Saturday, 10 May 2008

Gobloking is a member of the richest unemployed in Msia?

Some anonymous fella on rockybru’ site – on which I posted on what I felt about Raja Pet’s arrest on charges of sedition - indirectly “complimented” me of being an amnocybertrooper sent by, none other, than the richest unemployed person from the 4th floor.

I find this really amusing. This set me thinking.

Rare occurrence I admit, but I did have some “spare” time while sitting on the throne for an inordinate amount of time since I was suffering from nearly 1 week of stomach viral flu here.

Now why did this person think I was so “well connected”?

Does anon know me? Was I seen in the company of said rich unemployed person or his entourage? Am I dripping jewellery from ill gotten gains?


IF I was so well connected, I swear the ONLY request I would make is to ask for better police patrolling of my neighbourhood so that our streets will be safer and our own home will not be burglarized 3x/year!

So Anon baby, if you know of any way I can worm my charms into the “charmed” circle, please CALL ME! I will be there!

Yes. I did post a comment in reply to people who found certain sites objectionable due to the blogger’s ability to manipulate our opinions, in other words, “incite” us.

I am gonna repeat this here. For those of you who feels
- there should be parental control or guidance on TV / movies /internet.
- people are weak minded and can be so easily influenced

Switch off the TV or change channel
Switch off the computer or block the site
Tear off the page
Burn the paper /book

I also take some not small offence when others who are weak minded believe the rest of us are the same.

I think psychologists refer to this as “Projection” ie because I dislike eating durians, I think the world’s just like me!

Right now my better ½ is still wishing this were true ie his wife should be weak (-minded & otherwise)

He keeps reminding me I looked like some kinda “sarung party” gal when he met me but so far the image has not met up (or is it “down”) to the person.

So this goes to show “Don’t judge a book by its cover”


muststopthis said... can the fler imagine you to be amnotrooper beats the helloutofme!

u'r absolutely right...turn off if it does not turn you on!

20 Cent said...

Hoi! Where's the fellow? No way you're a cybertrooper. Cybertroopers are slow witted and ugly, and no one calls Gobloking either of those.

Wait till I run and tell KLConfidential, she'll take that pole she's supposed to dance with and shove it up that fellow's bum!

GobloKing said... 2 handsome (or is it humsup?) men visit my site ah?

I am now only awaiting the SIL or any member of 4th flr to drop in and be so intrigued by me they wanna make me RICH!!

and btw don't be a cybertrooper. I hear they pay stinking low rates...IF they get paid.

@ those rates, one may as well be unemployed housewife like me..WAIT A MINUTE! Maybe being a cybertrooper IS a better job!