Monday, 21 July 2008

NST features Budget Shopping? Adoi..PUHLEEZE!!

I am the stereotypical Aunty-kaypoh. I just love to peek into other people's life!

So when I read NST online featuring a school teacher who can manage on RM800 grocery plus toiletries per month for his family of 3 ie wife & 1 teenager at home?

Aunty KPJUMPED & opened the attachment of his detailed grocery list in the hope of picking up some handy tips on how to save.

Then. pss..........sssh. My balloon burst.

Aisay! What is that list costing RM155 !

21 items of which:-
2 Tins of sardines, 1 pack of cereals, 2 types of drinks, 5 packets of Maggi noodles, 1 can of longan, sugar, rice ((maybe that was 30kg?), beans and the rest are condiments or stuff to cook with other stuff ie chilli sauce, oil,, soy sauce.

Where are the other stuff? No vegies or meat?
I dunno about you but how long can 2 cans of sardines last for dinner and lunch?

And where are the toiletries and even detergent?

That list will last the 2 of us maybe 1 week - if we stretched things along.

So if RM155 can last maybe 1 week x 4 = Rm 600? If you added other "luxuries" such as meat, vegies & toiletries? Another RM200??

That would be RM800.

This family stated that they do not pay hostel and tuition fees for another child in university. But they still provide RM300 for living expense.

That's RM1100.

Now I gotta ask these stupid questions...

IF you are not a civil servant & a bumi, where do you get cheap housing?

IF you have to pay for health insurance, which insurance policy can you get which also pays for normal GP medical bills?

IF yr kid has no scholarships, what other options are there for them to continue their education?

IF you have a family of 5 ie 2 adults, 2 kids, 1 granny, can you still manage on your NETT salary under RM3000

If you can, please ah?
Do, DO write to Aunty Kaypoh and tell me how you do it. I would Luuu...uuuvve to know!

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