Friday, 25 July 2008

Malaysia - BOLEH!!

This post is "inspired" by an email detailing the ineptness of KLIA.

Please keep sending me these tragic but funny incidents. It always serves to remind me that we are more kampung than world-class in most things we do.

Now, it seems like a Jetstar flight from Singapore landed & parked at the domestic terminal in KLIA guided by traffic control.

As even my granny would know, flights arriving from Singapore are in fact, international arrivals.

So now we have puzzled passengers at domestic looking for immigrations clearance.

Some Msian passengers leading many foreigners tried to ask several KLIA officials including MAS, & an immigrations officer how they can get to international side & get their passports stamped.

The answer is "no need lah" - confusing everyone who tried to explain back to them that legal entrance records are needed.

So now we know how "illegal aliens" can get in to Msia quite safely.

So now we know what it takes to be a traffic controller & Immigrations officer ala Msia.

Another event.

I arrived KLIA around 10pm and saw an Immigrations officer with her young son in his "Superman pajamas" & flipflops casually strolling through the halls macam evening walk.

I knew the kid was her's as they both waddled comfortably the same way, holding hands.

So why & how did they allow a kid into KLIA international halls without a passport or a purpose?

Last story: With the "new" security checks at the departure gates, on my departure early this month, I saw some very confused Malay-speaking (only malay, no english) security officers at my international departure gate.

Now these security officers were not aware that ANY bottles over 100ml were not permitted.

So what did they do with passengers who had 250ml hand lotion bottles or 1 liter water bottles?

They allowed them to empty out the contents until agak agak..looks like you have 100ml left.

Now as you guys know. In any other cities in the world, including Mauritius & Madagascar, you have to throw away the entire bottle - NOT just empty out. That way. No arguments. No security risks.

Ya...Malaysia - WORLD CLASS ACTS!

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