Thursday, 31 July 2008

The REAL reason Asian Football Confederation wants to move

Juicy juicy juicy!

This little piece of news posted by Bernama ( would hardly be noticed by 99.9999% of Malaysians but it is significant.

Now. Not even many die-hard football fans are aware but AFC is very powerful in the world of international soccer.

It is the Asian arm of FIFA covering from all of the Middle East to all of Asia.

I may not know much about soccer but I do know that Middle East is not considered the "cradle" of Asian soccer - being that
- the number of countries in ME are fewer than the rest of Asia,
- their soccer teams are good but not as great as Korea or Japan,
- they have far fewer soccer fans than the rest of Asia etc

Someone should tell that to AFC.

Its President for the past 10years is a Middle Eastern but that is another story.

Actually not so much another story as a slap on the face & backside & a punch in the gut & a kick in the manhood area for all the other members of AFC.

It's like saying there's no candidate suitable from ALL of Asia for AFC to consider for the top job (which I also hear pays so well that the only way for anyone to leave the post will be feet first).

And I am not implying anything but some says the President of AFC would not be lost in, say...the top echelon of our Ruling Party?

OK I am digressing again.

Now AFC has not cited an official reason why it wants to move out but hearsay is the President of AFC feels he has not been respected by our country & leader.

Did I say "HE feels HE...." ??

So who has pissed his royal highness off?

YA! 1 of the culprits are Khairy J who championed the bringing in ManU (is it ManU?) a year ago - an event clashing with an important match already arranged by AFC.

I can imagine there was an exchange which might have gone this way..

"Why didn't you ask my permission to schedule ManU to come?"

"WHO ARE YOU that I have to ASK you? I am from Oxfart & I am the most powerful man in the universe!"

So. Not just blaming our KJ or leaders alone but a HUGE part of the problem with AFC is...

Its Dinosaur Ego, Dinosaur Brains, commanding a small dick and a huge body.

Who are the possible countries wooing AFC away?

YA! Singapore & Hong Kong, China. Singapore you ask?

I can understand why Hong Kong but Singapore?

Malaysia meanwhile? We will be - once again - relegated to the backwaters as with F1. Can't really blame AFC though. Who in the world can be beaten 10-0 or is it 5-0 by Ukraine but us?

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

nostalgia & some sexy stuff?

Sex sells. Ask that Saiful guy. So I am gonna blog about it. Are y'all READYYYYY!!!!????

Ok. I admit it. I was a naive gal. Yah. Hard to tell looking at me now.

But back then when I was 15, I was told by my best friend that a "wayward" gal from my class was being expelled for being pregnant.

My reaction was "A boy kissed her!" Christine rolled her eyes & corrected me. "NO. A boy touched her breasts!"

After that we terminated the conversation because we were both too embarassed to go deeper into this subject.

Which is why I kept my breasts to myself for a long, long time.

I also remember swimming classes in the old Weld Road Swimming pool.

All of us girls, Malay, Chinese, Indians, in some boring, cone-shaped-bra-inserted into our swimsuits making us look like Madonna in her cone bra.

Only at that time, we were not aware we would be the inspiration of Madonna's memorable wardrobe.

We were taught by youngish male lifeguards in their teensy weensy Speedos barely covering their manhood.

God Forbid us nice girls should ever look THAT way but sometimes you know...eyes do stray. And since we were all nice gals, nobody dared mention this to our parents or teachers but they should know. EVERY MEN wore the same teensy weensy trunks then!

Nobody ever accused us of being immoral or swimsuits' cool, lifeguard coaches Mr Goh and Mr Tong holding the limbs of young teenage girls to teach them the correct kick and strokes - ok, tiny trunks - ok, members of the public ie other teenage boys in THEIR Speedos mingling with us - ok.

I am thinking if this had happened THESE days & in THESE times?

HOOBBBOY! There will be stinkers from the religious police, the parents, other teachers etc.

I am not sure I myself woulda approved of that these days but back then we never thought of perverts, adults preying on kids, pre-marital sex & all the bad things that can happen.

