Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Time to angkat sarong & lari ??

Uncle was just telling me to calm down

He (the old wise one) says if we are panicking, he can't imagine what reactions we can expect from those earning a low to moderate fixed income with duties, responsbilities, encumbrances etc.

He has a point. What is really there for us to worry about?

After all, we were once Dinky Yuppies ("double-income-no-kids"), the dream of marketers.

We were after all, once high flyers. We were also good savers, & planners for our future retirement.

Not many plan out their every possible expense item on an excel spreadsheet - but we did.

So we thought "YEAP. We are Prepared!"

BUT now I can no longer accept I am "comfortably well-off*".

* For us, the definition of comfortably well-off means no mortgage, no HP, no need to really scrimp on utility, food or fuel, recreation, entertainment, 2 nice cars, travel wherever, whenever, some money in the pocket to burn etc.

So where once we have prudently saved to be comfortable, I really am no longer "comfortable" - what with today's skyrocketing-to-the-heavens prices.

Heck! We don't need to buy a Soyuz. We ARE the Soyuz!!

Aunty's soh-paw doomsday prediction: High Inflation, & possibly & probably Recession in the next year.

And you know with our Government, SIGH SIGH SIGH!!!

I wonder if our wise Leaders realize who are the real victims in this whole 40% fuel jump fiasco.

I am no economist but I figure the real victims are
- Anyone with a Fixed income
- Anyone with a mortgage & vehicle payments
- Anyone with a single income
- Anyone with a young family
- Anyone with elderly dependants

Would that be like 95% of us?

You know what else I fear?
- Rising Crime rates (bad enough but will get worst),
- The old, sick & handicapped being abandoned
- More addictions including gambling & drugs,
- People no longer caring for, nor being able to afford to contribute to charities etc

So tell me now.

If I am sitting here thousands of kms away and feeling F**ked, what must those of you in Malaysia be feeling?

I think it may be time to angkat sarong & lari oh!


muststopthis said...

:( Aiyoooooo....
If you put it like that, me should have gone south to Kiasu land lah....:(:((

GobloKing said...

NO NO kiasuland for u yew...!!! You are too invaluable in takboleh land!!!!

DIN said...

I worry that the majority of the rakyat will be indifferent to what is happening - politically.

Nothing is too shocking anymore.

While the top dog is too busy scheming and screwing their nemesis, rakyat kebanyakan is getting screwed.

I am beyond dissapointed and angry.

Patriotic but not insanely stupid too.

mekyam said...

Aunty GB,

Heard you cut a swath at the All Blogs Do over the w'end. Wish I could have been there to see you in person!

Any chance you'll blog about it?

- tony - said...


i damn jialatt already! i fall into almost all your cat.

fixed income/young family with a newborn son/house and car mortgage(my car big drinker somemore, dont misunderstand me hor, even i want to sell my car now also i couldn't do it. since it depreciate so much that i even have to give you money to take my car away.

can't sleep tonight.!!

Anonymous said...

Nice. Although we brought it onto ourselves with our "subservient" and "don't rock the boat" culture, didn't we?

Even in the blogs, every time a blogger says something that should be said, like RPK or even Kenny Sia, the masses quickly comment, "Hey, be careful! Don't write that! They will come after you!"

Every time a "leader" says something nonsensical, our brains are too weak to spot the lies and inconsistency. For example, when Najib says, "Change your lifestyle!" - how come we don't say, "Change yours first! Drive a Proton! Sell off your mansion in D'sara Heights and live in a normal house like the rest of us! Use Air Asia instead of the gobernment jet!"

No, we just shut off the disbelieving parts of our brains, and take it up the ass.