Thursday, 31 July 2008

The REAL reason Asian Football Confederation wants to move

Juicy juicy juicy!

This little piece of news posted by Bernama ( would hardly be noticed by 99.9999% of Malaysians but it is significant.

Now. Not even many die-hard football fans are aware but AFC is very powerful in the world of international soccer.

It is the Asian arm of FIFA covering from all of the Middle East to all of Asia.

I may not know much about soccer but I do know that Middle East is not considered the "cradle" of Asian soccer - being that
- the number of countries in ME are fewer than the rest of Asia,
- their soccer teams are good but not as great as Korea or Japan,
- they have far fewer soccer fans than the rest of Asia etc

Someone should tell that to AFC.

Its President for the past 10years is a Middle Eastern but that is another story.

Actually not so much another story as a slap on the face & backside & a punch in the gut & a kick in the manhood area for all the other members of AFC.

It's like saying there's no candidate suitable from ALL of Asia for AFC to consider for the top job (which I also hear pays so well that the only way for anyone to leave the post will be feet first).

And I am not implying anything but some says the President of AFC would not be lost in, say...the top echelon of our Ruling Party?

OK I am digressing again.

Now AFC has not cited an official reason why it wants to move out but hearsay is the President of AFC feels he has not been respected by our country & leader.

Did I say "HE feels HE...." ??

So who has pissed his royal highness off?

YA! 1 of the culprits are Khairy J who championed the bringing in ManU (is it ManU?) a year ago - an event clashing with an important match already arranged by AFC.

I can imagine there was an exchange which might have gone this way..

"Why didn't you ask my permission to schedule ManU to come?"

"WHO ARE YOU that I have to ASK you? I am from Oxfart & I am the most powerful man in the universe!"

So. Not just blaming our KJ or leaders alone but a HUGE part of the problem with AFC is...

Its Dinosaur Ego, Dinosaur Brains, commanding a small dick and a huge body.

Who are the possible countries wooing AFC away?

YA! Singapore & Hong Kong, China. Singapore you ask?

I can understand why Hong Kong but Singapore?

Malaysia meanwhile? We will be - once again - relegated to the backwaters as with F1. Can't really blame AFC though. Who in the world can be beaten 10-0 or is it 5-0 by Ukraine but us?


Hard-Piss said...

Dear Aunty, for your information Malaysia has never played against Ukraine, ever. (Maybe you are refering to the 5-0 beating by Uzbekistan in the previous Asian Cup. Uzbekistan is about 5,000km to the East of Ukraine).
And for your information the AFC is not an arm of FIFA, it is a continental federation, the same as UEFA for Europe, CAF for Africa, Conmebol for South America, Concacaf for North America.
For your information, the middles eastern president of AFC replaced a Malaysian one, whom had served for two decades and still did nothing.
There's more, but we'll leave it at that. Try to get your facts right in the future.

GobloKing said...

Hi Hardpiss!!
Sory abt Uzbekistan mistake I knew it was a "U" & the AFC site itself says it is the most populous of FIFA's 6 continent somehow there is a connection?

NOW - If I had NO inside info I surely will not be posting such an article.

And DO YOU know what the current Pres do?

I just have to ask this priceless queston
Where in the world is there any company which has a performance bonus based NOT on performance but on sheer luck of the draw?

If you worked like a dog, and your colleague just skivved by, but he is lucky, at the annual dinner he gets his number drawn and VIOLA! That skivver gets XX,000Rgt, and you who had worked like a donkey & a dog, if you are damn sui you get x,000rgt

The mind boggles and I still ask the question
WHY does AFC have a CEO whose country is significantly 1 of the smallest countries, whose region combined has the least soccer fans, and the region with not the strongest team?

There are no competent ASIAN to head AFC who can waste as much money on themselves as this current President?

Or Did I hear you say the Msian who headed it did shitall for years?

You can't be Msian, but all things aside - to be objective, have you walked a mile in the shoes of the Msian ex-President of AFC?