Didn't mean the bad stuff wasn't there, it's that we never think, hear or talked of it.

Now was that sexy enough?

And to Saiful - I don't mean to be callous but didn't you know if anything was stuck up your bum?

Sh...iiiit (literally speaking). I have had some experience with suppositories & sure as HELL - I remember it's been there buddy! So, please don't blame me for not believing you because if it had happened to me, I woulda rushed over immediately to the hospital - especially if it wasn't consensual sex.

Monday, 28 July 2008

Who are you to tell ME how & what to blog?

Zorro Unmasked blogged on July 27 that

"On 6 July Pak Lah, urged by Star's WCw to use the stick more often targeted bloggers: He wanted
"“bloggers to stop speculating and spreading rumours on the Internet. I want to tell the blogs to stop all this. They are also responsible for what has happened. The best thing they could do is to stop.”"

& "“Allegations and news championing those who broke the law through SMS, Blogs and YouTube were akin to TREACHERY!""

Well Blow me over.

I want to get this straight.
Do blogging about facts constitute as rumor-mongering?

Are there
- Corruption? & isn't it rife particularly amongst those who rules & leads?

- Accountability & transparency in this land? Someone please inform our Ministeries & Government agencies!

- Great public schools & universities? If so how come kids of Ministers & Top Government Officials go abroad to study or are educated in international schools?

- Poor & disadvantaged Malays, Indians & Chinese being marginalized?

- Scholarships given freely to kids of the Rich & Powerful?

- Promotions & employment in the public sector given based solely and wholey on merit?

The list can just goes on & on & on!

And since when has speculation been banned? Why are there betting outlets, lax control on trading in the stock market, horse racing & casinos?

And I hate to remind you all but I thought Islam is our official religion so ain't all these forms of speculating a form of gambling?

Can mere blogging, & writing lead to the multitudes turning against their leaders?

Puhleeezzeee lah! Tell that to my granny & she wouldn't believe you either.

We ain't that stupid & emotional that we will risk our lives & liberty against arms and guns

We ain't so dumb that we believe there's smoke without fire.

And Honey. I hate to tell you this but I do live here you know?

We sure ain't the one digging you the are doing a darn fine job yourself.

Now. Is that Treachery? Am I spreading rumors?

SUE ME or kiss my sweet little behind!

Friday, 25 July 2008

WOW!! Thanks to "I am Malaysian" blogsite pointing out this tele-interview, I finally got to hear some "substance" rather than all the other bullshit being turned up & out in Malaysia.

It was so interesting I listened to it - twice.

This fellow George Green seems to be confirming my sneaky suspicions about the world's economy.

So if after listening to this interview, like me, you are gonna rush out and buy food, household requirements, silver & gold bars, I don't blame you.

Err...actually, forget the silver & gold bars. I ain't got that much money..but having snucked away some savings here & there, and if EVEN the Euro's gonna fall flat..we are truly screwed!

Meanwhile in our own coconut-trees-swaying lovely tropical paradise, our powers-that-be are FAR more busy
- debating whether or not a Merc (or 13) is necessary,
- carrying on about who be blamed for racial disharmony
- which race is worth preseving over another
- & who else can be arrested for commiting buggery,

Then we are really gonna be royally pumchet in the behind when the world's economy collapses!

And btw the next time someone gives you any Euro, check that it is the GERMAN issued Euro and not the Italian or Spanish one. You will understand what I am saying after you pay attention to George.

Malaysia - BOLEH!!

This post is "inspired" by an email detailing the ineptness of KLIA.

Please keep sending me these tragic but funny incidents. It always serves to remind me that we are more kampung than world-class in most things we do.

Now, it seems like a Jetstar flight from Singapore landed & parked at the domestic terminal in KLIA guided by traffic control.

As even my granny would know, flights arriving from Singapore are in fact, international arrivals.

So now we have puzzled passengers at domestic looking for immigrations clearance.

Some Msian passengers leading many foreigners tried to ask several KLIA officials including MAS, & an immigrations officer how they can get to international side & get their passports stamped.

