Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Malaysia sends Kids off to Deathcamps?

Monkeys see Monkeys do.

I strongly believe one leads by example...NOT that I believe any of Boleh-lala-land's Cabinet Ministers believe in that one.

The day any of our VVVIPS send their kids off to NS (without any special treatment) is the day I will march off my "1st born” Lady and "2nd born" Ted.

I also believe one must use one’s own merchandise to attest to its quality. So if the Rotiman ain’t eating his own roti, I would say “Houston we have a problem here”.

Like, have you heard of the one where the Minister of Education has his kids – no I stand corrected - where ALL cabinet ministers have their kids - educated abroad.

If that’s not telling I dunno what is!

But when I think of the death trap for kids (now also known as the “NS”), I shudder!

No that’s incorrect.


I wouldn’t mind if my beloved god daughter or any of my nieces and nephews went only as a dose of muhibahism, for some good discipline and training. After all, that would be “character building” (or at least the Nazi in me believes so).

I am NOT a parent and I wonder how parents really feel when their kids are called up to a poorly run, badly administered NS sojourn. But as a parent, aunty, or grandparent, how can I bear to see my kids sent off - perhaps - to an “uncertain” death?

I mean it is not as if they would have sacrificed their life defending the country!

I can not imagine the grief of the parents whose kids have died in the NS.

I don’t even want to go there.

So all I can do is to support the initiatives of bloggers like Zorro Bernard to start a Forum on this “National Service”

Perhaps in bolehlala-land, National Service implies serving up your kids on a platter and sacrificing them up at the altar of incompetence and corruption.

My deepest & most heartfelt condolences go to the families of the 17 kids who died “serving” the “interests” of our country.


Letting the time pass me by said...

Something need to be done with the NS program... Is it not that every year there is a fatality in the camp?

Hopefully we could use the NS budget for better use, maybe to subsidize the farmers to plant padi....

Any death is a great loss.

zorro said...

Aunty, Rocky and I are of one mind. We have decided to postpone function to date when you and Uncle can be here. Let me know when and how long will you be here.