Thursday, 17 July 2008

Sohpaw's Theory of the Underdogs

How do you know if you are an underdog kinda person?

1. You are very touched by movies such as "BraveHeart" & "The Mission"

2. You cheer for Trinidad&Tobago when (&if)they play Germany in the World Cup

3. You watch a cheerleading competition & end up cheering yourself hoarse for Sekolah Kg Batu but politely applause for Garden International School

There are many examples but I will keep it simple. So are YOU an Underdog &/or an Underdog Supporter?

If you are. Don't feel like a loser.
There are MANY of us out here.

This is why I think, in the end, we end up liking
- CheGuBard over Khairy J,
- Anwar Ibrahim over Badawi,
- Raja Petra over the Gomen,

It is simply because we can sympathize and emphatize with the small guy, the little fry.. being as we feel they are 1 of us & GOD KNOWS, we KNOW what it's like to be kicked & kicked constantly but still must stand up to continue our existence everyday.

But much as we understand what it's like being the Underdog, it must be equally hard for an Ueberdog to understand why the Underdog do not support them.

Do Underdogs not support Ueberdogs because we feel that surely they can stand up for themselves because they have ALL the power & Money to help themselves?

Are we the Underdogs simply jealous and envious of the genetically stronger Ueberdog?

I really don't believe so.

I think it is just that we feel that IF and When an Ueberdog need us ; it is merely to USE us for their own ends.

It really does not help that we have been long abused and silenced either.

Surely even the Ueberdogs understand that, one day, when forced to the wall, even the weakest and most stupid Underdog will turn back & beat the crap out of them?

So my dear Ueberdogs. Be Scared. Be VERY VERY SCARED.

If you ever turn my beloved Country into a Myammar or Zimbabwe, rest assured that there are many underdogs out there who will no longer stay silent.


zorro said...

Ah Soh, I featured your My Madland vs Your Madland in my latest posting.

GobloKing said...

aiyoh thanks lah Bernard!

Now must keep posting lah. thank god not that many ppl got fall into your Mad trap

to tell the truth..posting truly liberates me PLUS I get to tell those scumbags to get themselves buggered!

alfian2 said...

this is the most inspirational article of this year.

GobloKing said...

WAH LIAO! Like dat must belanja you kopi-o lah!

When I win the Pulitzer, or watever dey hv for idiosyncartic blog pieces - I invite u to stand next to me ok?

I find my venom bestest when I spit 'em out from my heart.

Like I say - everyone should try that. Maybe that way, more lu..uuvvv less war?

Thanks for dropping by a little known site. Drop by now & then plse - u (& I) never know what sort of darnest thing can spew out; and they normally spew out when we continue to have CLOWNS to rule over us.