Friday, 18 July 2008

Apartheid ala Malaysian style

Once again non-Malays are reminded of their "special" citizen status by an UMNO MP in Parliament.

As I write this post, I am filled with great sadness that no matter how hard I try or what I do, by virtue of my race, I am doomed to lie at the bottom of the heap in my own country.

I just don't understand this.


I know that our immigrant non-Malay forefathers were granted citizenship on the promise that they honor the Constitution, which was based on acknowledging the indigenous status of the Malays & Aborigines.

But the generations after that 1st batch of immigrant citizens are NOT cut in the same mold of our forefathers. We are not here so that we can send money "home" to support our families and country.

We are here because we are born here.

We know no other country than Malaysia.

We do NOT waste a minute of our lives thinking or wishing India or China was our "Motherland"

We eat, sleep and think Malaysian. We climb the same rambutan trees, laugh at our P Ramlee movies, walk through the same lallang, & eat the same durians and petai with relish.

We speak that endearing patois of Malay, Mal-glish, Chin-glish, & Ind-lish; a language little emulated elsewhere - except in Singapore

We contribute towards building our nation & future - in as much as any other person; by virtue of the fact we FEEL Malaysians and ARE Malaysians.

I am not less Malaysian because I speak Cantonese at home, celebrate Chinese New Year or eat sticky rice dumplings.

I am not less Malaysian because my forefathers were not.

For me, Malaysia has always been MY country where we respect and enjoy the differences and similarities of our cultures.

So don't no MP or political parties try to tear my Love for My People and Country asunder.

You have NO rights to tell me I am less Malaysian than you.

You have NO rights to Abuse me, Rob Me, Bugger Me and then tell me it is all because I happen to be born of a different race, or faith



teddy said...

I wonder what will happen in the future?

old man said...

that my friend, was the price of citizenship in someone else's country. the forefathers agreed to it then.

Maverick SM said...

Sad to confirm that everything is true of what you wrote.

Nothing would changed the appetite to discriminate the minorities in the name of social justice.

In America, we now hear of a possible Afro-American President; in UK we read often of the White members of House of Commons and House of Lords emphasizing the need to protect minorities and to grant them equality.

However, in Malaysia we often hear the majority race crying discrimination and uneven level playing fields which runs contrary to the truth. How could a govt controlled by a political party consisting of a single majority race claim they were discriminated and had sacrificed themselves in the interest of the others when almost all policies were discriminative and biased? Yet, the rhetorics remains and sadly, the poor Malays believed that they had been discriminated by the minorities.

Nothing will changed them, nor the truth be accepted. The only consolation is that the masses of Malays are actually suffering under these discriminative policies in the name of their own race because the benefactors were only a few within that community. Therefore, we can conclude that, in reality, we were actually equal - equally discriminated. That's a consolation.

GobloKing said...

old man
if my forefather took citizenship at the cost of enslaving his future generations, does that mean TODAY and in this day & age, I should continue to live by the same conditions?

I don't mean at all to say we are slaves..that was just an analogy.

We Malaysians should just get a LIFE!

How can UMNO expect and assume that the minorities do not mind being penalized - 50 years into our "social contract" ??

UPDATE our constitution!


I don't want to continue to feel fucked if I do and fucked if I don't.

I don't want to continue to hear that because I am a Chinaman that ONLY money & biz is important to me - as if my country is unimportant.

I don't want to hear repeatedly that I got this far because I am a implying I am money hungry, do anything for biz, and am wiling to fuck my country.

Like most with "immigrant mentality", I did everything and anything to work hard and save like a squirrel.

And guess what?

It was Thanks to our apartheid system I had to study abroad, supported my studies by working like hell, went abroad to work like hell, bring this money back ..

which got me to where I am today ie free enough to criticize mah!!

:)have a good weekend dear!

zorro said...

Penny, that was the RAW RAGE I posted about. You da BLUE BLOOD PATRIOT. Considering putting your post as a post in my blog....if you throw me the permission.Anxiously waiting. How come I have never taken a photo with you....send me your foto thru email please....but with Herr Husband's ok.

GobloKing said...

ofcourse Bernard. Let THEM HEAR MY RAGE!!!

go & post me!

but no photos still so I will try today!

bluskyes said...

i really like this post of urs. really strikes a chord!! do u mind if i copy-paste on my blog - of course will attribute to you. wont do it until u say ok. let me know, k!! thanks!!