Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Lazy hazy tuesday

I can't seem to take LATE nights & emerge semi-coherent anymore. Today was blown - for 1 REALLY late nite.

To think I used to whoop it up all night & turn around in under 4 hours for work - bright as a pin & nobody the wiser.

Where has that woman gone???? Today - bad hair, bad breath, bad mood.

Next time, I will just do everything at home in my jammies & if you wanna see me, just come around, no need to call or whatever. I always can whip something up & there is no lack of drinkies at our home either.

Better still - in YOUR jammies.

Let's just save on all that formality & makeup shit & just chew the fat - au naturel - together!

Gotta go now & wallow in my hangoverness watching "Medium". Still can't figure out just how someone who doesn't drink can get a hangover?


svllee said...

still hung over ? Try black coffee. Thanks for your reply to my question. Working with cancer patients must be so rewarding. Esp children. You are lucky to have the compassion and patience. You must also have some great art skills to make things. Show us some pics of the dolls!

zorro said...

dont drink also can get hangover. After a heavy night of drinking my secretary the next morning told me not to come too near to her as she is afraid to get a hangover. How to get over a hangover: a dash of Yomeishu, before hitting the bed or a cold glass of beer first thing in the morning....or a good stiff bloody mary before hitting the road.I dont give out such secrets so easily...but for Aunty from Mad, I will do anaything....by the way, why and when do we dance al-fresco under the big flag?

GobloKing said...

here where got yomeishu?

Beer in the morning is like beer at nite for me - drunk just fr smelling it!

We dance al-fresco when
The constitution changes so that ALL Malaysians are same-class citizens

Ministers have their kids be educated from primary to uni level in our country
PLUS send their kids to NS

Ok lah make it easier for the world to see us dance alfresco..

How about when we BOTH agree WHEN the time comes, that we FINALLY have a leader we both respect?

svllee said...

Can I take your photos whilst you two are dancing al-fresco! Pluheez!

GobloKing said...

U are so funny lah...have you EVER seen Bernard & me in our clothes; let alone alfresco??

I think Bern & I need to do a different tact. Dance alfresco until our demands are met. THAT should do the trick!

svllee said...

Indeed I have! I photographed Bernard last year for my book MALAYSIANS. Maybe you in my next project! In Mada!