Sunday, 20 July 2008

Aunty's Pet Peeves

I truly admire bloggers, journalists, researchers and scientists who take the time to write their pieces after lots of analysis & critical thinking.

I just can't seem to do it anymore - after having put in my dues for post-grad & for my career. For my blog, I just read what the whole world has to say; good, bad & inbetween and then let my heart kick in.

Some of my "better" blog pieces are based on RAW RAGE!

Some issues just get me in the gut & I JUST HAVE TO SCREAM.

Such as
- Ketuanan ie "Me Tuan, you servant"
- Social Contract "YOUR forefathers say I am #1 citizen, you are #2 citizen. And if you don't like that, balik ke-Cina /India / whatever"
- Keris Wavers "I was only trying to unite my brothers when I shouted "Bathe my keris in chinese bloo...oooodd""
- Bunk(g) shit-for-brains, shooter of crap
- dearly departed Zak, builder of palatial mansion, courtesy of the people,
- Muhamedx2 no-speakee English "me got A$1million but got cleared by the 'roo court"

Other topics which make me turn into the Incredible Hulk are:
1. "World-class" this and a "World-class" that
Whenever some dumbass Minister says we will build a world-class project all I wanna ask is:-

What is it Dumbass? Do you really think no Msian has ever left our lovely shores for another land, so you can just con us into believing your piece of dung??

Because what you are saying is the PRICE will be worldclass, the final product will be kampung-class

2. Datuk & Tan Sri-ships
"Oh yeah....blow me Baby, bow & scrape before me as I am a notch above y'all cause I AM A DATUK"

Other than saying "Kiss my sweet behind" I will continue to ask these dumbarses
"And what exactly did you do for the Nation that you deserve this Honor?"

3. "Let US tighthen our belts, take a 2nd job, grow our own vegetables, take more public transport, etc"

US as in US?

Or US as in YOU guys but not me since my transport, energy & housing's paid for, My parties are paid for. My car, fuel, driver, maid, bodyguard, gardeners are paid for & my Singapore, Swiss, UK, Grand Cayman accounts are not full enough

The last topic that enrages me..GRRR...RRRRRRRRRR has to do with Religion & or anything which makes Religious people look bad.

I just want to ask
Exactly which religion is it you practise that says you will get to Heaven / Paradise provided you worship as prescribed but you can
- kill heathens /non-believers because they follow the Wrong Path?
- Condemn Women to eternal servitude, while blaming them for being raped & sexually abused because they did not cover up enough or had their hair showing?
- Allow someone to Rob, Lie, Rape, Plunder & Murder ?

Let me know.
As that is surely one religion for which I would not hesitate to change my dietary habits, my clothing habits and any other non-desireable habits I have!! are right.
I AM power hungry.
I do want to be OBSCENELY RICH.
& yah! While I am at it...y'all who disagree with me can just go & SUCKKKKK....ROTTEN SMELLING EGGS!


zorro said...

The molten magma in Madagascar is near eruption point....if you value your life, evacuate.

Crankshaft said...

Dear me. I'm glad I'm miles away in Malaysia. I'm getting scared of that aunty too, Zorro. :)

Forget about analysis, GobloKing. That's for op-eds. You do what you do best. Blog from the heart.

GobloKing said...

yeah..that's what I wanted to gittoffmychest.

Now if my chest was any bigger, maybe I can contain more rage, but dang my parents meagre genes!!!!

I can only contain what my AA can hold!