Thursday, 22 May 2008

Soh-Paw's take on Greatness

The serious so-po bloggers have done very deep analysis of why they think the Big M resigned as numbah one member of

As usual, I did my popular-opinion, lowest common denominator approach on Big M's gambit ie it is soh-paw analysis time again.

My read is Big M resigned because he was in the mistaken belief his multitude of followers/supporters in the party will also resign en-bloc thus helping to create a new party (AGAIN!!).

Now that we have noted a few days later, there wasn’t many throwing in the towel with him. I coulda told him this but he didn’t ask me.

Only people who wants the absolute brutal, rudeless soh-paw take should ever ask me anything.

So I say Big M is mistaken in his belief is because of his EGO, EGO, EGO

Yeah. It’s the Big M’s last Ego trip.

I think having been Top Dawg for 22 years does that to one. I can’t blame him.

I am sure many flers had flocked to him and had been telling him things he wanna hear. ..”ONLY YOU can save the country Tun!”

Yeah. In that drift. Who wouldn’t like to hear that?

And to be fair to the ex-Numbah One, he did lots of good stuff. He was a very good Statesman but I wouldn’t say he was a GREAT Statesman.

So, how do I – a mere soh-paw - measure “greatness”?

How about this way?

If the Big M were to ask “Would you lay down your life for your country?”

What's your immediate thought on that request? Quick now!

Well. My immediate thought would be
“Are you asking me to lay down my life for YOU or are you really asking me on behalf of saving the country?.

Yeah. ‘Fraid with Big M’s track record, he does come across like that to me.

Now let’s say, had the late Tunku Abdul Rahman asked the same of me. I don't think I would have doubted his sincerity or integrity to have those other thoughts.

I dunno why. Maybe it’s because from the very little I know of the Tunku, I just knew he was out to do things for Malaysia, and not for himself.

He may be inefficient, he may have made many mistakes but we know where his heart laid.

I mean, if the Tunku was a politician today and he was the leader, wouldn't he be stinking rich?

I mean. Do YOU know of any poor leaders after the Tunku?

But as we all know, the Tunku didn't die rich. Neither are any of his kids and offsprings rich. What does that tell you?

That for an old soh-paw like me is what I call "Greatness".

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