Thursday, 5 June 2008

The new Poor Middle Class of Malaysia

I received this email and I wanted to share it with you. Most of all I want Abdullah Badawi to read it. It touched me and reminds me to stop bitching.

Dearest Aunty
Are you that poor ? Why are you complaining about the cost of living? I think I am the "poor" one here.

Let me tell you about my poverty.

My take home income is RM2,500/mth, my wife is RM 1,400. Our combined take home is RM3,900.

1 year ago when we could make this income, we were both so happy and contented. Isn't this a good income for a household with 2 adults, 1 granny, & 2 kids?

The following are our monthly costs and you tell me where else I can save.

Mortgage (single storey terrace Cheras) = RM1,000
Car HP (Kelissa) = RM900
sub-total: RM1,900

Why do we have a car? I must send my wife to work, and kids to school because we worked out the costs and found it "cheaper" if I took everyone. Also the bus service where we live is far away, and not frequent.

Did we need to buy a house? We also worked out that paying a little more (than renting), will let us own a property in the end.

After mortgage & HP, our balance is RM2,000

Electricity, water, phone = RM 100 (no air cond)
2 Kids SchoolBus Home & to Tuition = RM 150
Grocery & Marketing = RM 600
Astro for Granny = Rm 80
sub-total:RM 930

Balance:RM 1,070
My & my wife's lunch: RM5/day/person x 20days/mth= RM 200
Petrol: RM 150 to RM200
sub-total: RM 350

Balance:RM 720

Rm 720 is our "savings" provided
- Granny & kids do not fall sick,
- car does not break down,
- no relatives' weddings or funerals,
- no hari raya or new school year starting,
- no eating out

The same savings must pay for our income tax, pintu cukai, kids tertiary education, our own retirement & any other emergencies.

I really do not know how others with less income than we can survive in Kuala Lumpur if we think we are finding it tough.

Aunty. I really don't know how much more of our belts we can tighten because I am getting more and more stressed everyday.

Increasingly I find myself
- snapping at my family when anyone leaves a light on for 5 minutes longer or if a tap is not turned off tight.

- wanting to kill someone when there is a traffic jam because my petrol is burning away.

- not daring to take the family to the mall for jalan jalan in case they see something I can not or do not want to buy

- fighting with granny or my wife that they are not shopping around to buy cheaper rice, toilet paper etc.

- praying the house & car have no problems

So, since when did the quality of my life deteriorate to this level that I worry about everything this much?

(end of email)


Maverick SM said...

How true and real it is!

This is the dilemma of most people but that's not the worst.

She had not factored-in the cost of education for the children, tuiton fees, extra-curriculum activities which the school charges, books and stationaries for the children, clothings and shoes, etc.

Yet, we have not considered the current impact and chain effect of the essential goods and foodstuffs which is expected to increase by some 30-40%.

I am told that the price of canned food have increased by 40%, transporters have increase their rates by 40%, gas and utility bills will be increased by some 30-40%, Syabas had been approved to raised the water tariff by 30%, TNB will be raising rates by July, and all other impacts.

I was at the food court this morning and the price of a bowl of noodles have increase. Hell will break loose and every one must be prepared for additional cost which would have a much greater impact in the days ahead.

Anonymous said...

There are many shy one like me who actually are tired to cry out knowing no one can help. We are the hard-core poor earning less than $500-600 per month for almost 15 years!.
Break down:
no basic pay solely on commission. There simply isn't any business at all.
credit cards none
no basic, commission as an agent for a real estate co.
averaging $1000
the petrol alone is enough to finish up everything.
credit cards about 20-30 still banks are calling her to give her loans!
We are past our prime, no savings, poor.
Kids 3 all in university without any aid
Results in form v exams
1 with 8a1's in science stream
2 with 7a'1s in science streams
very active in cocu. None been given for any scholarship
Tell me do the government care about us? Should I love the country and they want my children to do NS.
A hypocritical govt.

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine how a single mom with 2 children with learning disability survive than ?