Friday, 30 May 2008

I am Black..

I am Black...I Steal, I abuse drugs & I am smelly

I am Poor...I am untrustworthy, & I am so Dirty you will not be able to bear me coming near you. I also accept that my life is of no value.

I am Female..I am not worthy to stand next to a man. I Tempt men to distraction by my very existence & I cause men to Rape me

I am illiterate...I Believe everything I am told especially by those in power & I know you are more intelligent and smarter than me because of your education.

I am Handicapped...I deserve this fate as I must have done something terrible in my previous existence

In this world..
Only those with the Wealth & Power can discriminate & Deserve to live longer and healthier than any other person

In the next world..??


zorro said...

I remember this in Latin: nigra sum ad formosa...I AM BLACK BUT BEAUTIFUL. I stand corected if the latin is flawed. Believe it is from the Old Testament Psalm.

zorro said...

Got itfrom google: NIGRA SUM SED FORMOSA

Anonymous said...

I am a minority - I've too work 3 times harder than my other colleagues to be recognised at work. But I'm not complaining, I just don't have the time.

GobloKing said...

I too am a "minority" and I did this post because that unfortunately is the way many view the world.

Little by little we can change our fate, our lives, our future.

thanks for visiting

Zorro - you are way too learned for me. You know my take on life eh? Flawed, confused, stupid but then I only do Aunty-poiint of views! :)