...

Hear, hear! Well said, well said indeed, Gobloking. Now that, I must say, is an excellent line of questions in regards to the Olympics.

For those who say that the Olympics isn't a 'proper' forum for social or political activism, then what is?

There are some who would say Spielberg's decision wasn't a good one, but even if he is coming out with shitty movies, I respect him for doing so.

Given that, if it isn't a 'proper' forum, then perhaps we all should just bend over now and let all hither and thither bugger us now.