The answer is "no need lah" - confusing everyone who tried to explain back to them that legal entrance records are needed.

So now we know how "illegal aliens" can get in to Msia quite safely.

So now we know what it takes to be a traffic controller & Immigrations officer ala Msia.

Another event.

I arrived KLIA around 10pm and saw an Immigrations officer with her young son in his "Superman pajamas" & flipflops casually strolling through the halls macam evening walk.

I knew the kid was her's as they both waddled comfortably the same way, holding hands.

So why & how did they allow a kid into KLIA international halls without a passport or a purpose?

Last story: With the "new" security checks at the departure gates, on my departure early this month, I saw some very confused Malay-speaking (only malay, no english) security officers at my international departure gate.

Now these security officers were not aware that ANY bottles over 100ml were not permitted.

So what did they do with passengers who had 250ml hand lotion bottles or 1 liter water bottles?

They allowed them to empty out the contents until agak agak..looks like you have 100ml left.

Now as you guys know. In any other cities in the world, including Mauritius & Madagascar, you have to throw away the entire bottle - NOT just empty out. That way. No arguments. No security risks.

Ya...Malaysia - WORLD CLASS ACTS!

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

When Donors must suck up to charity organizations

You guys will never EVER believe me when I tell you the difficulties I have had, and am still encountering to donate to Charities.

We are not talking US$10 or Euro10 but thousands of it; much of it collected for me by friends in USA & Europe for the children of Madagascar.

Is it because I am arrogant?
Is it because I am behaving like the memsahib from Hell?

Is it because I feel donors have a right to know that their donation is used rightly, and as spread out as possible?

Before I make a commitment of any donation, I do request (nicely with a face full of smiles) that the Directors or Caretakers please let me know some details of how they would like to spend the donation, & the prices of items.

If they did this, I may be able to help even more by donating the items, have someone donate it & by doing so, slash down the costs of the project.

You know lah. Cheap chinese style mah...if I can save $10 I will save it to buy something else more desperately needed.

So far the lessons I have learnt here are:

#1. Suck up to the Gatekeepers of Charities as if they were your most valued clients.

Yeah. You heard right. You are not the benefactor. You are the Employee.

If I do not literally beg & suck up to the Gatekeepers - we will get to do nothing good for those who needs it the most.

So I end up sucking up. Who does it hurt? NOT the gatekeepers muderf**kers for sure.

I have to swallow my pride and go..
"Oh you look so lovely today"
"You are the most wonderful & charitable person I have ever met"

#2. God Forbid I suggest there be A&T (accountability or transparency). Access denied.

#3. "Gimme all your money and shuddup!!"
Ofcourse they are all too happy to take your money.
No Problem. Any time. Just don't ask why and what. You should be so lucky you are ALLOWED to give them money!

#4 "If you don't wanna give me everything I want, the poor & needy will suffer. Is this what you want? This is your problem if they suffer"

#5 If you don't want to give, do you know that hundreds of western suckers and bleeding hearts are lining up to give, and they don't even ask if the money goes to the poor or to ME!

That's the truth.

Now if you will excuse me.

Tonight is another major suck-up night where we entertain the "professor" of the hospital to ask her (AGAINx100) to please help us because we want to pay for the chemo of poor kids with the highest survival chance

Not that anybody cares if these kids die.
After all they are poor.

Not that any nurse will take the time to inject them with painkillers (even when the poor families scrape together for the money to buy the drugs the day before).
After all they are poor.

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Lazy hazy tuesday

I can't seem to take LATE nights & emerge semi-coherent anymore. Today was blown - for 1 REALLY late nite.

To think I used to whoop it up all night & turn around in under 4 hours for work - bright as a pin & nobody the wiser.

Where has that woman gone???? Today - bad hair, bad breath, bad mood.

Next time, I will just do everything at home in my jammies & if you wanna see me, just come around, no need to call or whatever. I always can whip something up & there is no lack of drinkies at our home either.

Better still - in YOUR jammies.

Let's just save on all that formality & makeup shit & just chew the fat - au naturel - together!

