Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Types of Bloggers..and I sure ain't that one!

Just came back from KayL and was honored that zorro unmasked was kind enough to take pity on me & intro me to many of the movin' and shakin' bloggers ie those who actually helped bring about a new political climate to Msia. I EVEN went to Blog House...clap clap clap!

I don't want to drop names (but if you know me well, then you would know I am only too happy to drop names - except for all those redundant datuks, datins, tan and puan sris ) but I met...

Zorro Unmasked - He really is the real McCoy; even if the only real McCoy I know of was a famous oby/gynae in KL!

Rocky - he really rocks & as I announced to all and sundry (including Rocky)..MAN..he sure can climb into my teepee anytime he wants! :),

Nuraina Samad - is that lady a LADY or what? Class act too!

KL confidential & 2 sens - so SO happy to see such a young literate pair and if anyone can look ditsy but ain't ditsy; and a guy who looks blur but ain't blur..ya..those are the 2!

I felt like such a sham with all these guys since I am more a commentator than a blogger..and use many different nicknames so I can bitch in every bitchy way I know how..and so when Zorro intro me as "Gobloking"..I was like MALU man!

Who the f**k reads me except....MY Family??

Then someone says "from yr blog I thought you were a fat aunty type" meaning I turned out NOT to be what they thought I should look like.

I ain't gonna lie to you here.

I have been told I am the spitting image of GungLi except for legs from here to my armpits, a body to make George Clooney weep and yeah...brains like Einstein too. And yeah.. that person who told me that?

He was blinded..not by my beauty but by all that undiluted Absinthe he was taking. I still adore that skunk.

BUT what struck me about meeting so many MANY bloggers were...

we (see how cleverly I have insinuated myself into being 1?) really do come in all shapes and sizes, all ages and races, all beliefs and disbeliefs..whattamotley bunch man!

I mean the government should be afraid. They should be REALLY afraid!

I couldn't pick out a blogger from a line up because all you need to do is go to the pasar malam and it could be anyone. I MEAN ANYONE out there.

But let's face it. In Malaysia when you say you blog, then people generally assume you are a political blogger.

People (including my family) just don't realize that

There is freedom of speech in this world

There are all types of bloggers

And one can blog about anything they like on any subject they like (or not).

So can you imagine the many crestfallen faces when I say "I blog about my boring life, cooking, and occasionally when I am feeling particularly brill, also on how I don't understand why our Federal Government continues to appoint people with the least relevant experience, the worst set of skills for the job and little or no intellect to do any thinking for important posts.

OOPPSSS...did that just make me a political blogger? WOWZA!


20 Cent said...

Hey, the Go-blok(g) King (it should be Queen) is back home and blogging! Hope the trip over here was worth it, but given your latest post, it looks like it was.

Say, I've been called many things in my life, usually four and five letter words usually starting with 'F', but blur...?

Anyways, thank you for striking the fear of God into my shriveled soul when you were in KL. Promise to pass over the meeting minutes soon!

KLConfidential said...

Yeah... i'm a brunette masquerading as a blond... hehehehe

Look forward to your return o' mighty queen!

GobloKing said...

did I not mention ONLY MY FAMILY reads this blog??? GRRRR...!!!

:) thanks y'all

kl conf & 20sens - remember aunty here when yr "muhibbah" moment comes?

and ANYONE fr BBGS can't be too blonde or dumb...THANK THE LORD the bejewelled PS Najis didn't come from our school or we woulda need to do mucho MUCHO damage control!

watch out for aunty's next visit to KL & gimme yr contact #s. I clean forgot to ask - as is my normal blur blur thing to do

20sens you know my mailbox

zorro said...

Penny what an experience, those weeks. I am glad you met those monkeys and unemployed liars. You must have heard that UMNO wants all future candidates to own blogs. I will be sending put invitations to all Pakatan Rakyat YBs this week. I am sure 20cent will update you with regular meeting minutes. Have banked in your donation. Karen sends good wishes.Ciao and keep whacking.

Maverick SM said...

How I wish I am also there to meet up with you and all others.

I hope you will be at the BUM2008 of which I will not miss the occasion to have the opportunity to meet up with all bloggers including you.