Sunday, 18 May 2008

soh paw comments

Yeah. So-Po bloggers are those blogging on social - political issues.

These bloggers are, for the most part, people with SUBSTANCE, who knows alot, analyzes what they blog and passionately promotes wisdom, goodness, etc like Raja Petra, Zorro, Maverick, Rocky... Get the drift?

Me however, I much prefer "soh-paw" blogging.

For those of you not canto-speaking, Soh-paw means wanita gila. It also sounds like so-po 'cept you say "paw" so when people ask what sorta blogger I am, I smirf the word and you coulda swear I said "so-po".

Er Huh. Ego thingy I know but I sound so smart when I say that!

I realized some time ago when at events I attend as "spouse of", and people asked me what I did and I say "Housewife", immediately I seem to turn into part of the wall. Eyes glazes over, moves off politely.

At least now when they asks me & I say I blog, they stay another 1 minute and asks what I blog on. The truth is, as you have read, I blog on exactly what I (dis)like but I blog with my heart and my passion.

Otherwise I just roll over and do nada for a long time.

That or the f**king net here is down again. At least in my home.

These days my "obsession" is in grooming TedTed, my coton de Tulear.

He is not big but it takes me anywhere from 1 to 2 hours of dedicated grooming because his coat of fur is actually very fine hairs and it is permanently tangled up. I literally have to take small TURFS of his hair and shred it into hairs again.

You guys should google what a CDT dog looks like. They are cute.

Mine is cute but poor thing, to penalize him for being cute, he is also stupid. He is the only dog I know who can sit still in front of me for 1/2hour - ASLEEP. How can a dog sleep sitting up?

I think if we were in Malaysia, a certain political party would give him honorary lifetime membership plus their leadership. After all Tedted does have a knack for certain skills.

Lady our other dog (& a pseudo coton) takes me 5 minutes to brush. She is real smart & the best watchdog. Nobody is even allowed to stroll past our front door without her warning us of the intruder.

With the way things look in Malaysia, I doubt Lady would get much of anything out of Malaysia, except for a piss on the lawn.

My Ted on the other hand will go places!


Maverick SM said...

Thank you very much for granting my blog a naming amongst the elite of Sopo-bloggers.

I like soh paw writings too.

You are a great blogger too.

zorro said...

Penny....still waiting for your date of arrival. Have decided to postpone function to accommodate you and your low-kung.

I had an alsatian and a dob. Boss the German slept behind the main door (indoor) and Chico the dob slept at the foot of the stairs leading upstairs. No chaining of my dogs. That is what guard dogs are all about. Cannot risk them guarding the house. They guard US.