Wednesday, 30 July 2008

nostalgia & some sexy stuff?

Sex sells. Ask that Saiful guy. So I am gonna blog about it. Are y'all READYYYYY!!!!????

Ok. I admit it. I was a naive gal. Yah. Hard to tell looking at me now.

But back then when I was 15, I was told by my best friend that a "wayward" gal from my class was being expelled for being pregnant.

My reaction was "A boy kissed her!" Christine rolled her eyes & corrected me. "NO. A boy touched her breasts!"

After that we terminated the conversation because we were both too embarassed to go deeper into this subject.

Which is why I kept my breasts to myself for a long, long time.

I also remember swimming classes in the old Weld Road Swimming pool.

All of us girls, Malay, Chinese, Indians, in some boring, cone-shaped-bra-inserted into our swimsuits making us look like Madonna in her cone bra.

Only at that time, we were not aware we would be the inspiration of Madonna's memorable wardrobe.

We were taught by youngish male lifeguards in their teensy weensy Speedos barely covering their manhood.

God Forbid us nice girls should ever look THAT way but sometimes you know...eyes do stray. And since we were all nice gals, nobody dared mention this to our parents or teachers but they should know. EVERY MEN wore the same teensy weensy trunks then!

Nobody ever accused us of being immoral or swimsuits' cool, lifeguard coaches Mr Goh and Mr Tong holding the limbs of young teenage girls to teach them the correct kick and strokes - ok, tiny trunks - ok, members of the public ie other teenage boys in THEIR Speedos mingling with us - ok.

I am thinking if this had happened THESE days & in THESE times?

HOOBBBOY! There will be stinkers from the religious police, the parents, other teachers etc.

I am not sure I myself woulda approved of that these days but back then we never thought of perverts, adults preying on kids, pre-marital sex & all the bad things that can happen.

Didn't mean the bad stuff wasn't there, it's that we never think, hear or talked of it.

Now was that sexy enough?

And to Saiful - I don't mean to be callous but didn't you know if anything was stuck up your bum?

Sh...iiiit (literally speaking). I have had some experience with suppositories & sure as HELL - I remember it's been there buddy! So, please don't blame me for not believing you because if it had happened to me, I woulda rushed over immediately to the hospital - especially if it wasn't consensual sex.


J. D. Lovrenciear said...

Beautifully said!

It is mind boggling that the PM and the DPM cannot see this!?!

Well after 25 years of misleading the rakyat, the powers that be still think and believe it is the same today.

Absolute power corrupts. Money blinds.

Can you imagine the entire government forces are up in arms defending this fool at the expense of the rakyat?

The price will be paid, God willing.

GobloKing said...

Ya lor JD that's what I don't understand.

1 guy buggered, the whole nation also get buggered

what did they do with little missing kids? Little kids with all sorts of sordid things put up their little behinds?


Even as I write, & I don't mean to be disrespectful, I am sure millions of us are being buggered & who do we complain to?