Wednesday, 4 June 2008

100days report card on Opposition? What is this Nonsense?

There must be others like me who begs to differ.

WHY is it we make the Opposition account for what they have done for us in their 100days in office when:

1. We did not ask the Ruling Party to account for what they have done in the past xx years? We have only started (or dared to??) no longer than maybe a few years back?

Yes. The opposition in Parliament has tried to asked - but to the derision of UMNO hecklers and gangsters in Parliament. Who blocked them with names calling, ISA detention & sedition threats & other hooligan tactics.

Actually the lowest of the low, the poorest ajar of UMNO were at Parliament to jaga the goal post which is why there was so much "kurang ajar" behaviour.

Parliament was so poorly attended (VVIPS have better things to do what!) that the Opposition may as well have talked to the wall then!

2. Have we not read that when many of these poor Opposition members took office, they found their offices emptied of ALL files, papers and even furniture?

MPs had to look for locations to set up office while the ruling parties had their infrastructure set up for years; ok nobody were really manning those offices but the place was there.

3. Worst still - their "staff'" did not cooperate because they were "paid for" by the absentee ruling lords!

It's like "Uncle went on vacation, & you as the nephew-in-law can not ask us to do anything. I wait for Uncle to return because he is surely coming back, he is the one with the power and he is the one paying me!"

It's like a hostile takeover for companies!

4. The Opposition had little if not NO experience in running the place. Yes. Their intentions were good but they did not have the experience to run the biz. And they are blocked at every turn!

5. No money. Now how the hell can you run something when Uncle did not give you the cheque book & took away even the rubber stamp?

So, Please lah People.
Give the People we voted in some time. We know UMNO is making it shit Tough for them to function. At least give them 6 months. After all haven't we given UMNO, MCA, MIC YEARS ???

And if they were accountable, responsible & professional, we wouldn't be in this shit hole in the first place!

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