Gotta go now & wallow in my hangoverness watching "Medium". Still can't figure out just how someone who doesn't drink can get a hangover?

Monday, 21 July 2008

NST features Budget Shopping? Adoi..PUHLEEZE!!

I am the stereotypical Aunty-kaypoh. I just love to peek into other people's life!

So when I read NST online featuring a school teacher who can manage on RM800 grocery plus toiletries per month for his family of 3 ie wife & 1 teenager at home?

Aunty KPJUMPED & opened the attachment of his detailed grocery list in the hope of picking up some handy tips on how to save.

Then. pss..........sssh. My balloon burst.

Aisay! What is that list costing RM155 !

21 items of which:-
2 Tins of sardines, 1 pack of cereals, 2 types of drinks, 5 packets of Maggi noodles, 1 can of longan, sugar, rice ((maybe that was 30kg?), beans and the rest are condiments or stuff to cook with other stuff ie chilli sauce, oil,, soy sauce.

Where are the other stuff? No vegies or meat?
I dunno about you but how long can 2 cans of sardines last for dinner and lunch?

And where are the toiletries and even detergent?

That list will last the 2 of us maybe 1 week - if we stretched things along.

So if RM155 can last maybe 1 week x 4 = Rm 600? If you added other "luxuries" such as meat, vegies & toiletries? Another RM200??

That would be RM800.

This family stated that they do not pay hostel and tuition fees for another child in university. But they still provide RM300 for living expense.

That's RM1100.

Now I gotta ask these stupid questions...

IF you are not a civil servant & a bumi, where do you get cheap housing?

IF you have to pay for health insurance, which insurance policy can you get which also pays for normal GP medical bills?

IF yr kid has no scholarships, what other options are there for them to continue their education?

IF you have a family of 5 ie 2 adults, 2 kids, 1 granny, can you still manage on your NETT salary under RM3000

If you can, please ah?
Do, DO write to Aunty Kaypoh and tell me how you do it. I would Luuu...uuuvve to know!

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Aunty's Pet Peeves

I truly admire bloggers, journalists, researchers and scientists who take the time to write their pieces after lots of analysis & critical thinking.

I just can't seem to do it anymore - after having put in my dues for post-grad & for my career. For my blog, I just read what the whole world has to say; good, bad & inbetween and then let my heart kick in.

Some of my "better" blog pieces are based on RAW RAGE!

Some issues just get me in the gut & I JUST HAVE TO SCREAM.

Such as
- Ketuanan ie "Me Tuan, you servant"
- Social Contract "YOUR forefathers say I am #1 citizen, you are #2 citizen. And if you don't like that, balik ke-Cina /India / whatever"
- Keris Wavers "I was only trying to unite my brothers when I shouted "Bathe my keris in chinese bloo...oooodd""
- Bunk(g) shit-for-brains, shooter of crap
- dearly departed Zak, builder of palatial mansion, courtesy of the people,
- Muhamedx2 no-speakee English "me got A$1million but got cleared by the 'roo court"

Other topics which make me turn into the Incredible Hulk are:
1. "World-class" this and a "World-class" that
Whenever some dumbass Minister says we will build a world-class project all I wanna ask is:-

What is it Dumbass? Do you really think no Msian has ever left our lovely shores for another land, so you can just con us into believing your piece of dung??

Because what you are saying is the PRICE will be worldclass, the final product will be kampung-class

2. Datuk & Tan Sri-ships
"Oh yeah....blow me Baby, bow & scrape before me as I am a notch above y'all cause I AM A DATUK"

Other than saying "Kiss my sweet behind" I will continue to ask these dumbarses
"And what exactly did you do for the Nation that you deserve this Honor?"

3. "Let US tighthen our belts, take a 2nd job, grow our own vegetables, take more public transport, etc"

US as in US?

Or US as in YOU guys but not me since my transport, energy & housing's paid for, My parties are paid for. My car, fuel, driver, maid, bodyguard, gardeners are paid for & my Singapore, Swiss, UK, Grand Cayman accounts are not full enough

The last topic that enrages me..GRRR...RRRRRRRRRR has to do with Religion & or anything which makes Religious people look bad.

