Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Can u believe it?

In the 2 years I have been here I have not met another Malaysian.

When I first arrived, I was frantically searching for a country soul mate.

But being a housebody, and not a visitor to casinos (where I am told some Malaysians are working or are owners),I have been kawanless.


On my way back to Mad this time, I noticed a man sitting in the plane ahead of me with a Malaysian passport. I stalked & accosted him while waiting for our luggage. He looked really surprised to find an Ah Soh here.

He gave me his number & today we spoke for the 1st time.

You know how it is. With all this shit happening in Mad2 land, one really wants to touch base with a fellow Rakyat just to shoot the breeze and bitch (me bitching, him listening)

As a result of which, he told me his friend had asked him to check out a blogger here. See who HE is.

Naturally I was thrilled.

ANOTHER Malaysian Blogger here? Ofcourse I jumped.

Then I found out it was me. Anti climax. For him and me. For him to find out it is this middle aged, outta shape, bland Ah Soh.

Probably changed the poor man's perception forever of what bloggers really looked like. Male, hot & happening. Or female, hot & happening.

Too bad. We could do with more alternative views from everywhere.

So. What's stopping you?


zorro said...

Penny, God's ways are wonderful indeed. You celebrity ah soh. Met all your yellow boys....the Jingang Joes and the Cheras Chans when we went to Magistrate court this morning. RPK threatened to discharge all his 4 lawyers if they continued to bargain over bail. finally when bail (from 10k to 5k)of 2k was set he refused to post bail. Haris and his lawyers made him change his mind and he posted. Hearing will be on Aug 15 and I hope they call Rosmah to the stand. Interesting times ahead.

GobloKing said...

Next time you meet my boys you tell 'em Aunty very very the admiration them!

Goes to show there are NO stereotypes of what bloggers or commentators or fans of blogs look like!