Tuesday, 3 June 2008

I need an ANGEL from you!

Dear Kind Family, Friends & Bloggers
Let me repeat - I subscribe to NO particular religious beliefs. But I have a HUGE favor to ask. I will try to explain.

Last Wednesday on my 2rd visit to the University Hospital Oncology (cancer) Public ward for Kids here in Antananarivo I brought along some little treats to cheer up these poorest of poor kids.

They have the triple whammy in life. GREAT Suffering, poverty and death. To them, the fact that they are lying in a bed in a hospital is already the "greatest luxury".

And btw the beds are dirty, smelly and the mattress is barely serviceable. No. There are NO toilets in their rooms. They must walk into a long corridor to go to a dirty smelly toilet..sick or not!

I brought Marshmallows as they are soft and gooey so they are easy to swallow (some can't swallow or eat due to tumors or they are too sick to eat).

It is their 1st exposure to these type of "western" treats. I had hoped that these kids would love them, as had I in my youth.

A 13 yr old girl (who looked 100yrs old) got my special attention. I knew she would be the first to go, as she had already lost interest in anything around her when I first visited 2 weeks ago.

However last week, she was more perky - as finally - her parents could afford the drips and the colostomy bag. The color of her urine was already orange red. So I knew.

To try to cheer her up, I put a little piece of marshmallow into my mouth to simulate "yum yum" and put a piece on her tongue. She looked at me and said "good" in french.

There and then she & I took 1 whole piece of marshmallow each. YUM YUM.

Today when we visited she was no longer there.
Yes she has finally left her suffering on earth this morning.

Which brings me to the point of ANGELS.

I think if we put the most fabulous angel doll hanging over their bed, the kids would sorta "feel" there is someone watching over them. On top of that they can look at the angel when they are too listless to do anything else.

If Death is such a big fear and unknown to adults, can you imagine what it must be for Kids?

So will you buy me an Angel or give me the one from your Christmas Tree?

Your angel will mean alot to these kids who has known no comforts in life and is now suffering. I promise to bring it back with me to Madagascar in July.


zorro said...

I will get as many participants who will attend "100 Days" on 28 June at Bloghouse to donate an ANGEL each.

GobloKing said...

Thank YOU Thank YOU. The angel will be food for the soul for the kids.

muststopthis said...

I have one really special one....from Danielle...my elder girl...will share it!

GobloKing said...

Not only because you are "lenk chai" outside Tony, you are also lenk chai inside....OK OK! Bernard's same same!! I only need 12 angel dolls! WITH WINGS ??? hopefuly says she!