I just want to ask
Exactly which religion is it you practise that says you will get to Heaven / Paradise provided you worship as prescribed but you can
- kill heathens /non-believers because they follow the Wrong Path?
- Condemn Women to eternal servitude, while blaming them for being raped & sexually abused because they did not cover up enough or had their hair showing?
- Allow someone to Rob, Lie, Rape, Plunder & Murder ?

Let me know.
As that is surely one religion for which I would not hesitate to change my dietary habits, my clothing habits and any other non-desireable habits I have!! are right.
I AM power hungry.
I do want to be OBSCENELY RICH.
& yah! While I am at it...y'all who disagree with me can just go & SUCKKKKK....ROTTEN SMELLING EGGS!

Friday, 18 July 2008

Apartheid ala Malaysian style

Once again non-Malays are reminded of their "special" citizen status by an UMNO MP in Parliament.

As I write this post, I am filled with great sadness that no matter how hard I try or what I do, by virtue of my race, I am doomed to lie at the bottom of the heap in my own country.

I just don't understand this.


I know that our immigrant non-Malay forefathers were granted citizenship on the promise that they honor the Constitution, which was based on acknowledging the indigenous status of the Malays & Aborigines.

But the generations after that 1st batch of immigrant citizens are NOT cut in the same mold of our forefathers. We are not here so that we can send money "home" to support our families and country.

We are here because we are born here.

We know no other country than Malaysia.

We do NOT waste a minute of our lives thinking or wishing India or China was our "Motherland"

We eat, sleep and think Malaysian. We climb the same rambutan trees, laugh at our P Ramlee movies, walk through the same lallang, & eat the same durians and petai with relish.

We speak that endearing patois of Malay, Mal-glish, Chin-glish, & Ind-lish; a language little emulated elsewhere - except in Singapore

We contribute towards building our nation & future - in as much as any other person; by virtue of the fact we FEEL Malaysians and ARE Malaysians.

I am not less Malaysian because I speak Cantonese at home, celebrate Chinese New Year or eat sticky rice dumplings.

I am not less Malaysian because my forefathers were not.

For me, Malaysia has always been MY country where we respect and enjoy the differences and similarities of our cultures.

So don't no MP or political parties try to tear my Love for My People and Country asunder.

You have NO rights to tell me I am less Malaysian than you.

You have NO rights to Abuse me, Rob Me, Bugger Me and then tell me it is all because I happen to be born of a different race, or faith


Thursday, 17 July 2008

Sohpaw's Theory of the Underdogs

How do you know if you are an underdog kinda person?

1. You are very touched by movies such as "BraveHeart" & "The Mission"

2. You cheer for Trinidad&Tobago when (&if)they play Germany in the World Cup

3. You watch a cheerleading competition & end up cheering yourself hoarse for Sekolah Kg Batu but politely applause for Garden International School

There are many examples but I will keep it simple. So are YOU an Underdog &/or an Underdog Supporter?

If you are. Don't feel like a loser.
There are MANY of us out here.

This is why I think, in the end, we end up liking
- CheGuBard over Khairy J,
- Anwar Ibrahim over Badawi,
- Raja Petra over the Gomen,

It is simply because we can sympathize and emphatize with the small guy, the little fry.. being as we feel they are 1 of us & GOD KNOWS, we KNOW what it's like to be kicked & kicked constantly but still must stand up to continue our existence everyday.

But much as we understand what it's like being the Underdog, it must be equally hard for an Ueberdog to understand why the Underdog do not support them.

Do Underdogs not support Ueberdogs because we feel that surely they can stand up for themselves because they have ALL the power & Money to help themselves?

Are we the Underdogs simply jealous and envious of the genetically stronger Ueberdog?

I really don't believe so.

I think it is just that we feel that IF and When an Ueberdog need us ; it is merely to USE us for their own ends.

It really does not help that we have been long abused and silenced either.

Surely even the Ueberdogs understand that, one day, when forced to the wall, even the weakest and most stupid Underdog will turn back & beat the crap out of them?

