Wednesday, 23 July 2008

When Donors must suck up to charity organizations

You guys will never EVER believe me when I tell you the difficulties I have had, and am still encountering to donate to Charities.

We are not talking US$10 or Euro10 but thousands of it; much of it collected for me by friends in USA & Europe for the children of Madagascar.

Is it because I am arrogant?
Is it because I am behaving like the memsahib from Hell?

Is it because I feel donors have a right to know that their donation is used rightly, and as spread out as possible?

Before I make a commitment of any donation, I do request (nicely with a face full of smiles) that the Directors or Caretakers please let me know some details of how they would like to spend the donation, & the prices of items.

If they did this, I may be able to help even more by donating the items, have someone donate it & by doing so, slash down the costs of the project.

You know lah. Cheap chinese style mah...if I can save $10 I will save it to buy something else more desperately needed.

So far the lessons I have learnt here are:

#1. Suck up to the Gatekeepers of Charities as if they were your most valued clients.

Yeah. You heard right. You are not the benefactor. You are the Employee.

If I do not literally beg & suck up to the Gatekeepers - we will get to do nothing good for those who needs it the most.

So I end up sucking up. Who does it hurt? NOT the gatekeepers muderf**kers for sure.

I have to swallow my pride and go..
"Oh you look so lovely today"
"You are the most wonderful & charitable person I have ever met"

#2. God Forbid I suggest there be A&T (accountability or transparency). Access denied.

#3. "Gimme all your money and shuddup!!"
Ofcourse they are all too happy to take your money.
No Problem. Any time. Just don't ask why and what. You should be so lucky you are ALLOWED to give them money!

#4 "If you don't wanna give me everything I want, the poor & needy will suffer. Is this what you want? This is your problem if they suffer"

#5 If you don't want to give, do you know that hundreds of western suckers and bleeding hearts are lining up to give, and they don't even ask if the money goes to the poor or to ME!

That's the truth.

Now if you will excuse me.

Tonight is another major suck-up night where we entertain the "professor" of the hospital to ask her (AGAINx100) to please help us because we want to pay for the chemo of poor kids with the highest survival chance

Not that anybody cares if these kids die.
After all they are poor.

Not that any nurse will take the time to inject them with painkillers (even when the poor families scrape together for the money to buy the drugs the day before).
After all they are poor.

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