Friday, 11 July 2008

"Mad" woman at bloggers party

Mekyam..this bor...rrrinng narration of the All-blog party is for you!

As for my "cutting a swathe". So sorry lah..I am 1 of those who are so unpredictable at what I'd do next, even I can't predict it. And since I reside in a country known affectionately as "Mad" are where you live??

Ya. I tak boleh tahan that we all came to a function for bloggers & ain't too many questions came from the floor. I think I "embaraced" myself by asking Mukhriz Mahathir to tell us what UMNO will do to be more relevant in the new age of vocal opposition...although in my gabblelation I didn't put it that way.

I also asked RPK to say something as I was asked by 9 out of 10 bloggers who arrived "is RPK coming?" Let me say that BOTH Mukhriz & the Raj are very very good orators..they were gracious and low key but both were relevant to the gabblelation I asked.

At this point I must also thank the fantastic job Tony Yew (yewtube), Yati & Vijay (KLconfidential) did to organize the event and getting people to bid at the auction.

Myself was just the kung-fu ahsoh they posted to welcome people. I think they gave me the job where I would do the least damage..but you need some assets to welcome guests no?

That is why I got my niece to assist me. Registration was a breeze.

We had 2 lines forming in front of us...those who wanted to register with a lovely lady, and those who wanted to feel what it's like to be greeted by the Gestapo. Guess which one I was? Guess which line was the shortest?

Actually Bernard Khoo of Zorro unmasked was supposed to assist me but he went to support RPK who was called up to Sentul Police station at 5-30pm. All of those who went to Sentul came in slightly after 8-30pm.

Wah..Helo lai liao - Hokkien speak for "Hero arrive".

I am not talking about RPK - although I gotta admit to you I was gushing to Raja Pet(very malu I know but what's a starstruck blogger to do?) how I read him everyday, as do millions I know!

But my heroes that night? They were 4 VERY Chinese men wearing "Get Altantunya's Murderers" with her photo on a very bright yellow teeshirt.

I say VERY chinese as in these are the people of the Jinjang heartland one wouldn't have suspected are politically motivated to make any statements.

There were 2 miracles in this.

1 was..they were the only ones (other than RPK) wearing a "political" teeshirt.

The 2rd was..let's say English was not their forte. I ended up selling them teeshirts speaking my almost non-existent Hokkien. They were also my biggest customer and they contributed funds, and they won 2 of the door prizes. all who didn't come missed a shindig. Gus of Fisherman's Wharf & his lovely bini Serena did the catering of very good food, drinks were flowing, & LG (whose handphones made a die-hard Nokia-ite like me droo..oool).

Of the Opposition MPs who came, they were Loh Gwo Burne, Jeff Ooi, Ronnie Liu, & Nurul Anwar (who dropped by with her husband for a few minutes but we all understand why).

And ofcourse Allblogs Pres, Rockybru & Nuraina Samad (I really love those 2!) helped by greeting 'n shakin'!

End of Story Mekyam. Now you happy happy or not?


zorro said... made that night HAPPEN and you were so low-key. I promise to spend more time with you when you datang here again. When? Hug and do what you like to your Herr Husband but thank him for lend you to us for this occasion.
Those Jingang Joes and Cheras Chans are hordcore RPK operatives. They are the type that will take the bullets for Pete. They like you....the Ah Sew from Madagascar. Is your neice still single....somebody wants to know. That way can get piggy trotter, NO?

GobloKing said...

You nevah seen me move mountains yet..that one save for big BIG event lah!

I also think you are mistaken ...someone is asking for MY status right? Not my niece surely?

Who wants luscious, bosomy feminine, long haired, dewy eyed women when they can get SOLID aunties like me eh?


I also loved those JJs and CCs - dey de men for me that nite..I sure got 'em with my hokkien man.."lu ai large ou XXL?"

I am thinking of going JJ instead of Achtung Mein Herr after my brush with those lovable guys!

Maverick SM said...

I read about the event and felt disappointed for not being able to attend the function. How I wish I had a chance.

Anonymous said...

i would like to see what kind of faces that shown from the 4 guest who are wearing the altantuya t-shirt. why aren't they wear nurin jazlin or sharlinie? or are they trying to flirt the beutiful altantuya's cousin?