Tuesday, 15 July 2008

My Madland vs Your Madland

Man oh Man!

And I thought I was 1 of the rare ones who can lay claim to the hahaha fact that I live in a place called Mad (as Madagascar is affectionately known) but seems like another country is also laying claim to being Mad 2

Yeah. I was getting a tad tired of the pitiful looks I get whenever anyone finds out I live in Africa. It is definitely NOT the same look I would get if I tell them I live in, say...Paris or New York.

But now? Hey! I guess you guys who live in Mad 2 is having it worst than ME!

OK...Yes, yes...
The Mad land I live in have many really poor people
Yes, yes...
The Mad land I live in has very high petrol prices
Yes, yes...
The Mad land I live in has low salaries & high cost of living
Yes, yes...
The Mad land I live in also has quite a bit of corruption

But !!
At least in THIS Mad land, I never, NEVER hear of anything even close to what is happening now in YOUR Mad land

Your Mad land have

Mad Police whose priorities are to close the Parliament & disrupt peaceful demonstrations (while creating huge traffic gridlocks) rather than protecting the innocent, keeping the country safe or solving crimes

Mad 40% increase overnight in petrol prices & yet have the g(b)all to reassure the people there will be NO increase in goods and services

Mad accounting of where & for what our resources are being utilized

Mad MPs who finds it highly amusing to insult women, & handicapped people, & flipping the bird in Parliament

Mad accusations of prominent people commiting sodomy, & bombings
Mad legal & constitutional basis for fucking people of a different race & persuation due to a "social contract" our forefathers signed

WoW!! Guess who is living in Madland now?


Crankshaft said...

I was getting a tad tired of the pitiful looks I get whenever anyone finds out I live in Africa. It is definitely NOT the same look I would get if I tell them I live in, say...Paris or New York.

You gotta be kidding me! Pitiful looks?? Which kampong do they hail from?

I'd love to find a reason to go to Africa. My freaking company sends me everywhere but there. And some of the places are so beautiful!

GobloKing said...

Yes God CAN be fair.

I find that in poor countries they still have lovely landscapes - but that can be because they haven't yet exploited (or have others exploit) all their resources yet.

However the poor also fall prey easily to corruption & soon as their wallets grow, they too lose their beauty in the end.

Unfortunately crankshaft dear, I live in the capital which is not THAT attractive, highly polluted & dirty - due to old cars & smoking exhausts, people using charcoal and woods to burn and cook.

Plenty of dirt poor POOR & diseases to see everyday every minute.

Whenever I leave the capital city, I would totally agree with you on the loveliness of Africa, especially Madagascar

Thank you for reading my ranting mad views

Crankshaft said...

I love ranting mad views. :)

shanghaistephen said...

my dear, you couldn't have said it better. Ditto to all your comparative views as we too know we are being screwed with our eyes wide open ! Nice read my dear and catch up with you the next time around. Drinks on me......Cheers !

svllee said...

Hi there, we met at the allblogs do while registering but did not get a chance to speak. I would love to visit Madagascar and see a lemur, aye aye.

GobloKing said...

ALL HANDSOME MEN & BOYS - ALL welcome to buy me drinks! Yeah Shanghai..make mine a Gunner!

svllee - yeah! do come visit & can stay with me.

Everytime someone come visit, they say "I am not sure I left Malaysia man..got curry, got roti chanai, got kopi-o..at yr house!"

yeap! You can take the gal outta Msia but you can't take....???

KLConfidential said...

Hey! Leave some men for me!

Nice read this one...

So if i buy plane ticket there, I stay for free? Food and lodging free right? right? right?

Got money for plane ticket only mah..

By the way, salary still not in and the CEO got a Datukship. Dammit.

Broke as broke can get.... :(

svllee said...

May I ask what you are doing in Africa? You don't have to answer, but am curious! The land, I hear is beautiful.

GobloKing said...

what am I doing here?

ok - don't give my trade secrets away..I am being kept.

Seems like there are a never ending source of soh-los who wants to keep sohpaws

When not busy tending & catering to & + dancing dance of 7 veils for lord & master, I also do kaypoh stuff.

1 is providing a hot meal and feeding poor cancer kids 1x/week.

Now am preparing "angel dolls"; ie bought some cute-faced dolls, "designing" & making 12 haloes, dresses and wings to hang over the kids' beds. They die young - so try to provide some cold comfort.

& KL Confi - where got keep all the handome men to yourself one? Just because you are young & luscious, you no need to advertize mah?

Aunty here must ADVERTIZE lah!!!

just for that I ban you fr Mada. How can have competition like dat here. After all I intend to keep Msian population small here - 18 of us is PLENTY for Mada!! :)