Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Malaysians to holiday in Malaysia!

Azalina, Minister of Tourism is advocating Malaysians to take holidays domestically.

Before y'all think I am gay-bashing, just know many of my good friends are also gay so...I sure ain't gay-bashing!

Yeah. Azalina is the 1st Minister who came out after the disastrous elections to say that from now on the tourism board will stop its spending on promotions for the 5 states taken by the Opposition.

Lina Sweetie - Please realize this
1. The average Malaysian will be highly likely to holiday "at home" seeing as how prices have skyrocketed & our disposable income has diminished by half.

2. Before you advocate us on what to do, can you speak to your own Pak first?

Your Pak should mandate ALL government servants & their families (I am referring only to those whose holidays are paid for by the Country) to do what you have asked the poor Rakyat to do.

Now IF the govt follows your proposal, I can see the following scenarios happening (knowing full well the mentality of our "servants"):-

1. Hotels will be asked for free rooms &/or upgrades plus other freebies - for the same price as a standard room

2. "Friends" will be asked to meet & greet so that entertainment, shopping & meals will be taken care of (wink wink!!)

3. 4-, if not 5-stars hotels will see an exponential boom in biz from locals as (God Forbid!) our servants should have to stay in any hotels below 4-stars!

4. The Rakyat living in touristic areas will experience first hand how our little (& big) Napoleons & Marie Antonettes will be us more reasons to examine our hearts when we next vote

5. Hotels will also be likely to engage the services of debt recovery companies

As for the Rakyat, you needn't have to worry.

Staying HOME for our holidays seems like the only viable option now.

After all we will be too busy planting vegies and rearing chickens (secretly) in our kitchen!

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muststopthis said...

The only holiday we can take are the ones that Air Asia provides for, free tickets (and RM80 surcharge...mostlikely to climb to RM120) and only to Langkawi.....
But then again, a lot better then some who can't even holiday to Genting Highlands!
Yet our under performing Ministers can Holiday..all paid by us rakyat!
I say F&$K BN!