So my dear Ueberdogs. Be Scared. Be VERY VERY SCARED.

If you ever turn my beloved Country into a Myammar or Zimbabwe, rest assured that there are many underdogs out there who will no longer stay silent.

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Can u believe it?

In the 2 years I have been here I have not met another Malaysian.

When I first arrived, I was frantically searching for a country soul mate.

But being a housebody, and not a visitor to casinos (where I am told some Malaysians are working or are owners),I have been kawanless.


On my way back to Mad this time, I noticed a man sitting in the plane ahead of me with a Malaysian passport. I stalked & accosted him while waiting for our luggage. He looked really surprised to find an Ah Soh here.

He gave me his number & today we spoke for the 1st time.

You know how it is. With all this shit happening in Mad2 land, one really wants to touch base with a fellow Rakyat just to shoot the breeze and bitch (me bitching, him listening)

As a result of which, he told me his friend had asked him to check out a blogger here. See who HE is.

Naturally I was thrilled.

ANOTHER Malaysian Blogger here? Ofcourse I jumped.

Then I found out it was me. Anti climax. For him and me. For him to find out it is this middle aged, outta shape, bland Ah Soh.

Probably changed the poor man's perception forever of what bloggers really looked like. Male, hot & happening. Or female, hot & happening.

Too bad. We could do with more alternative views from everywhere.

So. What's stopping you?

Why EVEN Aunty thinks DSAI is great(er)..

I only sat up to pay attention this morning when I received a mail from my friend, who btw, is totally non commital to politics - to tell me he is now an Anwar Ibrahim convert.

And this is all thanks to the live TV debate between Shaberry Cheek & Anwar. I am not trying to deter UMNO or TV3 from continuing to give us healthy debates.

We really desperately need intelligent & healthy debates in Malaysia to clear the air and understand where both parties stand.

But were there NO ONE else other than Shaberry for UMNO to pick as their representative to speak to us the People?

Or did UMNO feel that to pick someone more important would be giving too much "face" to DSAI?

Hello UMNO! You are not showing the people (yeah..US the People) face by giving us this relative unknown (prior to December '07).

Maybe there really is nobody more intelligent or eloquent than Shaberry to represent them.

I think if UMNO were not so arrogant, they woulda picked Mukhriz Mahathir (kill 2 birds with 1 stone?) to speak for them.. but whatever the truth is, I think UMNO is still not prepared to give us the truth.

And THEN, TV3 gave us a moderator like the Vice Chancellor of UM, who by the way, serves as another reminder to us that his position was, ofcourse appointed based on sheer merits.

I watched the recorded debate (thanks to friends who knows I am too far away) slouched down in my customary position before my morning ablutions, thinking
"Aiyoh. My attention span is like that of an ant" so I will be bored after 5 minutes, so may as well just tunggu sebentar lagi before I did my morning shit, shave & shower lah.

What I saw..WoWza! made ME sit up, smoked 2 ciggies, drank 2 cups of cold coffee, pushed the dogs away, & ignored my ringing mobile.


The man speaks like a true Statesman..while poor old Shaberry...was he really foaming at the mouth? I couldn't believe how Shaberry kept digging into the past of DSAI instead of giving us how UMNO felt what they were doing was actually in the best interest of the country.

So whether or not you like it UMNO, but when people like this sceptical and cynical Aunty - btw whose Bahasa is so bad it's a crime - starts to be an Anwar believer, there ain't no mountain you can hide under anymore.


Tuesday, 15 July 2008

My Madland vs Your Madland

Man oh Man!

And I thought I was 1 of the rare ones who can lay claim to the hahaha fact that I live in a place called Mad (as Madagascar is affectionately known) but seems like another country is also laying claim to being Mad 2

Yeah. I was getting a tad tired of the pitiful looks I get whenever anyone finds out I live in Africa. It is definitely NOT the same look I would get if I tell them I live in, say...Paris or New York.

But now? Hey! I guess you guys who live in Mad 2 is having it worst than ME!

