Thursday, 5 June 2008

The car(e)less Malaysian

There is no way you can tell me our Government thinks through its "strategies" or even coordinate their announcements of bad news to the People.

Last week announcement: compulsory belting up for rear passengers. Good safety move !

But with mostly 2 seat belts in the back for most small cars & the majority of the "middle" class with more than 4 in the family; who ends up paying more?

Now the price of fuel has increased 40% (!!!!) to RM2.70/litre?

Everyone (except those with a money printing machine and we know of many, don't we?) are worried about all these escalating costs.

And don't no toothless consumer associations (I am referring to the Consumer Assoc of Penang!) "warn" traders not to increase prices.

Have you (& the Ruling Lords of Malaysia) ever sat in on 1 class in Econ 101? Or did you spend all your time on Accounting Cook Book 120?

How and who is paying these poor traders for the 40% increaes in fuel ie costs of delivery and transportation?

Why is Petronas NOT revealing their accounts? Do the Oil in Malaysia belong ONLY to a secret association where no accounting to the public is required?

According to WHO website, the gross national income per capita (using PPP international comparison) year 2006 for:
Singapore = US$ 31,710
Malaysia = US$ 11,300 (RM36,743/year or RM3,061/mth)
Thailand = US$ 9,140

I don't know who is earning RM3,000/mth because I am only basing this on ALL the "normal" working class people I know.

Sure as hell their entire monthly household income isn't RM3,000.

And if I am not wrong, a foreign university educated person I know who is lecturing, with 3 years work experience, is being paid about RM2,300/mth. So let me ask again "Who the hell is not impacted by this 40% increase in fuel in Malaysia?"
Interestingly enough according to the same source the life expectancy of
Singapore Males = 78, Females =83
Malaysia Males = 69, Females =74
Thailand Males = 69, Females =75

Notice we are very close to Thailand in this respect

So why do I give life expectancy rates?
This only serves to remind me that despite our +20% higher gross national PCI than Thailand, it would appear that the Thais live just as long as we do, and on 1/5 less income than us.

To a goblok Aunty like me, this seems to imply although the Thais may have less to spend, they seem to have either better access to, or just better health care. And/or they also seem to have an equally good quality of life (as we do) with 1/5 less money.

So does this make it a good case for "Thailand my 2rd Home" or "Malaysia my Home" for you?

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