Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Aunty "Lawan" Questions on Religion (GASP!!)

Something is so wrong with this place's net connections I only got to edit my hurried post today! grrrr!!

Anyway- read on plse!
Now you may not know me well but let’s say I am not someone you would say “dumb cow” to unless your life is way too long for you to bear. But please feel free to call me “cow”.

Not many things get my “cow” but almost at the top of my few “cow list” must be people throwing religious texts at me – left, right, front, back & centre!

Under the pretext (pretense?) they know more about their religion or other religions, than anyone else. I sure don’t appreciate people laying the wrath of God & eternal condemnation at my feet.

This posting is all because I was “notified” in my previous blog by a blogger that a prophet saw more women than men in Hell.

Well. Since I know this “fact” now ie by accidental virtue of being a female, I am a prime candidate for Hell, I may as well just shoot my trap off..’cause it looks like a “f**ked if I do, and f**ked if I don’t” situation.

Just to give you some background to my “Religious Knowledge”, & the 1st thing that comes to mind is “None”. However here goes:

Being the shallow Aunty I am, I like “quick” fixes so I get info from documentaries, the media & even some books or 2.

You know, Nothing too strenuous to tax my oxygen-deprived brain, and who knows? Maybe something I read into the 3rd page can direct me immediately to Nirvana – the fast track.

But my favourite all-time way to learn about Religion is by Observing & Interacting with People of different faiths.

But I DO know this & I am 100 + 10% SURE :-
That the people who originally passed down THE Words of Wisdom and Ways of Living were never illogical nor dropped on the head as babies.

They wouldn’t write dumb-ass stuff & expect people to believe dumb-ass stuff.

But these Prophets can only pass on the Word by mouth, then some other fella writes it down (deduct & add whatever), and then someone else preaches it (more deducting and adding) until the Word as it should be became very watered down, or merely used for Power.

In this day & age, I see no reason why we can not do our own “informing & forming” of opinions and ideas from the Word. Why take other people’s words for it when we can read it ourselves?

It just does not make sense to me that ANY religion would propagate & advocate the subjugation of, denigration or destruction and killing of another gender, race, color or faith.

Now coming back to my Lawan Questions!

Today I only have 2 Lawan questions (in no particular order)

1st lawan question:
You see a woman (not related to you) running down the road NAKED

1st Lawan question:
Would you help her or because she is naked you can't because in following God's Word, it is deemed unholy to touch her?

2nd lawan question
When I stand at the Pearly Gates one day (as we all must), would a loving and merciful God deny me entrance to Heaven because I am of the wrong faith?

But would He, by the same token, let in a man who has done little to be good but because he’s of the "right" faith, he gets in?

So, the question is:
Based on a technicality good people of a different (or no) faith does not get into Heaven?

Aunty now lawan y’all to answer my questions LOGICALLY & SENSIBLY (and don’t go round telling me some BS cause you think I don’t know better than you).
I may be a cow but I am SURE all religions are peaceful, sensible, loving and logical…so answer logically or forever hold your peace, ok?

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