OK...Yes, yes...
The Mad land I live in have many really poor people
Yes, yes...
The Mad land I live in has very high petrol prices
Yes, yes...
The Mad land I live in has low salaries & high cost of living
Yes, yes...
The Mad land I live in also has quite a bit of corruption

But !!
At least in THIS Mad land, I never, NEVER hear of anything even close to what is happening now in YOUR Mad land

Your Mad land have

Mad Police whose priorities are to close the Parliament & disrupt peaceful demonstrations (while creating huge traffic gridlocks) rather than protecting the innocent, keeping the country safe or solving crimes

Mad 40% increase overnight in petrol prices & yet have the g(b)all to reassure the people there will be NO increase in goods and services

Mad accounting of where & for what our resources are being utilized

Mad MPs who finds it highly amusing to insult women, & handicapped people, & flipping the bird in Parliament

Mad accusations of prominent people commiting sodomy, & bombings
Mad legal & constitutional basis for fucking people of a different race & persuation due to a "social contract" our forefathers signed

WoW!! Guess who is living in Madland now?

Friday, 11 July 2008

"Mad" woman at bloggers party

Mekyam..this bor...rrrinng narration of the All-blog party is for you!

As for my "cutting a swathe". So sorry lah..I am 1 of those who are so unpredictable at what I'd do next, even I can't predict it. And since I reside in a country known affectionately as "Mad" are where you live??

Ya. I tak boleh tahan that we all came to a function for bloggers & ain't too many questions came from the floor. I think I "embaraced" myself by asking Mukhriz Mahathir to tell us what UMNO will do to be more relevant in the new age of vocal opposition...although in my gabblelation I didn't put it that way.

I also asked RPK to say something as I was asked by 9 out of 10 bloggers who arrived "is RPK coming?" Let me say that BOTH Mukhriz & the Raj are very very good orators..they were gracious and low key but both were relevant to the gabblelation I asked.

At this point I must also thank the fantastic job Tony Yew (yewtube), Yati & Vijay (KLconfidential) did to organize the event and getting people to bid at the auction.

Myself was just the kung-fu ahsoh they posted to welcome people. I think they gave me the job where I would do the least damage..but you need some assets to welcome guests no?

That is why I got my niece to assist me. Registration was a breeze.

We had 2 lines forming in front of us...those who wanted to register with a lovely lady, and those who wanted to feel what it's like to be greeted by the Gestapo. Guess which one I was? Guess which line was the shortest?

Actually Bernard Khoo of Zorro unmasked was supposed to assist me but he went to support RPK who was called up to Sentul Police station at 5-30pm. All of those who went to Sentul came in slightly after 8-30pm.

Wah..Helo lai liao - Hokkien speak for "Hero arrive".

I am not talking about RPK - although I gotta admit to you I was gushing to Raja Pet(very malu I know but what's a starstruck blogger to do?) how I read him everyday, as do millions I know!

But my heroes that night? They were 4 VERY Chinese men wearing "Get Altantunya's Murderers" with her photo on a very bright yellow teeshirt.

I say VERY chinese as in these are the people of the Jinjang heartland one wouldn't have suspected are politically motivated to make any statements.

There were 2 miracles in this.

1 was..they were the only ones (other than RPK) wearing a "political" teeshirt.

The 2rd was..let's say English was not their forte. I ended up selling them teeshirts speaking my almost non-existent Hokkien. They were also my biggest customer and they contributed funds, and they won 2 of the door prizes. all who didn't come missed a shindig. Gus of Fisherman's Wharf & his lovely bini Serena did the catering of very good food, drinks were flowing, & LG (whose handphones made a die-hard Nokia-ite like me droo..oool).

Of the Opposition MPs who came, they were Loh Gwo Burne, Jeff Ooi, Ronnie Liu, & Nurul Anwar (who dropped by with her husband for a few minutes but we all understand why).

And ofcourse Allblogs Pres, Rockybru & Nuraina Samad (I really love those 2!) helped by greeting 'n shakin'!

End of Story Mekyam. Now you happy happy or not?