Monday, 2 June 2008

Measuring out for a Tiara DS Ros?

People have little birds telling 'em stuff. Aunty no need for birds, Aunty got CHICKENS! Chicken bones specifically. When I ptui my bones after chewing 'em, I see how they lay, and viola! I can foretell the Future!

So last nite with the chicken feet soup at dinner, I was happily chewing and masticating and PTUI! What do you know! I see a Tiara, I see a Rose. So who can that be?

Ya. I put 2+2 together (chicken feets that is) and I KNOW SURE SURE that it is a tiara for the Datin Seri.

You see. My opinion is
- No matter what Anwar says..PKR can not get the cross over of 30 delegates

- No matter how much Najib says to Badawi "I love you deep deep", he is only biding his time (and should not be long if he plays the usual donggu role)

- No matter how much we seriously dislike Najib, there seems to be NO other viable candidates in UMNO

So Ros Babe. Start measuring your head for the Tiara.
It should not be too long now before you will have a chance to represent Malaysia as our 1st Lady.

MOVE ASIDE IMELDA!!! We will show you who can do the double drag queen act better!!

My better half asked me to write
"It ain't over till the Fat Lady sings".

I sure as hell dunno what that is all about!


zorro said...

I like that...from tea-leaves reading to kai-keok crystal balling. However the tiara must have an expendable clutch to cater to increased circumference of the cranium block as and when applicable....too close it can fall off....but I like your allegory.

GobloKing said...

Ya. This is why am popularly known by professional nick "chicken with head cut off"

btw my other 1/2 not appearing in june but I am.

Plse do plan something as myself hv limited time, many plans & must "hurry hurry home love" to sustain, love & comfort sole bread winner + 2 needy dogs by july 5th latest.